Tuesday, May 7, 2013

weekend part2

hey muthers..

so here's the continuation of my what i said, my mom, aunt and me went to Sm.
So when we where theres. we had a chit chat and had fun. When we are looking for the gift for
the debut..

ask ko lang mga muther isn't awkward to gave a tumbler.. well it's to difficult to look for a gift to those people who have everything in their life..back in your mind, if she going to like it or not,.but then we have saying that it's the thought that counts..

well moving forward, while looking for the present, we headed to a thermos,tumblers sections. till we found this one

and guess what does my mother told me!!!
mother; pakinggan:  mo nga kung malakas ang ugong!

Me; ugong? anong ugong
Mother: uu! ganun daw yun db pag may malakas ang ugong ibig sabihin, matagal yung init ng tubig.

So mga mother may idea na ba kayo kung ano ang ginawa ko,, well itinapat ang tenga sa mouthpiece ng thermos !! 

weeeew.. keber na lang kung may makakita... lol.. 

but of course, before i did  that lingon lingon rin..ahahaha

Well,I had fun talala last weekend.. Nice Bonding with them..

That's all folks..


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