Monday, May 6, 2013

how's your weekend ?

Hi there guys..

Well, i had a great Saturday and Sunday,. because I went home to my parent's house. and
nakita at nayakap ko na naman ang aking pretty girl..
yun nga lang sandali lang kami nagkasama, hindi pa kami nakakapg kwentuhan ng matagal because my mudrabells asked me to go with them at SM mega.

I was about to lay down na dahil i was so sleepy, because i was puyat.. movie marathon alone.. ahahha.. so ayun nga,, inaya ako na umalis because my aunt and my mudra are going to buy gift's and dress for the party that my aunt and sister's attended yesterday..

Well, when we arrived at SM , gosh it was a blockbuster sa dami ng tao, dinaig pa ata ang divisoria, because entrance pa lang wow. it was a long queue.

so there you go, Since it's megamall nga Mega dami rin ng sale items. then we headed to the department store to look for the cocktail dress for my Aunt.. and guess it, it really takes time to find a dress for her. Well here's the discussion betweeen us.

Me:  Here tita,try mo, maganda to, sosyal tignan and party naman un.
Tita: Hmm okay, cge ffit ko.

Then we headed to a fitting room and again, you have to stay in a long queue again, but this time my mudra were the one who stay on the line, while my aunt look for another set of dress.
after how many minutes of falling in line it's our turn to fit the dresses.. and uutak ng magkapatid..  only 3 garments at a time and pwede e fit, so what they did my mom, handed 2 garments and my aunt handed 2 garment... ang lufeet... ahhaha..

so ayun na after they fitted the dresses. well Guess what.. failed to get it, for some reason.

Tita; Tin, eto tignan mo?
Me.: ( shaking my head ) It's not nice.
Tita: ang laki kasi ng braso ko eh..
Me, nice namang yung dress. ( lalalala )

nakakaloka at nakakahilo maghanap ng dress for her huh,, in fairness..wew..

Well guys; that's all for today.. mag ttrabaho muna akesh..

Ill just continue this kwento on my next post..

Happy Monday everyone..


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