Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Mind Museum Turns 2

I am quite a fan of  Science, It is really cool to learn with. right??
but I admit that I do not know everything about Science..

The little me is not fond of Science, until I got invited to 
attend to one of the event of Mind Museum,,that you can read 
here and there

And now..

That  The Mind Museum is turning 2 ,they are inviting everyone to  
Come and celebrate their 2nd birthday with extraordinary educational events & treats for all!

They also offer  C.S.I 101 Summer program. 

*EARLY BIRD RATE is only until  March 25 (for ages 10-13), and March 28 (for ages 14-17).
So .! Hurry before slots run out! 

WIRED to Play: Your Brain on Games

Everyone is invited to play in this month's MindBurst on March 30 (Sunday)! See a showcase of video games by independent developers, learn how to make your own computer game, and join the conversation on why we play
+ Join the pre-MindBurst Game Developer Challenge for a chance to win cool prizes, including your very own game on exhibit in our Tech gallery! 
For full mechanics click HERE.

Happy 2nd Birthday The Mind Museum...!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

National Breakfast Day

Hello Bella's and Fella's

I am still alive and kicking my legs off still.


On March 17,2014  it is National Breakfast day, and McDonald
is giving away 1000 #FreeMcMuffin per store.,for
their first 1000 early bird customers,starting 
at 6AM.

photo credits;mcdo fb page click the photo.

National breakfast day will be celebrated over thousand of stores
in Asia Pacific,Middle East and Africa 

Woot..look whos excited?

This year more store's are participating and you can check if there is
one near you.. check HERE

and whooops,you have to get a McMuffin coupons
outside their store.

Now is there a minimum purchase..

well, there is no Minimun purchase required,you just needed 
to get a McMuffin coupons outside..

So. what are you waiting for,, mark you calendar and Hooray for
National Breakfast day..

You can also check McDonald Fb page for more info:

note:this is not a sponsored post.


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