Monday, May 6, 2013

My world

This is the first blog of jocrisworld.

Why jocrisworld. well jocris is not my real name though, It's a combination of my name and my
bf's name.

The reason why this blog is born , because i quite feel down. and ang hirap mag trabaho na ganito ang feeling right? well why nga ba ako sad today? is it

1. kulang sa tulog?
2. I just reminded something. or can i say.. im envied to one of my friend.
3. dami problema na iniisip.
4. Im alone at home now.

ang dami nman nun, well. siguro ang mas nakapag feel down sakin eh yung # 2.
ahuh.. you read it right mga pips.. well i tell more about that next time. In the mean time eto muna..

I was hoping to meet other mommyblogger soon.

Have a great day ahead guys.


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