Saturday, November 23, 2013

View Park Hotel Tagaytay

View Park Hotel  in Tagaytay is one of the
partners who joined in the
Blogapalooza that I have attended.

I am really looking forward to back
to Tagaytay and stay at the one
of the most elegant hotel there.


That is claiming for.

View Park Hotel is one of the most
affordable yet elegant hotels in the heart
of the country's second capital.

They gave us this exclusive discount coupon card to Bloggers whom visited

their booth recent Blogapalooza event. 

With the word it in  "Memories Two-gether" it designed for 
the blogger and His/her special someone .

The coupon can be use to avail their Premier rooms (Php4500) 
which is inclusive of breakfast for two, plus a Romantic Set-up (Php800) 
and another plus! you can avail their Signature massage for two (Php998) 
that totals to Php6298
But with that coupon, you will only pay Php3999.. 

Bongga  =)

discount kung discount.. !

I love it!!  I am really looking forward to use it.. 
with ( insert name) =)

Now let's take a look at their different rooms.

Premier room

Standard Room

Family ROOM

Executive Room

Photo credit: View park hotel

View Park Hotel is
Located at the quieter part of the city, 
Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay is conveniently 
accessible to many city landmarks.

3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City, 
Cavite, 4120 Philippines
Telephone: (02) 584-4090
Telefax: (046) 860-2826
Globe: (0917) 544-6396
Sun: (0922) 885-1516

Thursday, November 21, 2013

ZipMatch is your perfect partner in finding your 
perfect home..

Why choose Zipmatch ?

 They offer information on real estate trends,investment advice,and personalized service by a network of top industry professionals,all with the easy convenience of online shopping,everything you want and need and nothing you can't understand,zipmatch can help you..

to those brokers try to  check this video !

Zipmatch gives an advices like REAL ESTATE 101,Tips on
buying your first home and Investing in Real Estate.

Sounds great right?

For more info about Zipmatch

Contact Info

 Lot 14, Block 2, Unit 11E Jecoprime Bldg. 20th Drive, 
McKinley Business Park. Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City, Philippines.
Mobile: +632.215.6683
Phone: +63 (02) 478.9791

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have you heard a Wine & spirits online selling before?
Honestl! it is my first time to heard about it.

At first I didn't know, that there is a trusted  Online
selling  of  Wine & spirits. 

I usually buy wines at any convenience store and even

Until I attended 
Blogapalooza  last Saturday..
and happened to dropped by to one of it's
booth inside ..

what is that booth about?


Guy's I would like to present you 

Photo: We're welcoming new members to the Gurkka nation here at the Blogapalooza event at SM Aura!
this photo grabbed from Gurkka's fb page

while other photos  are taken by your's truly ^_^

Can you spot me? Lol.. 

seriously, I'm in that pic..hahahha


wondering why came from the word Gurkha/Gorkha which refers to military units in the British or the Indian Army enlisted in Nepal. Gurkhas are considered to be naturally aggressive in battle and possess qualities of courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, resilience, trustworthiness and reliability, that’s why they are highly depended on to protect..

Their Vision is to create  an online selling portal that is committed, reliable and trustworthy to gap the usual fear and hesitance of Filipinos towards online buying. 

Their Mission

  1. To provide a safe and reliable online selling site where you can buy GNIC Main  Wine and Spirits Brands as well as Guest Liquor Brands that are authentic and genuine.
  2. To tap to the new medium of product distribution, that is online selling, and provide the convenience that online selling entails.
  3. To award members  with Freebies and Rewards on every purchases.
  4. Promote responsible drinking.
  5. To educate the Philippine market about the different varietals of wines and spirits and their characteristics that would help the consumer identify which suits their preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Now what is Gurkka is an affiliate of Global Noble International Corporation (GNIC) that aims to sell online GNIC's wines and spirits product line as well as some Guest Liquor Brands.

can you see that in the monitor says GET THIS FREE??

That is true?
ang saya diba.. Once you buy 1, you can have 1 for  Free!!! san ka pa?


take note:

Their freebies is not just an ordinary Freebie. It may include well 
known and familiar brands from different liquor 
categories as well as their MAIN BRANDS..

How to purchase?? I will tell you how? so just keep posted ok!

To be continue:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Well, this post might hit some of those 
insensitive people out there.
so I should say this first na

"Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magagalit " 

Okay, I just came up this topic
simply because,isa lang ito sa mga 
pinag usapan natin ng mga pretty Ladies 
na nakasama ko last Satuday..
syempre,sino pa ba..Venus,Sally and Mimi.
Nathalie went home already  when we came up to this topic.

Okay , so here it goes.

We all know  that there were some women 
Who's having difficulty  conceiving right? Even though
How much She tries but still it is difficult for 
Her ..but it not doesn't mean that She doesn't want
to have one..

Ang nakakainis lang rin is yung , when some of
close friends or even relatives ask Why? 

Hindi pa ba pwedeng dahil may dahilan and hindi pa right 
time for them..

Aren't those asking questions  Why? aware that  questioning 
their capacity of not yet having a baby  is HURT,most especially 
 to a  woman.. lalo na if She really wants to have a baby!

Guy's we do not have right's to judge another woman,
If they don't get conceive right away.. Its really HURT on her part.

Asked me Why? 

Simply because..
  •  We do not know them! 
  • We do not know, what are they doing   just to make it possible for them to have a baby! 
  • We do not know, the reason why She can't have a baby!

So, instead of asking why? Why don't we say 

"Darating rin yan"..

well, unless gusto mag madre...chos

That's it for now.. !

Enjoy Discount card

Good Morning .....

I was quite busy nowadays, actually I have 
a lot of something to blog about, however 
I do have a lot of classes too.. 
Ako na ang busy busyhan..

anyhoo.. I would like to present you 
guys my Enjoy Discount card that I got
for free at their Booth in  Blogapalooza last Saturday.

What is it for? 

This serve as  passport to a year long journey to good eats, 
healthful relaxation, exciting getaways, while saving you thousands of pesos..!!

Awesome isn't?

actually may nakita na ko na gagamitin ko..! hihi ^_^

and Oh,. One more thing guy's!

From November 16 to 30, we are donating 100% of our online membership sales to the An Waray Relief Operations for victims of typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, Leyte. May we appeal for your help in raising awareness and funds for this worthwhile endeavor? For complete details of this fund raising campaign, please visit You can also reach us via our hotline (02) 4788888, twitter: @enjoyphil, or email

Let us all help those typhoon victims..

God Bless you all..!

Thank you Enjoy Philippines ^_^

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blogapalooza day part 2

Happy Saturday everyone..

I was really dead tired and sleepy last
night,That is why I wasn't able to 
finish my post about the Blogapaloza event.

Well, I had fun and as you can see on the
first part of my post I got a lot of

tara lets.

warning: picture overload

The registration area.

I missed to try this cool game.. trip na trip ko sana 
siya subukan,,kaso busy sila.. (lol)

parang I want wine..hmmm..

BYS cosmetics booth

View park Hotel booth

Enjoy booth

I know, I only had a few pics,and dami kasing tao,and ang hirap mag picture ng madaming bitbit.. sorry naman ( next time babawi me )

The Boys night out =)

and we found someone na naghaharutan inside.. OMG,nagliligawan silang 2 sa loob ng convention..

naman!!! si Mr.chooks  and Easter.

Mabuhay ang mga iihawin... lol

and the most happiest there was.. when I met personally these Ladies.

wondering whos taking our pic.. It was Mimi of  The Home-Based diva

Pretty Ladies again.. 

we decided here to go out na, and we headed to Starbucks na lang and had our chit chat there till we go home...

I had so much fun talking to you ladies.. till next event !

thank you to all the sponsors too of this said Event.. goodjob ^_^

Blogapalooza day..

hey..hey .. hey..

So,this is one of the most unforgettable
event that I have attended, because 
First and foremost,it is my first time to 
attend this kind of quite big event for 

Secondly, I have happened to meet new friends,
from virtual one to personally.Nice to see you and meet you 
personally Ladies =)

and Ohh!!

 I would like 
to take this opportunity to 
say Thank you to Mr.Vince Golangco of
to Mr.Anton Diaz of and 
to other Blogapalooza origanizer to made this
event happen,and Congratulations because
it was an indeed succesful one. ( thumbs up)

And  now, lemme show you some of my loots 
from the  event..

Thank you to all the sponsor's. 

to be continue.. dead tired na ang inyong lingkod..  


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