Wednesday, April 15, 2015

National Shrine of Divine Mercy - Marilao,Bulacan

Last week, We were able to go back to
Our Lady of  Divine Mercy in Marilao , Bulacan.
It was an hour and half from Malolos, since we took
a Mc Arthur road , but if you are
going to take NLEX or Super
then It will  take about 30mins or less.
not unless, there is a traffic jam..

I tell you a story first.!

I promised to go back there, because
I have an answered prayer the next day.

I prayed to seek me guidance 
while I was still looking for an 
apartment, and give me a sign, I asked for a
place na swak sa budget at the same time
safe and quiet one.

That day, we went back home,because all
the apartments that we had seen that day was all 

One is quite far to me from SM but for Pj, it's just fine.
One if quite near to SM,and Easy to go to Manila, But for 
Pj, big NO.

Meaning.. No Mutual decision..

and so we went back home and decided to looked 
for another, the next day..

we almost lose hope,because 
it was almost late in the afternoon already, Until
He accidentaly saw an apartment for rent signage.

We called the number indicated to it, and went to the said
apartment for rent.

Upon seeing it, 

we both like it,and it is really swak in our budget.


After, Almost a year, I went back and 
uttered a Thank you Prayer for the
impromptu answered prayer.! 

                                                      Entrance to Pilgrimage Area 

The large theater like chapel at the back of the main Church

There you go guy's.! I truly enjoyed that Sunday afternoon ^_^ 

note: the photo's above 


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