Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perfect for a Perfect day and Perfect Girl

Hello Bellas..I know its been a while.
But I wanted to make kwento about the event that I have attended on
Monday.April 07,2014 it was been held at Wack-wack country club.

It was my first time to attend to an event with a dress code.
and yeah, we were told to come in our elegant chic attire..and so did I. =)

So upon enter there were a photo op on their red carpet background banners.

So sorry guy's about my not so good looks here, because I took a walk ..
hmm In fairness It seems that I looks like whiter here ( parang ang puti ko ) chos..

Oh yeah! Sorry I am really small Lady..So I needed to wear at least 3inch more high , high heels =)

Okay move on guy's.. let's proceed to the concept of this event, but before that I wanted to show you first
the  venue.

Can you see that table? That was our table, and yeah, we were seated in front of the stage. while the owner's table is behind us.. 

Aren't we feel so special?? 

The programme

 The Event is hosted by Mr. Nic .. ( sorry I forgot his family name )

Here is Ms.Beverly Cardino ( Brand Manager ) welcoming us together with the other attendees. She is pretty isn't??? 

After her she welcomed Mr. Steven Leung which is the General Manager of Quanta Paper

The said event is the  unveiling of  new packing of one of their product. Which is 
namely " PERFECT" 

What is PERFECT? well guy's it is a sanitary pads and liners. 

An old packaging..

and  now
Let's us all give a round of applause to the new packing of Perfect.

Perfect Pads new packaging 

Perfect Cottony soft and fit feminine pads provide superior features to help women
have a worry -free Perfect day during red days.

 Perfectly fits to women of every facets of life ,providing better absorption,keeping then dry all day.

Soft and Safe side protection:
Positioned at the side countours to prevent leakage.

Perforated Ultra Soft Cottony Top Sheet:
Using top quality cottony soft and comfortable even to the most sensitive skin,while perforations offer fast absorption and keeps you feeling dry.

Maxback protection: Perfect Soft and fit
heavy flow all night pads have wider back surface to give you a worry free Perfect sleep.

and here is the must awaited part of all.. The introduction of their brand endorser..
do I need to say everything is there.. kidding..

Allright everyone..

Let us all welcome Ms. Jasmine Curtis-Smith

She were handed by a birthday cake,and we all sang a birthday song for her. She just turned 20 years old on Sunday April 6.. 

Everybody was starstruck upon seeing her, yeah She is soo pretty.

Her's together with Mr. and Mrs. Leung ^_^ 

Jasmine was  just recently  offered a big break for her career and she cannot be more grateful to the people who helped her. 

“It was like a dream come true for me to finally make a name for myself. I’m really thankful to everyone who trusted me and believed in what I can do,” says Jasmine. 

For her choosing what merchandise to endorse goes beyond any monetary value that the project offers. 

“I do not want to just recommend a product for the sake of recommending it. I’ve got to have some sort of trust and confidence in the brand that I am endorsing. A real brand ambassadress as you may want to call it,”  She said

  Why a feminine pad?

“I feel like it’s my moral obligation to my fellow Filipinas to introduce them to something that can help them during their red days and that is Perfect Pads,” 

Menstruation is natural to all women but it can get really uncomfortable at times, not to mention the “hassles” it brings that can affect your entire day at work or at school. “With Perfect Pads, every Filipina can have a Perfect day, every day!”  She uttered

And so, does the event ended without me having a photo op with her?
of course not.. 

 left to right- Denise ,I, Jasmine and  Kat .

We were also served a sumptous merienda courtesy of ViaMare,the foods were delicious.
most likely their cheesecake..

Anyway.It was a great and a succesful event..Congratulations to the organizers, and perfect pads itself.

and I got home with these 3 sanitary pads.

Thank you for having me .. ^_^  I really appreciate it.

To know more about Perfect Pads
follow thier fb page:


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Press Release: Eco-friendly tissue paper manufacturer organizes Run for Sustainability

When business is linked to social conscience ,seldom consumers appreciate the connections,
but there is one eco-friendly tissue paper manufacturer in the Philippines that for a decase now endures to
balance these two opposing principles 

" We endure to strike a balance between profit and social conscience " Quanta Paper Corporations President & General Manager Steven Leung said.

Quanta Paper manufactures hygienic tissue products using used office paper
as raw materials instead of virgin fibers.This thrust is geared towards preservations of worlds rainforest where deforestration remains a traditional practice in the paper making
industry to extract virgin fibers.

This August 10,2014, the company will launch its most aggressive green campaign in a form of a fun run activity. The Run for sustainability ,or dubbed as R3RUN  
( Reuse,Reduce,Recycle)  is designed to inspire environmental action among Filipino consumers and raise awareness on climate change. It also aims to educate consumers on the importance of green labelled products and how patronizing them could help in a way to protect our planet.

The R3RUN serves both a strategic marketing and social responsibility tools of the campaign.

" We would like to be more loudly in teling our story of sustainable practices and at the same time capitalize in building our brand equity " Quanta corporate strategist and Race committee head Neil Erich Galicia said. 

" The Run is a step forward to begin a bold and concrete action. In this way we could start a wave that could reach through every corner of our archipelago " Galicia added

To be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Roxas Boulevard Manila,
the run will be participated in by around 10,000 runners. The activity and program venue will be inspired by an Eco Village theme. It will showcase some of the best environmental
photo exhibits and social efforts both by the Company and by its invited partners. The company will also have a photo exhibit on how hygienic tissue is produced from waste paper to its finished product.

There will be games and other interactive activities within the EcoVillage,all focused
on environmental stewardship. Participants will range from students,government officials,
employees,artist and TV personalities,corporate partners and green advocates.
part of the participants if Jasmine Curtis-Smith,the company's brand endorser for its new sanitary napkin product.

There will be four race categories. 1km and 4km (carrying the Company's sanitary napkin
brand,Perfect and 8km ( carrying the Company's insitutional brand,Eco-Hygiene 
and 12km (carrying the Company's flaship brand,Fresh ).

The registration preiod will start on June 8 and end on July 22,2014 ,opens
every Thursday thru Sunday. Registration will be at Runnr Bonifacio High Street,Runnr Trinoma,Toby's Shangri-La,Toby's MOA,and Toby's Robinson Manila. 
Registration fee is at 250php inclusive of Running Shirt,Race Bib,Route map and product
sample of the company.First 2,500 student's who register can avail 150php discounted rate.
The appointed race organizer by the Company is Cosmic Gate Innovations co.

Proceeds of this event will support the company's continued social responsility efforts.


For further information
please contact:

Princess Magdasal
Communications Committee
Quanta Paper Race Committee
+63932 865 5849

Iman De Mesa
Event Manager
Cosmic Gate Innovations Co.
+63927 875 6671

Mariza Dela Cruz
Communications Committee
Quanta Paper Race committee
+63922 879 6192


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