Saturday, November 9, 2013

and My C3 said Goodbye..

What a day is it for me now..

bad news guy's..

My one and Only Nokia C3 is now broken..
what weird is bigla na lang siyang nag white screen.


goodbye sa gift ni jowa ..tsk...tsk.. feel so sad.

well, maybe God has a reason why all of a sudden 
na lang bumigay siya..
maybe, He is preparing something bongga for me..
positive yun.. and I am claiming it..S4 na kaya yun.. 
or Iphone 5 hahahha..

Ohh well. LORD God.. palimos po ng phone..
waley na me phone.. 


I can not take picture picture tuloy again,,

Well that's it muna. just to 

wla na me phone.. ang hirap huh..

Mall of Asia's lamyerda !

This is a late post 

Sorry naman.!

Wala pa kong blog nung mga panahon na ito..

Our whole family  went to MOA when papa arrived, from
Saudi last year..

It is one of our happy moments together, because that was the 
time that we went out again together after how many years.. 
Okay.They go out, but I am not included because
may work ako ng mga panahon na yun at 
I can not be absent just because of GALA..or VACATION ( ehem)
eventhough, I have a Vacation Leave, but to tell you honestly
I haven't use it even once...sick leave siguro OO..!


move on. I am now free like a bird,I can go anywhere I want now
and I can stay with my family as much as I want to..

So, here is one of our family trip..

and so I would like to present you guy's My One and Only Father 

K9 mukhang maamo noh!pero takot ako jan =)

with Papa, and those two little girls in front, they are cousins

All of us

alam niyo ba na may attention seeker,when we were there..

and here they are..

Sayaw pa!

sige pa..give your best move anak !

Told.. yah.. Nang agaw ng attention ang mga bagets.. they danced to the tune 
of  DOUGIE.. =)

The Mangubat Siblings

and we ate at Mang Inasal  ^_^ 

and for the final Picture.. mawawala ba naman ang Mother and daughter Pics.. of course not so here it is =)

There you go. Our gala that day, was really fun, everyone really had fun.. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rainforest part 3

yay! I know, Ilang part ang ginawa ko  bago matapos ang park post na  ito..

like what I told you guy's, may hawak akong camera that 
time so picture picture galore..( a picture addict )


so hindi ko na patatagalin at pahahabain pa ng husto 

Lezz gow..!

weird and I don't know why mat parang tilapia.. lol ( sorry mahina ako sa name ng mga fishes )

you can see this inside the mini zoo.

The Crocodiles cage

You see those guy's there? behind them yun yung cage ng crocodile.. 
the croco inside is alive huh...lagi nga lang tulog lol..

Say Hi everyone ^_^

when you get tired of roaming around inside the mini zoo.. 
You can sit back and relax at their Nipa hut.. free yan.. dont cha worry..!


 and Uwian na..!

There you go guy's.. actually hindi pa lahat napakita ko, because I wasn't able to 
enter at their mini zoo, the flower garden , the pools, and so on..

Sorry naman..may kasama kasing mga bagets.. 

Well,for the entrance fee of 
Mini zoo
Pasiguenos -10php
non Pasiguenos -20php

For the train ride if I am not mistaken 5php.

for the butterfly house I guess just the same as the Mini zoo.

Finally, I've done this..

The minimalist me.

sometimes being a minimalist is really not a good idea.

Well, isa ako sa mga taong kuripot.. hmmm kuripot nga ba?
okay. not really kuripot maybe I am just broke, and do not have
that much money to buy an expensive things.

well, I had a lot of experience, buying something
at a cheaper price,
but then it really didn't last for even a month or two..

at dahil hindi ko nasulit, I feel that I wasted money lang..

and to prove you guy's that soemtimes being a
minimalist isn't always good idea
well here is my testimony..testimony talaga ginamit ko?

hmm.. well

 Few months ago, I bought a headset in a famous china store..
hmm ( basta yun na yun)
how much ? 200 php..

eto yun

gessh.. okay..the sound is ok naman, but then I  have
it changed to a new one,
because when I was being interviewed  the interviewer can not hear me well,
and so, I bough again a new one, which is a much cheaper
than the other one.. and geeeshh..

but this month, when I am starting to teach.. 
I am having trouble with my sounds, so I taught there is a problem with my
laptop, so I made kalikot and found out na mic pala ang prob
#shunga lang..

so ayun.. I have to buy a new one again..AGAIIN?
pangatlo na to huh,!!

but this time around I bought one with a good quality na talaga.
so I bought an A4tech headset.and I am so happy when I used it.

Imagine guy's the first one that I bought is 200php,
while the 2nd one is 50php
then the latest with the good quality one is just 280php.. hayss

I wasted 250.. nasan ang mga headset ko na yun,,
nakatambak sa isang tabi..
I am not using it, because it seems that It can cause d
amage rin sa laptop
because when I am connecting it ,
I can hear the buzzing sound..(kakaloka )

Lesson learn.. Invest in a one with an expensive one, than a cheaper one,
with a very low quality
tsk.. sayang talaga..

Monday, November 4, 2013



halloween is already over, and now is the time to list down 
the things that we wanted to receive this Christmas..
oh well.

I know, this is just a wishlist..

well anyway.. 

lemme start..



 I am not a type of person na mahilig sa gadget,but since I started this blog, 
 I have a feeling na hindi pwede na wala akong camera.. 
 It is a must to have at least 1. attending in an Events, and 
 blog post is not complete without pictures.
 dapat level up rin..right??/

2nd. an Ipad mini


 well, Ivy like's this one too.. and so do I..well, I wanted to have one of this so that 
 I can blog even I am not at home,and sa taong mainipin minsan na gaya ko, 
 I need something that I can divert my attention when,
 I am waiting someone outside.

3. New TV


 Naman, I think I really needed a new TV na because my 
 TV is a CRT monitor pa.. Geesh..I  badly needed one na 
 because it is also asking for a new one na. .

 4.  A new laptop

Okay, well this laptop that I am using now is not mine. 
I wanted to have a new one, now that I am a stay at home,
 and a working at home one,laptop is very important to me now.

Ohh ! Well, I know that my wishlist are quite expensive, 
so I have to make ipon muna to buy those things listed above...

well,I hope I can make it, I believe na kaya ko!

There you go guy's..

how about you? do you also have your wishlist already?care to share..
need ko lang ng sipag at tiyaga.. =)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rainforest park - Pasig City part 2

hey there..

so guy's here na the continuation of my gala time
together with siblings..

smile dino and kids!

Boating Lagoon  

NO Entrance Fee Kiddie Playland

strong little girl
private pavillion
You can held different party there guy's.

Yes. They have fitness Center inside too..and flower fields is really nice
but we missed to go inside. 

Ohh.. wishing well!!

The Amphitheather

 Allright.. So! there you go for now,
 Sorry mejo, sleepy head na me, I will continue 
 this maybe Stay tuned because there's more.

Sinipag ako mag picture picture, kasi may hawak akong camera ei.
photographer lang ang peg.. 

Have a great weekend guy's..


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