Monday, May 30, 2016

Blogapalooza 2016 - Horizons Charting the Unchartered

Hey hey..

What’s up ?

I am back..

First I want to say Thank you and Congratulations to the Organizers of  another

Successful Blogapalooza 2016.

of course most especially to Mr. Vince Golangco and the rest of the Organizers.
 Please excuse my haggardo look.. ^ ^

It wasn’t that big, but it was a good one, compared to uhmm last year?

Well, the businesses attended today were generous enough to have their product
Tried and tested by bloggers.  Isn’t it cool?

They are 




and there's a lot more.. till next kwento na po siguro. =)

I think this year’s Blogapalooza  is much organized compared to last year, which is I failed to
Post anything about it, because I really don’t know what to write about.. ( sorry na)

Haven't I told you that this year's location is very accesible to everyone.

It’s like pagbaba mo ng bus and or MRT  you just
Need to take a short walk, and you’re on the Venue already which is at
Centris  Elements Prosperity Hall..

There you go for now.. I enjoyed it  a lot.. and Hope to 
attend again.. uhmm probably before the year Ends.. ^^

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Live with the KING

Hey , I’m back,It’s been a very very long time, Sorry for being so away for so long my deary blog,
It is just I’d been busy due to workload.

Moving on, Have you guy’s heard about NEXUS 6P?

Oh well, based on the research, it has a very good features that’ll
Definitely people would rave about..

So Speaking of features Here they are:

·         Iconic hardware design (3D curved glass, diamond chamfers, aluminum unibody, etc.)
·         Low-light loving, powerful camera
·         Stunning screen clarity
·         Front-facing speakers = clear sounds
·         Faster-than-ever performance
·         Fast charging due to its USB Type C charging port
·         Ergonomic fingerprint ID
·         The best of Google in the palm of your hand (Search, Maps, Play, YouTube, GMail, etc.)

Now let us move on to my top 5 Favorite Features.

  •          Low-light loving, powerful camera

   Lets admit that we love taking pictures who’s not??  I being having other brand of Tab phone, I am still not yet contented with its  camera 0.3 front and 2MP for the back not  worthy pictures You could get with it. But with the NEXUS 6P, You really wouldn’t miss those moments that are so precious with it’s 12.3MP lens.. For me that is really wonderful. More pictures, more Fun.


  •                 Ergonomic  Fingerprint ID

It can keeps the Nexus 6P fast and secure, Imagine having a phone
With just one simple touch and would let you get at your apps, emails and photos..That
Is really GREAT.


  •       FRONT Facing Speaker

               I am quite music lover, most especially when I feel bored. Isn’t good to have
              A good quality sound.

             The reason behind it are these specs:
            • 5.7" WQHD AMOLED display
             • 518 pixels per inch
            • Octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor
            • 3450mAh battery
            • Reversible USB Type-C         
  Sooo cool right???

  •       Iconic hardware design (3D curved glass, diamond chamfers, aluminum unibody, etc.)

Good quality phone with a very good hardware and design. Should I needed to say more?


        The best of Google in the palm of your hand (Search, Maps, Play, YouTube, GMail, etc.)
          All right, I confess I am kind of  addicted to Video Streaming, playing games online , searching           around Using maps. Well, Nexus 6P’s wifi combo offers a fast  strong connection, so definitely           I could work and play with no interruptions.. Very nice.


So, It is really good to “ LIVE WITH A KING” and a KING must also live with a Pretty  “ QUEEN”  


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