Saturday, December 14, 2013


Last few months I supposed to attend a 
WAHMDERFUL event,which held at 
SM Aura, but 

I missed to go ther due to 
my classes.

on the other hand. 
a week after the event.

I received a mail from
DSM or Quality for life.

It include my Vitaminds card.

What is Quality for Life?

Quality for Life represents the commitment of Royal DSM,
the leading European producer of vitamins and other 
nutritional ingredients,to providing  products consumers
like you with safe, world-class nutritional

What is a Quali Seal and what does it mean?

The distinctive "Quali" Logo on the labelof a food,beverage or 
supplement product you purchase ensure you that the vitamins
and other nutritional ingredients are of the 
highest quality materials and have been made using the strictest
productions standars.So you can rest assured 
that you and your loved one are in good hands.!

Perks of Being a Vitamind Member

1. You receive the latest information about health, nutrition ,
vitamins and Royal DSM research.

2. Can be invited to vitamins community events in the
Philippines. vitaminds card serves as an exclusive passes.

3. can be featured as the Vitaminds of the mOnth of The Quality
for Life Philippines Fb page,join online
contest,complet surveys to share thoughts and 
be rewarded.

Recently, I receive a 100 cellphone
load just by completing their survey.=)

Thank you Vitaminds..!

To know more about them 
you can visit their

Fb pages;

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby Expo 2013 Smart Steps Samples

Happy Midweek..

My baby Expo kwento isn't over yet,
in fact it has a continuation and so
here's more..

When I arrived there, and since I am alone
I am free like a bird to go here and there
and no one is bothering me
saying buy this and

and so! 

I were able to roam almost 
all the booth inside.

First,I suddenly dropped to 
Smart Steps booth,to visit a friend and
co single mom 
pretty Hope Javier and she gave me some of
their samples.

Okay!This is not a sponsored post.

I like their quote   " Dahil ibang mag alaga ang mabuting Ina "

About The Smart Steps Brand

The Smart Steps brand is the newest baby care line from EVEolution, Inc. The No.1 choice of moms!
Their aspiration is, for you valued moms,they  provided with smart choices of smart products for your babies.Smart steps are committed in providing high quality yet affordable products. For right from the start, Smart Steps is your partner choice in taking care of your little ones.

Do you know that Smart Steps products 
is Hypoallergenic and No Harsh Chemical..

they have Baby Laundry Detergent,Baby fabric Softener
and Baby Bottle cleanser..

they are all safe for babies because 

*mild & safe
*No Dyes
*No Bleach
*No optical brighteners

To know more about them you can check 


Philippine Office
Dragon Edge Group/Eveolution Co., Inc 
3/F 73 Scout Fernandez, Quezon City 
Phone: (632) 3766515
Fax: (632) 3765246

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surprise gift and Prize

Time really flies so fast..

well well well. Christmas is just around
the corner.but I still dont 
have gift yet for my godsons and goddaughter.

But. I got a gift yesrterday already..

and Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle 
I was surprised when I saw her announcement 
of those commenter of the month of November.

I was just surprised, because i am not expecting that 
I belong to those who hava given a chance to receive a
gift from her.

So generous of her..

Okay.. I am not commenting on her 
blog because of the prize..
I am an avid commenter of her because, her 
blog is really intersting and you can learn more
from it too..


here are my loots from her..

and one more.. 

I am also one of the winner of her  give away
and I have won 


An Asian Secret Whitening Spa..


One of these days I will use that I will pamper myself.. lol

I will let you know about that..


Again.. Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle Rivera.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby and Family Expo 2013 and The Cuppy Cakes prize

Hello there!

I know I have few backlogs again,
sorry for that. I am just busy as a bee.=)

Eventhough how much I wanted to blog
my mom duties and job are eating my time.

Hmmm I think I really need a time
table to manage my time so well..


Last Sunday I went to Baby and Family Expo 2013
alone.. yeah.. ALONE..

Okay, my entry in a Life as a Supermom did 
not win, but then again
I am still happy because I had a guts to share a piece
of story of my life

I just wonder why I did not receive any 
consolation prize, because according to it, there will
be a loot bag for consolation prizes..



here it is ..

by they way guy's.

 I have won a cupcake from 
the blog of  Nurses Diary.

First Thank you Serene, I still able to visit
the baby expo because I have to pick up 
my cupcakes personally.
because if not, I wouldn't bother myself to 
go there..

Those are their products..  

and now..

Thank you too The House of  Cuppy keyks for my 
1 box of sweets.. ^_^

I sooo love it.. the sweetness is just enough..
Ivy loved it so much either.. and 
kept on asking me for more..

Well I wish,that I could give her more.. lol

Anyhoo.. I also got a lot of  freebies
there, because I even stayed there for half and hour

anyhoo.. I had fun, because I went home
with some goodies with me.. =)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Gavino Donuts and Berry Drink

One of those business ventures that 
I have seen at Blogapalooza was 
Gavino's donuts and berry drink..

Gavino’s Japanese donuts is a gourmet donut shop 
specializing in chewy mochi donuts.

their doughnuts have different shape than usual 
doughnuts that we have seen.
you can see them here.

I wasn't able to taste it, but I think they are all yummy.!
okay, I have a sweet tooth though..

aside from donuts..

I also have seen these berries juice beside gavinos,

and they are called as Yummy Organic 

Yummy organic offers different varinats of berry juices.. as seen above.
not just that they also have natural bars made of dried fruits and chunky nuts. =)

Ohh well.. I wish I could taste them. because I wasn't able to have them taste
during the event. I just took them a picture..


For more info about yummy organics

you can send them an , 
e-mail :


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