Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday !!

Hey , hey , hey..

Thank God it's friday ..

Pinakikihintay ko talaga ang araw na ito. whhaha, naman kasi, I was really lack
of sleep during weekdays, so bawi bawi rin ng tulog pag may time..
but, alam niyo naman ang routine ng inyong lingkod
pag weekends. househelp ang peg. tsk.tsk.
alam niyo naman  mahal na ang magkaron
ng househelp sa panahon ngayon.. hahhaha

anyhoo. aside from sleep , dapat may bonding pa rin with honey and Ivy.
so I am thinking to go out with them.

Finger's crossed, Lord please sana may sumobra sa salary ko..

even  sometimes , I need to relax, to unwind ( makapag red horse nga ) lol

Moving on.alam niyo ba na lately nawiwili akey manood ng Showtime..
I don't know, but it seems that I found it more entertaining than Eat bulaga nowadays...hmm
what do you think guy's? or maybe it's just me.

Okay, I confess before I really don't want to watch, Showtime parang before
it's boring, compared to Eat bulaga..

Now, Showtime tend to entertain me more, I laugh out loud everytime they
threw up their jokes and the like. well I enjoyed their istorya  portion  whohoo.

While Eat Bulaga, there were times, that I found it quite boring, or maybe because
I dont have time to watch it anymore..watever,,

Well it is just my observation okay, No offense to those avid viewer of Eat Bulaga.
I was also an avid viewer of them before, but I want something new nowadays..

There you go guy's

have a great day ahead..!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Forgetful me!

Hallo everyone..

So how's your 1 day vacation?

Inggit akey, nasa work me yesterday eh, but then good na rin, because siyempre.. DOUBLE PAY.whohooo.

anyhoo. I just observed that I was really became forgetful, since the day that I
gave birth, naman kasi I gave birth thru CS section.  ohh I think I
have to make another post regarding this, so  yun nga sobrang makakalimutin me
na talaga mga muther's.

Alam niyo ba yung tipong nasa isip ko lang now, after a few second's wala na naman sa isip ko..
to prove you here's the kwento;

During weekdays, I usually get up at 5:30 impunto, then of course, saing then luto ng
pang baon at the same time brekky ng bagets.

Last Monday , I was really busy preparing Ivy to school.

When I am preparing her food, I was staring at her tumbler too, so I am thinking na
baka makalimutan ko lagyan ng water.

Uniform - check
Rice and Ulam - check
spoon and fork - check

So after fixing  her, ready to go na. hinatid ko siya sa school and pag uwi ko..

I saw her tumbler, waving at me and saying Hello.. awts..
nakalimutan ko siya pabaunan ng water.. naku naman!!
 kaloka I was really bothered that time,
well malapit lang naman ang school nila sa house, just walking distance,
I can go back pa naman, however their school already made a letter na bawal na pumasok ang parent's their baon should be prepared already at dapat dala na ng  bata..tsk.tsk.tsk..
buti na lang, I gave Ivy a pocket money just in case.. haysss..


same routine ,busy in the morning, when I was getting a spoon, so she can eat na,
naka stare na naman me sa spoon ang fork niya na pambaon..


Uniform - check
Rice and Ulam - check
water- check

So hinatid ko siya ng school and pag uwi ko , I cleaned our house
then I slept back, cos may pasok pa me ng 2pm..

When me and honey's about to eat, and ng kukuha ng me aming spoon ang fork,,

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa..yari na naman ako sa aleng maliit. Wala siyang
Spoon ang fork, pano siya kakain. gosh..
She reminded me of note forgetting her water, yun naman pala
i forget to put spoon and fork at her lunchbox..


but then again, relieved pa rin, because I gave her pocket money.. just in case pa rin..

Im sorry anak, hindi ka kasi lumabas sa dapat na kalabasan eh,
kaya ayan, ang nanay mo sobrang  MAKAKALIMUTIN.. weew..

Check check rin ng gamit pag may time..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tribute to my late friend !

Today is Independence day so everyone's at home, relaxing, bonding together.

Anyhoo, this post is a tribute of mine to my late friend.

We have met each other month of Sep 2009. We only met in a yahoo messenger. weee

at that time is currently working at the middle east. to be exact Saudi.

We became good friends even thru online only, we often talk each other,
and everytime I am in trouble such as, when I am broke,
I just seek his help, and he will send me money right away..tipong isang sabi ko lang.
of course walang malisya yun huh.. He did not ask me anything to pay him back,
even though I ask him how am I going to pay back.

January 2010, when he gave me my Lg cookie the one that I have posted here!
he gave me as an advance birthday present, Imagine January pa lang, eh July pa ang birthday ko.

Month of  March, he is planning na magbalikbayan  to visit his family,he is soo excited!
In fact has a plan to do for his family and bonding with his Son.
He is also planning to invest in a business, para daw he will stay na here sa Pinas for good.

but,Month of  April, It was a month of  Ivy's birthday, when I am trying to call him
hindi ko na makontak yung phone niya, It  is just ringing, and no one's answering
which is so unusual, because everytime na mag miscall ako sa kanya, he calls
me right away, but after 3 days of trying na makontak siya, someone sent
me a message sa FB account ko.
That guy asking me if I know him and what is my connection with him.
I wondered that time, why he is asking me, so I replied back na,
I am his Friend.

the next day, the guy replied me back a bad news..

Nephew : Si tito po kasi patay na. !!

 I was so surprised reading those words, I was so shocked.
I cried and cried and cried. I lost one of my good friend, he is such
a good friend to me. =(

ganun pala yung feeling mga muther's pag yung isang taong  malapit
sayo nawala. ang sakit sakit pala.

If ever na nababasa mo to now kuya A.

I would like to say thank you for everything, Thank you
for being such a good friend to me, thank you for being there
everytime that I needed someone's advice.

To all of you guy's.

Don't hesitate to say Thank you to all of your friend's.
because we don't know, untill when our life is.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patintero !

Howdy everyone.

Tomorrow is holiday once again, meaning wala
na naman pasok ang iba, but us syempre,pasok pasok rin, sayang ang double pay. ahahha.. at malamang sa malamang tahimik na naman ang Ortigas.whohoo..

Speaking of Holiday, Syempre kids will stay at home, and pahinga rin ang mga muthers sa pag gising ng maaga.. yehey.. !!

At dahil nasa bahay na naman ang mga bagets for sure, wala na naman humpay ang TV, computers and other gadgets.right??
but, it's different in our house..

to be honest with you guy's and please dont make me wrong if  I am going to tell you guy's that I am not allowing  Ivy to use computer .Well, I am allowing her naman, but only weekends.or may alloted time.
 I opt her to go out and play with her friends outside, kasi, I want her kasi na pagpawisan man lang, and yung matuto siyang makisalamuha sa ibang bata, mejo mahiyain kasi siya before, which is, I think nakatulong naman ata sa kanya..hehehe

Just to share you this one, Last Saturday, When I go out to look for Ivy, I was so surprised, because she and her friends are playing

PATINTERO... whoohoo.. ang tindi magbantay ng anak ko  sa kalaban..ahahaha kakatuwa.. ;)

Sometimes they play langit -lupa, who doesn't know this game? tuturuan ko.. lol
akalain niyo na buhay pa rin pala ang mga larong un, nowadays, akala ko puro na lang gadgets ang alam hawakan at paglaruan ng mga bata ngayon. o baka naman sa amin lang, hindi ko kasi nakikita mga bata sa amin na may hawak na gadget eh.. meron man uhmm counted maybe.. hehehe..

How about you mga muther's do you allow your kids to go out and play with other
kids. or just stay at home and play gadget's instead. ?

Well. That's it for now mga muther's. =)

Glad to be GLOBE

I am just an ordinary woman, Working as an ESL tutor.
The reason why, I am working so hard is to give my daughter's a good life.

As a single mom, I am in charged of house rent, electricity, water and other expenses at home.

My salary is not enough to support everything
so I need to think of what will be the best thing to do for me to earn an extra income.
What I did was, I borrowed my sister's laptop and used a globe tattoo stick for me to surf an internet.

I am happy because, I only needed a globe sim card and registered it to a MAXSURF promo
for as low as 100 pesos and Voila , I can now enjoy surfing the internet valid for 3 days.

With,the help of my globe tattoo stick, I can earn even when I am at home I can review calls, where I am a registered call reviewer.

Later on, I planned to get my own internet connection at home, instead of using a globe tattoo stick.

So I availed Tattoo@Home DSL .

It's fast and reliable . So far, I haven't experiencing any problem with my internet,
I can even enjoy blog hopping and blogging at the comfort of my own home.
and now, I can earn more.

That's why I am glad to be globe.

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Miss you my cookie!

It's been 2 years now, when my cookie lost..huhuhu.

Who or what is cookie?

Well, guy's cookie is not human. It is my first touch screen phone.

I lost my Lg cookie phone, because I was once became a victim of a laslas bag,
when I am riding in a PUJ.

How did it happen. I was bounding to a jeepney , one saturday noon I was on my way home that time,
yung jeep na sinakyan ko is from Starmall Edsa since its pila, need na magpuno muna ng jeep bafore it leave. I didn't notice na yung katabi ko pala eh, siya na ang lalaslas ng bag ko.

YES, I admit, may konting fault ako sa nangyari, hindi ako naging vigilant, hindi ako naging careful,
I put my phone inside my bag, from it's outside pocket sa takot ko na baka madukot.
which is what I don't know is, The guy, next to mewith a big backpack bag and a smelly kilikils
ang tatapos sa bag ko, at dudukot ng phone ko.

He is kept on looking at me,but of course I don't want to look at him, dahil nakakahilo
ang kanyang kilikils.. sobraaa..I realized na lang na may laslas na pala ang bag ko , when he get off
at Shaw Puregold,. I was about to get my phone to send a message to honey ko, dahil
may usapan kami..

I wasn't speak up, parang feeling ko naging pale akesh, I never cried, i never shout when
I was in a jeep. I was mental black,what I remember that time, I was shaking pa..
and then when I arrived at home.. ayun na, dun na me nag crayola ng bongga..
as in cried like a child akey.. pano ba naman kasi, gift lang naman po
sa akin si cookie ng aking late good friend . sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa
I will post different about him next time..

Going back, Since bitter akesh sa pagkwala ng lg cookie ko, pina block ko sa ntc ng
makabawi man lang me.. ahahhaha

Lesson learn, Ingat Ingat lagi..

That's it.

Right Addressed!

Hi there,

As you all know guy's that, I am working in a corporation company for 5 years.. okay.. 5 years.. yes, I have to reiterate that.

When we say respect ,  I know that we are earning it,right?

Hmmm.. Before I start my rant, well I would like to inform that It is my own blog.It is my personal property, so what ever I am going to write here is all about my opinion, insights and some things that I observed,.

Hoookay.. now lemme move on..

First Let's define the ff words.

Supervisor-  Supervises and in charge of giving directions, and controls the execution of other programs.

HR- Mejo mabigat to right,, or let we say na isa sa mataas na position sa isang company.needed to receive a lot of respect, even the right, Address..

Let's start with the HR
 I just observed that in our company, Our  HR is not properly addressed ng isang empleyado..
Well, What am I talking about?

San ba kayo nakakita ng isang company na ang HR ay inaadressed ng Ate?? hmmm. Well, muther's , they are not sister's okay.. Do you think it's correct to addressed HER that way?

Well, this HR of ours, is the 2nd Hr, She addressed the same way..See.. ate!!!  weew.. sana lahat ng HR ganun ang addressed noh,, kapatid.. kaibigan, ka chokaran, ka beso beso..
vuuulok na system..

I have previous jobs too, and I became close to our HR but, I addressed her properly still. duh,, nasa trabaho kaya kayo,,wala kaya kayo sa labas to call her that way..isn't impolite?  please correct me if im wrong with this insight's of mine okay.

Second ; Supervisor's-  well ! well !  well !  eto sometimes, first name basis lang,.. hmmm, or sometime's daddy yoh..  magtatay kayo? d nga.?? hindi ko ata alam yun..

Allright guy's, I didn't mean anything about this observations of mine okay, baka sabihin naiinggit me. of course not!!  Well just to let you know, I studied Secretarial and our instructor thought us on how to addressed office personnel properly.I just observed lang kasi minsan na parang nag kakaron ng favoritism., politics. etc. pag close ka ng HR and VISOR, parang you can get the special treatment., like not feeling well si close employee, nilapitan ni VISOR, subclass agad, bypass si TL, eh pano yung ibang may sakit na keber, kinakaya lang,.

My point is,, be FAIR enough.. ACT like a professional..

That's it pancit...

Sunday Madness!!

I was, busy during weekends.

as you all know, that I don't have househelp/yaya , so I need to do the house chores,
during those days.. tsk.tsk..

Allright, yesterday Sunday, we went out to buy some stuffs for Ivy's needed in

I covered her books and notebooks yesterday till midnight. OMG.. Please forgive me about this
guys, wala talaga ko masyado time during weekdays to do those things, kaya yesterday ko lang natapos lahat, Well natapos ko naman so Good job to me.

Sorry kung walang pic. malabo kasi ang camera ng fown ko, poorita pa me, okies..

Ohh by the way mga muthers.I forgot to tell you about the
touching words that I got from my student  last friday.

well here it is.

Me; Our time is over now, teacher have to say goodbye now
Student: just staring at me.
Me; hello, Bye now..It's time now.
 Student: bye.. I love you
Me. Surpised..ahhhhhhh..

Wew.. finally narinig ko rin siya mag salita ng isang mahaba habang words , and of
course Im happy, dahil if you only knew guys. how I am having a hard time to teach him.
napasaya niya ko sa three words niya..

That's it for now muthers..

have a great days ahead..and Happy Monday.


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