Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Treats for Kids

How's your Christmas everyone..

As of me.really fine..

Despite the fact that I being broke,
I still able to survive 
christmas day and still able to give 
some treats to the kids..

Usually kids on Christmas day. 
Went to houses from one another and asked for
a christmas treats.

"namamasko po " 

I do not want to be sounded " kuripot "  
and so I decided to buy candies for them..

Candies anyone????

I bought 5 variants of sweets for the kids..

to show my sincerity of giving I packed them..

and here's the finished products.


It's really fun to packed sweets for the kids.

I know they will surely enjoy their
sweets.. ( maybe some wouldn't )

Maybe for now

I can only give a few,but it's the thought that counts..

What do you think guys?

Merry Christmas and may you all have prosperous 
New year! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I am one of a Practical Mom.

Are you a pratical mom like me..

Well I know some of you are practical Mom

Mostly nowadays,prices are getting higher and higher..

 And because of that I wanted to show you
 guy's my finds,this christmas..

As you all know that I am in a very tight budget.

And since I just receive my salary,we headed to Puregold to 
 buy for our stocks at home.

 What I like about Puregold is,their Gift packs! 
 which you can buy in a reasonable price..

For me it is not bad at all.

Like for example this gift packs..

I bought this at 48php..
It sauce,vinegar and patis. 
Plus it has a free soy sauce in pouch and ketchup in pouch.

What do you think about it guy's?

And another one is this zonrox pack.
It includes 3variants of zonrox plus a total of 
5 dell fabric conditioner.amounting 50php.. 

Do you think it's reasonable?

We went home with 3bags. And I just paid 6hun..

Compared to Sm.for that 3bags I think.. I am going to pay 1k and more..

 And so now..

I am now balik loob  to Puregold,if 
I really wanted to save more..

How about you guy's.

Which grocery do you usually go to?

Unexpected package


It's just 2 days to go before Christmas.


I know everyone is happy and excited about it.
and So do I.

eventhough may pinag dadaanan me, I
still feel happy and blessed.
and of course I am still thankful

This afternoon, I received a call
from unknown number.

and it is asking about the confirmation
of my address.

I thought it is the BDJ pantene already


when it came on my doorstep,
I was surprised that
It is not a xend courier and
the package is quite


when I opened it, I was surprised
because it is a Box of milk.

Enfagrow A+ 

Well,Ivy just tasted it, and we just gave it 
to her playmate who's younger than her.

Thank you Yehey Digital corp
for this. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

have a blessed christmas

In behalf of our family

We  would like to greet everyone..


Merry Merry Christmas.. !!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Instant eye glasses

Hey there guy's.

What's up? Hmm maybe some of you are busy with
the last minute christmas shopping still..
 I am jealous lol.. 

Nowadays! I just tend to stay at home.

Why? Geeh the traffic around the METRO and even 
Edsa is really insane..It looks like
a big parking Lot. ^_~


As you all know,that when it comes to creativity and art. 
 I am sooo not into it.


 even a simple drawing I am having 
difficulty with it,. 

I swear.. 

But,maybe when it comes to giving an Idea,
well medyo maasahan pa ko.


This Afternoon, Ivy was bored and has nothing 
to do,it was raining outside so She can't even 
go out and play with her friends.

And , to ease her boredom

She did this.

Isn't She's artistic? And creative..  =)

okay, this eyeglasses is made of a carton. 
She uses the carton of the cupcakes. 
I don't know what do you call with that.. 

I am watching her while she is doing it,and honestly 
I do not know what to do with it, she told me na 
may gagawin siya sa piece of that carton.. 
So she cut it out,stare at it.. And I got surprised on her 
finished product..

It can be an instant 3D glasses,
I just dont have a colored cellophane..

What can I say!

 I am so proud of her.. 

and  apparently,being an artistic and creactive 
of her is not from me..

So what can you say about
her Instant eyewear.. ^^

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kids House Chores

 I have lost my mom at an early age,
then I had a step-mom 
at the age of 7yrs old..

At an early age,I learned to do simple house chores such 
as washing dishes,sweeping the floor and 
even washing clothes..okay! 
Yung tipong nag lalaro lang.. Ganun..

Anyhoo.! At an early age, I learned to be quite 
independent.and so I wanted my daughter to 
learn few house chores too at her age now..

In fact she already knows a few, such as washing dishes, 
sweeping floors and the like.

And now, I wanted to list down some house chores, 
that we can teach our kids at home.. 

1. Fixing his/her bed.. At their young age, they can 
be responsible to fix their own bed, once they get up,
nor before they go to bed..

2. Washing dishes- I know this is quite fun for them,most especially 
those kids whom enjoys water and soap a lot in this way 
they can learn little by little.

3. Preparing the table - this is not tough work for them,so 
I think we can let them help us in this matter right?

4. Sweeping the floor- mostly childrens like to hold a broom, 
and play with let there be.. Don't worry it can not harm them.. Hihi..

5. Watering the garden - I know,this could be fun for them..

6. Feeding your pet- well, if you have a pet at home, 
this chores can help them to become responsible and all.

Well, these are just few tips, that I can give, when you have 
other thoughts care to share..

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FEW TIPS when going out With your TODDLER

Last few weeks,when we went to THE MINDS MUSEUM 
Ivy and I waited for my sister at 
Metro Gaisano aka Market,Market in Taguig City

We all know, that Metro Gaisano
Taguig is one of the most crowded mall
in the Metro.

wherethere you were inside 
the mall or outside. 


while we were waiting outside

There was a cute  baby girl.which I think around 2 yrs. old 
went to a walking animals, alone..

 Ive been watching at her and also thinking, 
where's her mother was.. 

at the back of my mind, maybe her Mother is 
just around the area and watching her too,
while seating at the walking animals..


Suddenly,Ivy told me 
wla na iniwan na siya ng nanay niya.. 
Looking at another woman,
carrying a baby boy.. 

 But,no! It wasn't her mom.

 Then,there were this another woman,
 with a worried face
about to ask a crew of a walking animals,,.

woman: Kuya! kuya! may nakita ka bang?

pag tingin niya sa left side niya,
She saw the baby girl, that 
She was looking for.

 And yeah.. 

The baby girl is lost.. 

I confirmed it, because I saw her Mother asking those 
in queue of commuters.
 Then the woman,whos carrying a baby girl called her..

 I saw how her mother cried when she saw her baby girl..

Swear,,parang pati ako naiyak.

I was thinking that time, pano kung ako yun.ano kaya gagawin ko? 

Oh, well my family did that to me before 2 years ago.
they pranked me that Ivy is lost,when they were at the Mall.

 and I swear,I did not like that feeling because I got really 
worried,and cried. And I went to that said mall right 
away to see them..

When I saw Ivy that time, I hugged her tight, and kissed her.. 
I got worried,even it is just a prank.. 

Because pano kng naging totoo yun right?? 

And so, I came to do this post to give other mommies,
most especially those  first time moms.. 
On what are the 

Things to remember when going out with your toddler.

1. Have your child a harness. okay! I know this sound's like weird, 
maybe you or your partner/husband would think na your kids 
will looks like a pet,but! It is another way of avoiding 
them to get lost,when you were out.


2. Have an improvised wristband,including your name and a 
contact number,,this way,once a child suddenly got out of your sight,
the people whom could seen them would have an idea,whos going to call..


3.  If they can talk already,,let them memorize your name and contact number.. 
And if possible your home address too.

those are few only..

If you have knows some.. feel free to share! 

let us all be vigilant mostly now.
that Christmas is coming, there are a lot of 
people anywhere you go..!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Answered Prayers

Howdy guy's?

I miss you all na.

Hows your day so far?Hows the start of the

Well, mine is good.!

Anyway guy's,

do you also ask for a sign to God,when you 
are asking for something
or if you need to do something..

because Me, yes.! 

In fact, I often does..! 

and to tell you honestly most of them 
have been answered!

and to prove it to you guy's.

remember the pink Bag that I have won.
well, you can see it here.

I asked for it, really.. 

I just told him, that the bag that I am using 
that time is not looking presentable already.
and It is the only one bag 
that time.

And so, that night when I get home and checked
PInk Magaline's  blog.. 

yay!  I have won that bag.. 

Answered prayer #1- check!

Moving on..

if you have noticed, there were times nor days
that I am not posting anything here.

Well, It is just it seems, I do not
know what to say..

and So, I asked again his guidance.

that If  talagang nilaan niya sakin
ang pag Bblog. then give me a sign.

actually, the sign that I am asking that time
is, if ma iinvite ako sa Blogapalooza.

and So do I.

answered prayer number 2- check!

Another one, actually not just
one. in fact 2.

I am really eyeing to put an ads in
my blog. ayiii!

and so I tried to applied my blog  in a one of a 
prestigious company. . 

I am loosing hope already about it,because
I have tried to applied my blog on that said
company numerous times.



Lately! I tried again.. 



they approved my blog.. and Hooray!


Answered prayer #3- check

and now! My nuffnang is starting to earn too,
yesterday when I checked it,there is 
a big Zero in my account..

and now! 

I saw at least two digits.


The point is.

Let us do not loose hope, just believe in HIM
and keep on praying! 

I have Jesus in my heart,and I do believe that
He is beside me no matter what!

There you go guy's!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get Married or Not.

Happy Sunday everyone!

So How's your weekend?

well, Mine as usual, just spent 
at home!

I am such a homebody, I know!
but that is not the only reason why
i just spent it at home.

I am broke now. lol. ^_^


Last Friday night,
when I was listening on the radio,
I suddenly heard this DJ reading 
his listeners question.


Okay.. so here is the listeners

Mr.Dj.Magpapakasal po ba ako, sa Bf
ko, naguguluhan kasi ako.?

and here's the Dj's answer:

alam mo,talk to your boyfriend, sabihin mo kung ano
talaga ang nararamdaman mo, because if kung talagang
mahal ka naman ng Bf mo, He will accept your decision, just 
tell him na hindi ka pa handa. at hindi naman ibig sabihin nun
eh hindi ka na papakasal, it is just you are not yet

Now. My thoughts. 

Marriage is a holy sacrament, once you get in
to it, there will be no turning back at all.

One reason why I am still single,because 
I do not want to tied a knot
just because I got pregnant that time.

Ayoko yung feeling na napikot, because
in the end, I will just make my self much worst.
I do not want yung,pinakasalan lang
ako just because of the baby..

The point is, Getting married is not
a game, You have to think it a Million
and Gazillion times.
and You have to assure yourself na 
Mahal mo talaga yung taong
pakakasalan mo,hindi yung pinakasalan
mo lang dahil yun ang TAMA.
but It is definitely WRONG..

Marrying someone without love,will end up 
a worst marriage..


Think before you say Yes.. nor I do.. 

Well, Correct me If I'm wrong with my POV.. 

DQ Christmas cake

this is not a sponsored post !

Who loves ice cream..?

I am so in love with it..

How about Cake..??

oww c'mon,of course I 
sobrang like it a bunch..

spell sweet tooth!

well, none othan than ME..

Well, I received an email from 
DQ that they will be having a 
10%off ..

wooow.. DQ.


i think this post is quite late already
yet,there's still have time
to grab it.

Christmas is in the air! Make your holiday celebration even more special
with Dairy Queen Christmas Cakes.
Get 10% OFF when you order until December 15, 2013. Last day of pick-up at DQ stores on Dec. 20, 2013
Visit us or call 913-2222 to know more. 

you may all check on their website:

         follow  on Instagram @dairyqueenphils

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Last few months I supposed to attend a 
WAHMDERFUL event,which held at 
SM Aura, but 

I missed to go ther due to 
my classes.

on the other hand. 
a week after the event.

I received a mail from
DSM or Quality for life.

It include my Vitaminds card.

What is Quality for Life?

Quality for Life represents the commitment of Royal DSM,
the leading European producer of vitamins and other 
nutritional ingredients,to providing  products consumers
like you with safe, world-class nutritional

What is a Quali Seal and what does it mean?

The distinctive "Quali" Logo on the labelof a food,beverage or 
supplement product you purchase ensure you that the vitamins
and other nutritional ingredients are of the 
highest quality materials and have been made using the strictest
productions standars.So you can rest assured 
that you and your loved one are in good hands.!

Perks of Being a Vitamind Member

1. You receive the latest information about health, nutrition ,
vitamins and Royal DSM research.

2. Can be invited to vitamins community events in the
Philippines. vitaminds card serves as an exclusive passes.

3. can be featured as the Vitaminds of the mOnth of The Quality
for Life Philippines Fb page,join online
contest,complet surveys to share thoughts and 
be rewarded.

Recently, I receive a 100 cellphone
load just by completing their survey.=)

Thank you Vitaminds..!

To know more about them 
you can visit their

Fb pages;

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby Expo 2013 Smart Steps Samples

Happy Midweek..

My baby Expo kwento isn't over yet,
in fact it has a continuation and so
here's more..

When I arrived there, and since I am alone
I am free like a bird to go here and there
and no one is bothering me
saying buy this and

and so! 

I were able to roam almost 
all the booth inside.

First,I suddenly dropped to 
Smart Steps booth,to visit a friend and
co single mom 
pretty Hope Javier and she gave me some of
their samples.

Okay!This is not a sponsored post.

I like their quote   " Dahil ibang mag alaga ang mabuting Ina "

About The Smart Steps Brand

The Smart Steps brand is the newest baby care line from EVEolution, Inc. The No.1 choice of moms!
Their aspiration is, for you valued moms,they  provided with smart choices of smart products for your babies.Smart steps are committed in providing high quality yet affordable products. For right from the start, Smart Steps is your partner choice in taking care of your little ones.

Do you know that Smart Steps products 
is Hypoallergenic and No Harsh Chemical..

they have Baby Laundry Detergent,Baby fabric Softener
and Baby Bottle cleanser..

they are all safe for babies because 

*mild & safe
*No Dyes
*No Bleach
*No optical brighteners

To know more about them you can check 


Philippine Office
Dragon Edge Group/Eveolution Co., Inc 
3/F 73 Scout Fernandez, Quezon City 
Phone: (632) 3766515
Fax: (632) 3765246

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surprise gift and Prize

Time really flies so fast..

well well well. Christmas is just around
the corner.but I still dont 
have gift yet for my godsons and goddaughter.

But. I got a gift yesrterday already..

and Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle 
I was surprised when I saw her announcement 
of those commenter of the month of November.

I was just surprised, because i am not expecting that 
I belong to those who hava given a chance to receive a
gift from her.

So generous of her..

Okay.. I am not commenting on her 
blog because of the prize..
I am an avid commenter of her because, her 
blog is really intersting and you can learn more
from it too..


here are my loots from her..

and one more.. 

I am also one of the winner of her  give away
and I have won 


An Asian Secret Whitening Spa..


One of these days I will use that I will pamper myself.. lol

I will let you know about that..


Again.. Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle Rivera.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby and Family Expo 2013 and The Cuppy Cakes prize

Hello there!

I know I have few backlogs again,
sorry for that. I am just busy as a bee.=)

Eventhough how much I wanted to blog
my mom duties and job are eating my time.

Hmmm I think I really need a time
table to manage my time so well..


Last Sunday I went to Baby and Family Expo 2013
alone.. yeah.. ALONE..

Okay, my entry in a Life as a Supermom did 
not win, but then again
I am still happy because I had a guts to share a piece
of story of my life

I just wonder why I did not receive any 
consolation prize, because according to it, there will
be a loot bag for consolation prizes..



here it is ..

by they way guy's.

 I have won a cupcake from 
the blog of  Nurses Diary.

First Thank you Serene, I still able to visit
the baby expo because I have to pick up 
my cupcakes personally.
because if not, I wouldn't bother myself to 
go there..

Those are their products..  

and now..

Thank you too The House of  Cuppy keyks for my 
1 box of sweets.. ^_^

I sooo love it.. the sweetness is just enough..
Ivy loved it so much either.. and 
kept on asking me for more..

Well I wish,that I could give her more.. lol

Anyhoo.. I also got a lot of  freebies
there, because I even stayed there for half and hour

anyhoo.. I had fun, because I went home
with some goodies with me.. =)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Gavino Donuts and Berry Drink

One of those business ventures that 
I have seen at Blogapalooza was 
Gavino's donuts and berry drink..

Gavino’s Japanese donuts is a gourmet donut shop 
specializing in chewy mochi donuts.

their doughnuts have different shape than usual 
doughnuts that we have seen.
you can see them here.

I wasn't able to taste it, but I think they are all yummy.!
okay, I have a sweet tooth though..

aside from donuts..

I also have seen these berries juice beside gavinos,

and they are called as Yummy Organic 

Yummy organic offers different varinats of berry juices.. as seen above.
not just that they also have natural bars made of dried fruits and chunky nuts. =)

Ohh well.. I wish I could taste them. because I wasn't able to have them taste
during the event. I just took them a picture..


For more info about yummy organics

you can send them an , 
e-mail :


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