Monday, December 29, 2014

Thank you Zalora ^_^

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Few weeks ago, I received a package from

Zalora, ..

nope! not a sponsor post, 

I just won it from their website


It was such a great Christmas gift ever.!

and here they are..

Box full of beauty products:

TRESemme : Shampoo and Conditioner .. I have tried this once pa lang and I fell in love with it.
It leaves my hair smooth, I will use it again, once I pursued my hair makeover
hopefully next year ^_^ ( ehem ehem ) my hair  badly needed rebond and haircut.

Dove body wash.. I have tried it and it's really great. It will leave you a smooth and
supple skin after. two thumbs up !! love love love it... I really want more 
of it. I observed that when I started using it, my skin now is better than before.

Vaseline Instant Fair: I like this one, because It is not like the other lotion that's leaves sticky
feeling. The smell is also good for me. However, the instant fair claim, did not work on me..I don't know if it is just me ) Anyhoo !  I like it.. and I want to continue using it, and will purchase again  if I got ran out of this.

 Dove deodorant - Okay! I also like this one, I observed that my not so pretty armpit lighten 
a bit. It also smells really great. Even the little me say's it smells like perfume ^^

 Dove hair vitamin - I haven't using it yet.. Saka na pag nakapag pa rebond na ko. ( when I have got my hair rebonded ) :p 
Ponds White beauty and Acne clear  ( nahingi yung acne clear)
the white beauty is also good, it leaves your face a smooth like matte finish.(thumbs up ) Will purchase this one again as soon as I ran out of this one. 

There you go guy's. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas
and Hope that everyone will have a blast this New year..

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Ho .Ho. Ho.!! Christmas is fast approaching, 
I can smell the Christmas breeze,
I can even feel the cold wind every morning..

Everyone is busy listing down their wishlist for 
this Christmas and so do I.

Christmas party is also here and there nowadays.. .


It is my turn to list down mine as well.

and so the first one is


Yes! I badly need a make over.. or  should I say, a Hair make over..

My hair now is really dry, full of split ends.. it is really dull.!tsk.. tsk. !

2.   Digital Camera..

source: google.

Again again.. I like this one because I do not have a very nice picture 
nowadays.. I am way far from my mom's house, so I do not have one to borrow..
really dying to have one..

3.  Make up brush kit

Charm Pocket Brush Set
source: Zalora

Friday, December 19, 2014

Press Release: Smart and Easy Travel Tips You Have to Know

Nowadays,most people  would like to travel
here and there and so here are the easy tips that you have
to know.

 The most seasoned travellers can attest--it’s really the little things that make the biggest difference when you’re exploring new territory. A few upgrades here and there and the necessary nuisance of going through airport security or going for a long-haul journey becomes a breeze; you might even get a couple of perks along the way.

From coach to business class

If you want to get upgraded from your cramped coach seats up to roomier business class, then you have to dress the part. Sure a t-shirt and flip-flops might be comfortable for your flight, but the airline will be less likely to put you with their top paying clientele if you don’t look the part.

From deluxe rooms to suites

The only time tardiness might actually be worth something. Checking in later in the afternoon or even evening gives hotel front desks a better idea of their occupancy; which means asking for an upgrade at this point might be more feasible. Remember to be polite (you are boldly asking for an upgrade, after all) and do so when there are no other guests around.

From casual to cosmopolitan

It’s hard to be fashionable when you’re essentially trying to fit a week’s worth of outfits into a single suitcase while making sure they’re comfortable, but it is possible. For instance, bring flat shoes that run a half size bigger (feet swell while on air and you’ll need the respite from all that walking), bring clothes that you can layer depending on the weather, try to keep your color palette strictly basic—blacks, whites, navys and nudes are easy to mix and match.

From falling into tourist traps to taking the road less travelled

Displaying Travel with style.jpegSmart travellers know that most popular tourist destinations are expensive and sometimes, not even all that interesting; so try going for the road less travelled. If you absolutely have to or want to go to a popular tourist destination, go on a weekday and at a weird hour to minimize lines.

From holding up security lines to breezing through

Here’s a quick tip on how to make sure you don’t bumble through the security checks—place your shoes (and coat) on the first bin, your laptop and liquids in the second bin, and your purse or carry on in the third. As you wait for your things on the other side, your shoes and coat come out first giving you time to grab your bag and place your laptop back inside. Also, it pays to not wear belts and thigh high lace up boots to the airport.

From being unprepared to staying healthy

Travellers who have to share cabin space with 100 other humans who could possibly have cough and colds have to arrive at their destination healthy. It’s no fun exploring a new city when you’re running a flu, nursing a cold and dealing with a cough.

Before you go on a Vitamin C binge though, you have to know that it’s not advisable to double-up on your vitamin C dose. Our bodies our only capable of absorbing up to 400g, so anything more than that, will do nothing to boost protection for your immune system. 

Displaying Conzace Multi-vitamins.jpg

Instead, pop one capsule of Conzace to stave off germs and viruses from fellow passengers.Conzace multivitamins is proven to activate more immunity cells than plain Vitamin C.  And when your immunity is in top shape, you can better manage illnesses – allowing your body to prevent catching common viruses or recover faster if you do fall ill.

It’s available per piece and only for P12.40 per capsule, but when you’re trying to keep yourself healthy for a cross-Atlantic journey, you might as well keep a generous stock. Conzace is also easily available from all major drugstores and supermarkets over the counter. 

Displaying travel when you can.jpg

Finally, here’s an added plus, the zinc and vitamins A, C and E, which all contain anti-oxidants, also help in maintaining great skin.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is getting pregnant easy?

 As you all know, I am also looking forward to have another baby,
ohh well not just me.. 

Even the little lady of mine does too..

however, it really took time for me to do so,maybe because 
I have an infertility issues.. ( sad face )

So for me to do that, I badly needed to be fit and healthy 
but blame it to my very busy schedule + stress + somewhat depression

I haven't been to my Ob - Gyne since the last
time I visit one.  Now I am contemplating to do it so..

and here 's the reason why?
As we all know, healthy women should be able to get pregnant easily. A woman’s good health is very important to the good health of her baby. Women who eat well and exercise regularly along with regular prenatal care, are less likely to have complications during pregnancy, and are more likely to give birth successfully to a healthy baby. However, this does not mean that healthy women do not have fertility problems. In many situations, women who are healthy can still experience fertility issues.

According to one of the hidden issues is ovulation problems. The most common misconception is that menstrual periods can not occur if a woman is not ovulating. However the truth is that ovulation can occur without a menstrual period, and a menstrual period can occur without ovulation occurring. Another problem that a healthy woman might experience is egg problems, such as low egg count or poor egg quality. Now, this is a situation that is almost impossible to tell once it's happening, and the best way to tell is to have your doctor conduct a test to identify when these issues are happening. These are some of the most common problems that even healthy women encounter. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Food PANDA Online Food delivery

Hello there everyone..

Being a Member of  Mommy Bloggers Philippines
I was able to given a try a one of the  Food Delivery service 
here in the Philippines and it is none other than 

What is a Food Panda?

Food Panda is an online food delivery portal.
they have 160 restaurants to choose from.. which is really great!! 
More restaurants means more food to choose from.

How did it work to me. Since I am living an hour away from Manila,
I also experience the downside of it.. which is there is no available store 
here in my place..
but then again, I did not give up, so I have thought the other way around
to give it a try..

Since, I am not able to see my family for months now,  and since they are living in 
the Metro I decided to give them a surprise treat.... 

So I used the 250 php voucher given to me, courtesy or Food Panda and 
of course Mommy Bloggers Phil.
So It really made my life easier to send my loved one a surprise treat,
albeit of my distance from them... Thumbs up for it...

How will it  works:

first: Go to Home , there you can see the 
"ENTER YOUR CITY and LOCATION on the other side: 
and here are the list of  the Available Cities.

2. Choose which Restaurant would you want to order from, as of me
I ordered from Pancit Malabon by Country Noodles.

3. Once you click the PROCEED to Check out ..
this page will comes next..

Now.. If you have a voucher just input the voucher code  that you can see on the right side..
( note: if the store is not asking you a vouching, then it means that they aren't accepting voucher.
please see the picture below.. )

After clicking the CHECKOUT... You will see this VERIFICATION...

means... Voila!! your food is on its way!

Now lets proceed to my experiences..

First: I had a quite difficulty at first because there were some store
that is not accepting voucher.. (wink wink )

Second : It took an hour or two to deliver the food to my Mom's house.
I just don't know, if they have a lot of  orders that day, or the
delivery man got caught in traffic jam.. well, it is just either of the two..

I ordered around 11:00 Am , and I received a confirmation from them
2 - 3 minutes after I ordered from them.I received a call from them,, which is 
am really wrong.. I input my number on it, so I am the one
who confirmed everything..  ( note: When you order for someone else, input their
phone number instead so that Food Panda staff could contact them directly ).
after that call confirmation, a minute after you will receive an SMS saying that
your order is now on preparing by the restaurant. 

There I have learned that Food Panda, is the one will process your  order
for you , unlike the usual one.

Does it make my life easier? YES, I don't need to make a call 
to the said store that I wanted to order 
too, I can just do it online, in just few minutes,  and someone 
will do the rest for me.. 

Okay! Well I just do hope that Food Panda 
had a store near me... Malolos to be exact.! 

Well, the food that I have ordered as per my sister it was good. and yum,
so they are really happy. They aren't expecting me to send 
them a special treat, albeit of being away from them..

So Thank you FOOD Panda and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for
this opportunity.  It was really such a big help most especially 
to us, mom who doesn't have that much time
to cook for the family.. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Peak Form is pleased to announce the Dr. Gar Eufemio has been appointed as President of the Asean Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.   He is an Orthopedic Surgeon who finished as Chief Resident of the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics and had his fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. 
He was the founding head of the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics Sports Clinic for ten years.  He is the Head of the Ortho-Rehab-Rheuma Division of the MegaClinic and has set up the Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Units of Healthway Medical Clinics and My Health Clinic. 
In 2008, he was the “Godfather” for the European Sports Medicine Travelling Fellowship program.  In 2011, he underwent additional training, this time on platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, in Milan, Italy.  He practices in Cardinal Santos Medical Center, MegaClinic and in the recovery center.  He was the President of the Philippine Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine from 2011-2014.

Displaying doc gar.jpg

With Dr. Gar Eufemion leading the team at Peak Form, anyone can definitely confidently say that I’m glad #IGoToPeakForm.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First day of December and My secret santa gave me

Hello everyone!

Hello December...

It's now December and its Christmas is saying hello to everyone
of us!!

Now, that Christmas is fast approaching..
Kris Kringle is also here and there and everywhere..

and now, we started our Kris Kringle here in our office
and the first theme would be Something brown

and so..

 My Secret Santa gave me.

 drumroll please:







                                                              Bremod ( hair color )

Something brown ... 

Yes! It's in brown color,it's just come's in green packaging

And here is my new working station ..

We just move in , in this office so as you can see my working station
that is why it doesn't have  any 
designs yet.

I am thinking of what designs to put in..

Next Monday.. 

Something soft..!! 

That all folks..



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