Friday, October 18, 2013

September Commenter .

Konichiwa.. ^_^

Remember guy's I told you that I have won being a commenter for the month of
September to a blog of  Ms. Rochelle Rivera .

I suddenly felt in love with her blog, I don't know,why
basta bigla na lang ako na hook. and came to my surprise na binabalik-balikan
ko na ang blog niya.. hihihi..


last Tuesday , I got my prize from her.

Lemme show you.

So neat. package right?

My model

Well, as you can see..enjoy naman siya.. at hindi ako nakatikim niyan lol..


Thank you so much.. Ms.Rochelle Rivera for these sweets.. they are all gone
in just a minute hahhha.. Thank you .. Thank you ^_^

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Someone is selfie addict

Nowadays selfie's are everywhere.
most especially in a networking site.

Well, someone here in our house is really addicted to it.

wanna know..

Who is it?

None other than..


She is na talaga.. weew.. puro picture niya ang alam ng phone ko..
dinaig pa ko.. ako siguro.. 2 or 3

at syempre, if She has a selfie, dinamay pa niya ko..


So what can you say about the selfie little lady.. yes.. Little Lady na yan..

magkamukha kami db... okay, say na hindi daw.. oh well, pag magkatabi kami
matulog,hindi na mapagkakaila.. lol

There you go guy's

Sorry for the poor photo quality, taken from phone lang kasi.



Remember guy's I told you  HERE that Wade salesman told me, that
They are not accepting Gift cert.( thanks to him)

and I also made the right decision not to insist, because for all I know is
my GC is just worth 500 only. (hmm mejo shunga lang )

After my clearance, Ivy told me to eat out.
so remember I treat her at KFC..
so while She is munching her piece of chicken,
I have taught to look at my GC..


Since our table is near the AC, nag flip ang GC.



It was really worth 1000, sobra lang pala ang pagkakadikit nilang 2.
kakaloka.. oh db.. at least..

so eto na nga, after we ate at  Papa JOHN's Pizza, we headed to..


and here's what I wore

and the shoes that I got..

This is worth 999 only..

Ohh by the way..

I learnt something too, from the saleslady .

while I am fitting it,The left side of foot fitted on me so well, while
the right foot, is quite maluwag..

Me; Ate, bakit ganun, etong isa ok lang,sakto lang,while etong kabila maluwag konti.
Her; Ganun talaga Ma'am ang paa natin, hindi siya pantay.
Me. Huh? really? talaga? ( redundant )
Her. opo,nag eexpand po kasi, lalo na po sa hapon..
Me; ahhh ok.

Ohh well, whether it is fact or bluff.. I don't care na..  ( but is it true ba talaga? )
bastat I'm in love with my new shoes.. =)

Thank you WADE for this.. I sooo love it, it is not masakit sa paa.
it is not mabigat either..
By the way I got my GC HERE


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oishi Choco chug Oaties

Two weeks ago,

Ivy and I went to the supermarket to buy our stocks at home.
Then I suddenly passed by fresh milk drinks, and look what I found.

See.. It says that it has Milk+choco+oats..  but do you know, that It seems,
 It doesn't have oats..
we opened ours Wed night, and guess what.. we finished it right away.. ahhahha..
hindi umabot ng kinabukasan,, kakaloka..
ang sarap niya. plus its healthy pa..and take is cheaper than other brands..
Ivy, is asking more for it..

Oh well. there you go..

have a nice day ahead..^_^

note;not a sponsored post

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Papa John's Treat.

Hello there,

What's up guy's?

I hope everyone is well and safe.. Most especially those people
in Cebu and Bohol.

well moving on.,.

Last month I joined in  Papa Johns Pizza giveaway.
all we need to do is tell what is the worst gift that you have
received in your life?

here is my answer: The worst gift that I received was the bag tag, it was during our
kris kringle and the theme would be somethinin.. cute,for me it is not cute really
because it looks like pambata as in.

Well, I did not win, but Papa John's Pizza is soo generous
because they gave us the consolation prize..

So what is our consolation prize..

Gift certificate courtesy of papa johns
See the smile of the little girl, beside me.. She is soo happy.. lol

What did we eat?

garden special

Ok!! Fine,. sayo nga yan anak.. relax lang..

Merry Berry strawberry 
do you know, that she finishes it all.. grabehh !

The flags are really cute isn't it?

The dining area:

Thank you Papa john's for this.. We really enjoyed the pizza and we really loved it..
We dined Papa john's Pizza Sm Megamall. The staffs are nice and  the place is clean.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The stiff neck pose

So how are you guy's?

oh well, I felt bad kanina,, uhmm just tampuhan with boyfie,, ( well its normal)
and since I felt bad nga, ..

I brought something to ease that

Photo: dahil..i felt bad kanina napabili me ng Goldilocks small chocolate cake round.. 

want some..

Goldilocks small round cake

I was supposed to buy the chocolate roll or the mocha roll, but gosh, and lakas
maka tempt nitong small round cake na to.. and guess what? it is not expensive huh.. 
you can have it for only 160php.. 
as you can see, our cake is almost 1/4 na lang hahhaha.. we've finished the other half.
partida it is just me and Ivy who ate it all..
uhmm okay, I gave 1 slice to my cousin.. lol.
and the rest of it, are in our tummy... happy tummy, stress were gone,, hooray 

See our big smiles ^_^

Moving on..

last Friday, when I was busy browsing my old Fb account,\
and looking at  Ivy's old photos,I noticed one thing..
Like NERISSA , nag wonder rin ako bigla, and na surprise.. 
with this pose..

strike 1

Okay,.. siguro naman hindi siya na stiff neck... jan.. 

well. I guess.. Ivy has may pinagmanahan really... 
at magpapatunay na we are really mother and daughter.. ^_^



See,, CONFIRMED.. my daughter is mana sa akin lol  ^_^ same pose..
nakatabingi ang ulo whahahhah.. So mommy Nerissa.. ikaw rin, hanap ka na ng pic mo
na same kayo ng pose ni NEO.. lol.

That's it guy's


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