Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meet Ivy !!

Aloha everyone!

How is your day today? I was tired because, I've done the laundry.
I am also busy nowadays, because  I have to think some few things, and also in preparation
for  Monday's back to school. . whohoo..

Well!! guy's I want you to meet Ivorie 3 years ago.

I just saw some of her pictures in my old FB account.

She was a makulit child. hmm cute maybe.. ahhahha..

Okay.! I will just share it to you guy's.

NAIA airport

Mc donalds party

There you go.. She is Ivorie. She is just  5 years old there. 
and there's a lot more.. 

I will post about her  Cebu city trip with her Aunt..

See yah..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lipstick !!

Its night time again,. mga dearest mamen , mudrabells. and other's..

Im happy today, and It's all because of my sweet kumare.I'll tell you why?

Well ! I was  ran out of lipstick,two weeks ago, and I was not fond of going out and handle my classes without putting on lipstick. I felt that I was naked without it.
I ordered one at Sophie Martin, because I like the shades of their lipstick, and it was not dry like the others, or I'm just comfortable wearing it. ^_^ , however It was out of stock.. gosh..
No. can not be.

I also tried to order to my kumare, because she is a dealer of AVON, Tupperware, and the like. Okay fine!  I just asked actually if they have a lipstick on sale, because I am allergic to an expensive one.. you know what I mean, ( masakit sa bulsa ) ahahhahah
After a week or two, Well I was so surprised when she sent me a private message

so while I was walking towards her station
I am thinking, Why? do I have a debt on her? exagge thinking right? hahhah..

When I arrived at her working station.. ( arrived talaga? ang layo ng biniyahe joke )

Me: Hi there.Why?
Mare;  ( just smiled at me and she got something in her bag ) And say's ang tagal  pa kasi ng bithday mo eh..

sabay abot nito

colour collection red wine


Dahil jan speechless akesh, at hindi ko na nagawa pang magsalita. or ang taning nasabi ko na lamang ay., Ano yan? 

To you Mare. Thank you so much for this very very very Advance Birthday gift of your's,sobrang aga,1 month to go pa ang birthday ko..aheheheh..
at biglang excited ako, at talagang tigsi ( tigsimot ) na lang ang ginagawa ko sa Lipstick ko eh,

Here ang outcome.

ansavehh ng pa cute. ..

ohh db.. tulaley sila.. lol

Because of that, I had a good class here.. whahhha.. epekto ng new lipstick, ang tagal ko na kasi hindi nag r red lipstick ! kaya ganyan na lang kung makapag pa cute ang lola niyo. ahhahhaha..

Again, Thank you Mareng Vangie Love yah..

Rainy Thursday!!


How are yah doing up to lately mga dear mamen??

Gosh, It's raining cats and dogs this morning right. ?? ang sarap itulog
pag ganitong mga panahon.. hmmm then cuddle with daughter and Honey PJ,,
Im loving it..

But, but, but need kumita or else, gutom ang abot. ahahha

Ohh well, It's payday, but then omygosh.

asan na ang aking natitirang kaperahan? UBOS na? agad agad..
hmmm need ko talaga na matuto mag budget at magtipid ng todo todo..
grabeh..At since pasukan na naman, eto na naman ang umaatikabong gastos..
pero ok lang yan, ang mahalaga kahit pano may sinasahod, kahit na maliit lang, but then Proud pa rin ako na nagagawa kong mag survived.. Whohoo...

Well By the way.. When i arrived in our office today, I saw Our dear manong bread.
Manong bread - kasi he sells bread in our office, actually not everyday. uhmm pwede ring kakampi tuwing kalagitnaan na ng kaubusan ng sahod. ahahha

I got some bread of course for the surprised at home ( pasalubong )

Little cheesy ensaymada

caramel cheese
What i love most between the two, is the Little cheesy ensaymada.. I can finish it all in
just one sitting.. ahhahha.. takaw lang, hindi naman tumataba..

Speaking of hindi tumataba...I don't literally gain more weight now, and I don't know why?

kung yung iba ang problema nila ay magbawa ng timbang, ako ang
problema ko ay kung paano ko dadagdagan ang aking timbang.. ahahhaha

lafang mode, lamon, kain. watever hindi effective sakin yan eh..

But!! Do you know ba mga mamen, na during my college days,, I was quite fat too..

YES .. Uhmmm. my mom used to call me puno ( tree ) because I don't have shape na.
ahahhaha.. but pano nga ba ko naging payat ulit.. hmmm.. abangan niyo. kasi
igagawa ko yan ng ibang page..

For now mga mamen, muther, mudrabells.. Work muna tayo..

Have a great day..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SOLO PARENT ACT of The Philippines!!!

Hi there eveyone..

Happy Wednesday.. wow. so fast, tomorrow is Thursday at  alam na. araw na naman ng pina kaaabangan ng mga empleyado!! .. syempre kabilang ako run.. ahahhaha.

Okay. I  will not make it much longer. I  just wanted to share this one, because I know,
some of the solo parent are not yet familiar with this..

Am i kidding.. No I'm not..

Actually karamihan sa mga nakakausap ko, hindi nila alam kung ano ba talaga ang pinagsasasabi kong SOLO PARENT ACT.. hmm o baka naman kasi yung mga nakakausap ko eh, hindi naman
solo parent na gaya ko, db. o kaya, literal na SINGLE kaya hindi makarelate.


To prove you guy's na meron po existing na SOLO PARENT ACT.. here po ang katibayan ko..

para saan nga ba yan? Actually ang totoo, hindi ko rin alam, Hindi ko rin masagot. basta alam ko lang, may ID ako at alam ko na may mga benefits ako na
dapat makuha dito, pero hindi ko ramdam. !!!

Uhmm  eh yung additional 7 PARENTAL LEAVE credit..
Nagagamit ko ba yun??? WELL my answer is a big NO! N-O.
nakuha ko yang ID na yan year 2011, pero isa lang yang PROPS..

why? why ? why? delilah.. kelangan pa ba e memorize yan...

I want to say more, but I can't. I have to limit my words. dahil baka makarating sa kinauukulan at kung ano pa sabihin sakin..

Wala po akong kinakalaban, wala po akong pinariringgan,pinatatamaan, pawang impormasyon lamang ang aking ibinabahagi sa aking naturang artikulo..ansaveeehhh??

For more pls click here na lang, ng inyong lubos na maunawaan ang aking ibig ipahiwatig..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bothered Mother here !!

Finally, mag uuwian na rin in an Hour.makakauwi na rin ng bahay at aking napagtagumpayan
ang aking nararamdaman.. Thank you lord..

Sana bukas ulit, makayanan ko! gosh..

Well! earlier, I received an email and it came to my surprise that it was from
My unica Hija.. goodness .. maghapon ata nagbabad sa pc at naglaro ang aking junakis, OMG..
It can't be..  I can not monitor her pc usage because I am not at home..

Pj doesn't want  to make saway her because he thought that they might get
in trouble ( away ) haysss..

I badly need an  advice on how I am going to divert her attention from playing computer
to another.. yung kapaki pakinabang at kapupulutan niya ng aral..
It's one week to go, so I have to move fast, and think what would be the best thing to do.

I'm thinking to have a cable connection, so that she can watch some cartoons
instead like before, But gosh, it's another extra bayarin. mabubutas lalo ang aking
butas na bulsa at wallet.. whaaaaaaaa...

Back to work!!

After how many days of pagtitiis sa aking upper back pain,  Here I am now, mga mamen!
back to work na. yesterday was really teribble, db nga I did tell you na I cried pa, dahil sobrang sakit niya.. as in..

But now, eventhough it's still masakit, eh  tolerable na siya, hindi na siya kaiyak iyak like yesterday and the other day..

Well guys let's eat merienda.. what I have for my merienda ,syempre. coffee again,, you know naman im a coffee lover. and  Buttercream crackers..

See, meryenda ng tag gipit na po,, ahehheh kaya yan lang ang maiialok ko sa inyo..
pagpasensyahan na.. and 


Eat peanuts because it's healthy you know,, well thanks to my dear tl Sol for the peanuts.

About my schedule for today!  well it's not too busy, because I don't have a lot of classes today. Some of the  student's are absent. great . I have time to relax my back.

Well I hope that I feel better soon, so that I can blog more..

Have a great day ahead mamen..!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Terrible back pain !!

Today is really bad day, I have a terrible back pain literal na back pain...oh my gosh...
And ending hindi me nakapasok ng work today because of it, bad talaga.. panirang sakit sa likod.

Please don't think anything wrong, Hindi talaga kasi ng aking maliit na katawan ang sakit ng likod,, try nyo sakitan ng likod, yung hindi ka makagalaw ng maayos, hindi ka makalingon ng maayos dahil masakit from neck to back, yung pag bumabangon ka from bed need mo pa ng alalay, yung konting galaw mo sa likod mo eh literal na masakit.. Am i bad ba kung aabsent me,gawwdd....

It started, last saturday night, actually but it wasn't too bad pa, the next day Sunday. ayun na,umariba na sa sakit, bumongga ng sakit, when We went home from Rizal Park.

I went there with ivy, yeiz nakauwi na ng house ang little girl ko from her vacation,, vumavacation ang peg, two months ba naman siya dun sa Cainta,,

Anyway, back to my kwento,  we went to Rizal Park yesterday to accompany my sister who is studying photography.she needs some sources to pass today to her dear teacher..

I had fun,  because  We were able to go out, even for a short time.. hmm short time talaga.. hahhha..well I don't know what is  the right term..

I'll show you some pictures of ours, once I got the picture from my sister.oki. and I have more kwento about Ivy,,soon..

Oh, by the way,while I was sleeping this afternoon, I hada dream, and guess what??
napaniginipan me ang One and only famous blogger Mommy Fleur.. wow, I saw her daw in an event, and I took a picture of ours, kahit na c3 phone lang ang phone ko, I tried daw talaga na mag pa picture kami together.. clap clap clap..actually one of my dream is to meet her personally,kaya lang nakakahiya,, ang taas niya kaya,, ehheheh..and maybe the reason why I dreamt of her, because I am one of her avid fan. weeeh..

Anyway guy's have a great day ahead. I just missed to blog, kaya voila,, instant entry itey...

papagaling pa me ng likod..pakshit na sakit talaga to..

See yah,,,


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