Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 35th monthsary..

It was my Honey and I's monthsary yesterday.
but apparently, we did not have a date , because I have work yesterday.
So maybe we will just celebrate it on weekends.. pray pray. fingers crossed.
Sometimes i feel so guilty, kasi hindi ko na siya nabibigyan ng gift,. the last gift that i gave him, was a watch from Avon. ahhahah.. yeah, i know, it's not that expensive than other, but it really came from my heart. remember. It's the thought that counts.

To my honey.

You know already that I love you so much, even though we sometimes have fights, I am always here and nag susumikap na magpasensiya at magpakumbaba,.
We are not young na, we are old enough so we need to be mature as well.
Thank you for being understanding, for being so mapagpasensya, for guiding me always, for being  a friend,a lover and ka chokaran .

I love you hon..


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