Thursday, February 6, 2014

Erico Asadon Photography services

Hi there everyone.

How's your midweek so far?
As per me, well not so good and not that bad.


One of my friends, whom used to be my colleagues
Put up his own Photography business early last year.

And I would like to present you guy's some of his works done.

so here it goes..

He can offer different services
Such as  Weddings  , Debuts,  Events ,portraits etc.

to know more info regarding
prices of his services. 
you can shoot a PM on his 

Erico Asadon's Photography:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Asian Secret Experience

Two weeks ago ,My Mother together with my siblings
Ivy and I, went to Sm,North to 
Avail my Asian Secret GC prize that I have won
From Ms.Rochelle Rivera

I am not the one who've use it.
It's actually my mom.

Well, My sister asked me for it.
and so I just gave in.


Before we go there, I texted them first a day before
And asked if we still need to make an appointment
with them first.

Luckily , It doesnt need.

They even accept walk in clients.

and now for the Star of this entry.

Welcome to 

Asian Secret Som North Edsa Branch.

and now for the facial time.

let me present you my Mudra.. ^_^

The only person allowed to get inside the room is the patient only. 
So, please forgive me guy's, if I can not  go into details
about the procedures that they have done *wink*

While waiting 

I together with the kids, went out and roam around, and went 
back after 1hour.

and this is the result after.

Thank you to this pretty lady. I forgot to ask her name either


I was  tired of keeping on following
The kids while we are waiting.

How's the experience? Well as per of my mom, She said
It is really good.
The facial massage really helps to lessen the stress on her
Face, and  She felt that her face became lighter than before.

The staffs are accomodating, and nice  eventhough the kids
made some mess on the floor because of the 
biscuits that they have eaten.. sorry Ladies =)

and ooopsss. here are the Kids..

Including yours truly =)

After the treatment we, headed back to SM Megamall
To have dinner.

Why Megamall, why not there?

Well, Megamall is more accesible for all of us
Since it's almost 6pm.

And to avoid rush hour as well, since  we took an MRT.

There you go for now. I will just continue our SM Megamall 
Bonding on a separate post.
Because this one deserves a Solo flight post...


You can visit 
Asian Secret SM North Edsa
5th Floor The Block.

- jocris15

Monday, February 3, 2014

Medela Moms Launches " Seeing Doubles A support group for Moms with multiples

Being a first time mom, there is a lot of hesitation 
Roaming around your head, for you to make your little
Ones become healthy baby.

I for myself, also felt the same way when I was still expecting Ivy 
8years ago.
I was a young mom by then and knows nothing about
Breastfeeding. I only just heard from my mom 
And in a Milk commercial that " breastfeeding is still best for babies"
At first I had a hard time to make her latch on me.
I was really frustrated because She is crying out loud due to hunger
Yet the nurses at the Hospital did not allow us to have her formula.

To make the long story short. I still ended up breastfeeding her 
Even without knowing if what I am doing is right or wrong.
Well, that is one of a cons of lacking a support group around you.

Whether you are a first-time mother or consider yourself a "veteran," MedelaMoms Maricel Cua and Beng Feliciano have your best interests in mind, especially when it comes to making sure you are able to give your child the best nutrition, i.e. Breast milk.

Committed to being more than just the Philippines' authorized distributor of the most well-known and trusted brand of breastfeeding products, MedelaMoms is all about supporting mothers and babies in their breastfeeding journey. This is why they organize learning events related to breastfeeding and parenting, provide breastfeeding counseling if needed, and help coordinate breast milk donations whenever necessary, among other things. MedelaMoms wants to be one with you, moms out there, in breastfeeding.

Everyone knows that breastfeeding can be challenging and nursing multiples -- twins or more -- may be even more demanding. At the same time, nurturing and raising multiples has its own set of "rewards" and sense of fulfillment. MedelaMom Beng knows this firsthand, having her own set of double blessings. 


It is with great pleasure then that MedelaMoms invites all couples expecting multiples to come to the Medela House on February 8, Saturday, 9 a.m., to the launch of the "Seeing Doubles" Multiples Support Group. Different mommies with twins will share their precious time to talk about their experiences carrying, giving birth to, breastfeeding, and raising multiples! This is the time for all parents with multiples to ask their questions and satisfy their curiosity, and maybe even find the answers to all their concerns and worries. The "multiples moms" who have been invited by MedelaMoms to speak are ready to help parents for the arrival of their own sets of multiples.

Alongside the launch of “Seeing Doubles,” SweetPea, a cocktail/formal nursing wear company will also be launching its line through a fashion show. Walnut Melbourne PH will be providing the shoewear of the children in the show. Celebrity Moms Amanda Jacob and Marilen Faustino-Montenegro and children will be dropping by, too, to share their own modern day mom breastfeeding experiences. 

Amanda will also be conducting a book signing and a limited number of her books, Project Mom, co-authored with Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, will be on sale that day.

The event is free of charge, but attendees are required to pre-register by texting or calling MedelaMoms at 0917-8110821 or sending an email to Sign up now to experience the first support group for mommies of multiples in the country! Giveaways, special promos, a candy buffet, and other treats are in store for participating mommies.

To get more updates
You can add them as a friend through their FB:
or connect with them though their 
FB page:


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