Saturday, May 25, 2013

Busy week is over!!

I really have a busy day yesterday. grabeh mga mamen..Actually not just today, Since Tuesday actually,

I was too tired this week really..  because I  have wrote 3 back to back pages in a sheet of paper + typing  in a keyboard + teaching = palong palo na ngalay! sakit sa likod! batok! at dumudugong utak.. whahhahaha.. ENGLISH ba naman ang isulat.. d ka ba duduguin nun??

at eto ang malufet dun mga mamen, constant repetition of answer's and opinions.. WAGASSSS... okay, what am I talking about ba?

Why I have to wrote too long? well It's our exam, with an Open notes. whahahhah..
 but of course! I did not cheat that much,, slight only.. some of my answers are my own points of view and opinions too .hanep nagmamatalino ang peg..

after 3 days of writing, Finally Im done with it, I submitted  it already sa punong hukom. weew.. thank you LORD.. natapos rin and mahaba habang sulatan..

Now,I can focus na in my classes.. ansavehh?

By the way, Im excited because Ivorie will go home na ,I will fetch her na at Cainta.. yey..

have a great day ahead of you guy's...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Contemplating Moment

I am in deep though lately.I am thinking something so important, and I need to think of it very well.. really..!!

I don't know why.. Maybe I am just tired, busy everyday, don't have enough time for myself. ohhh gosh,, I think I need to relax,,but how can I do it.??
next week, I will be busy already to prepare  Ivy's going back to school, I need to focus on her I have work needed to attend to, then I have some other stuff's needed to focus on..
" hindi ako si Darna,"  napapagod rin ako. haysss.. ( I'm not wonderwoman, I also get tired )
Well moving on, I can't help not to say this one to you guys.
 While  I was on my way to our office and  when I was in the middle of my contemplating moment,
may nakasalubong me na guy, then when passes by me, he approached me.

Guy; Excuse me Miss. Miss.
Me; Yes?
Guy: Im sorry,but could you do me a favor? (hmm englishin ba ko ni  kuya)
Me; What kind of favor? ( takte, wala pa ko sa loob ng opisina nag eenglish na ko. )
Guy;  uhmm nawala kasi wallet and iphone ko eh, is it okay kung pwede makahingi ng kahit pang pamasahe lang.?
Me; na shock. Oh,!!, sorry, but sakto lang rin kasi money ko eh, sorry huh ..

then I go away na..

Sorry talaga sa kanya, kasi una I only have 20php in my pocket, though I have money, but it's buong 5hun naman noh, don't get me wrong about this .And eventhough I want to help him and give him even that 20php of mine, eh nagdadalawang isip me na tumulong, kasi baka mamaya hokus pokus lang ng mga mang gagantso, db? don't get me wrong about this

Please don't judge me,  if I didn't made an effort to help hello, in need rin po ako,, ahahha. at ako nga rin kuya wala me IPHONE so pareho lang tayo..kidding aside.
I felt bad too, kasi baka mamaya what he's telling me is true pala  so mejo nakonsensya rin naman ako..hello hindi naman me pusong bato mga mamen,,

Haysss. kuya sana makauwi ka sa inyo ng maayos, kung totoo man na nawalan ka nga..goodluck and sorry talaga..

When I arrived in our office naman. I send an Instant Message to one of my offismate na preggy here sa office, and I gave her na lang my free ANMUM, since hindi ko naman maiinom, ayoko nang subukan pang tikman at baka hindi ko lang magustuhan ang lasa eh, mas lalo pang masayang sakin, so kesa masayang sakin eh, pakinabangan nalang ng isang baby right??

Ohhh siya mga mamen, have to go muna, have a great days ahead..!! Work muna..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hate Bad Dreams!!

Like what i have said to my  bad dream post1.

I dont want to dream about snake anymore, because it was really scaryy.
But gosh, How come that 2 days after I had another dream, and it is all about snake again.. Whyyy?

Okay, I had this dream, last Monday morning,when I was sleeping in our sofa,
I was clinging to my honey's arm, while I am asleep.
Then,when I am in the middle of my sleep, I saw myself in a small boat,
in my dream I was in the middle of the lake, or river..well watever it is..

At first it was fun for me at first !!  but of course quite nervous because,
I don't even know how to swim,.to enjoy that moment of mine, and when
I am looking around, It came to my surprised, that I saw something in the water,
it is big and swims so fast..when it is near na.. gosh, I was really surprised and
my nice dream turned into bad one..
Napahigpit ako ng kapit sa aking sinasakyang boat mga mamen, and guess what I have seen?


Whaaaaaaa... yes, I saw another snake, in my dream,
2 days after my 1st bad dream about snake...

What I got scared the most in my dream, because the snake went up
to my head, and opened it's mouth so wideee.. gosh...

I wasn't able to move, as in naninigas na me, sa takot, because it might
 bite me in my dreams or anything. I hold too tight in my little boat..

but then...

When my honey moved, I waken up  and I uttered, another snake dream..

I asked my honey why he didn't wake me up.

Honey koh:  Ang sarap kaya ng tulog mo.
Me;  Nananaginip kaya ako.
Honey koh;  kaya pala;
Me.  kaya pala what?
Honey koh;  Ang higpit ng hawak mo sa braso ko, namamanhid na kaya me
Me. Sorry, I didn't know, naninigas na kasi ko sa panaginip ko eh.

I wonder why I had this kind of dream.

Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Friday Morning, Bad Dream 1!!

HI there mga mamen.

I can't resist  for not telling you this kind of a bad dreamt of mine last Friday dawn .

Last, Friday,when I am in the middle of my deep sleep, I had a baddd dream.
First I saw a black image, like a shadow. yung parang shadow, transformed into like a black cape, who hang ups in our ceiling, so in my dream, while I was looking at  it,parang there is something sliding on it, untill it suddenly drop down..

I was so shocked because nung nahulog yung parang black cloth na satin or watever, It has a baby,, yes, mga mudrabells, A baby, so nung nahulog yun, the baby crawl palapit sakin and lay down beside me, at  nag unan pa.. as in pumuwesto siya, kalerks,, but this one really shook up my head.. My when I look back at the black satin looks like, It has a black snake..

source:google pic
 Yes, black snake,so yun na, I was so scared in my dream, but I was brave there when I tried to touch it, but the snake seems, got irritated and got mad at me,. the snake suddenly bit me in my dream, and I tried to let it go, gos!!  until, little by little, I felt that my left arm is getting numb.. whoo katakot,talaga mga muder,,kasi parang totoo, So what I did, when the snake let go of my hand,
I ran outside our living room, and ako ay nag mistulang unggoy at tumuntong sa aming window.. whaaaaaa..  then the snake followed me, as in mga muder, parang from small snake, it turns into a big snake, at ang bilis niyang gumapang. as in.. like the one in the picture above, ganyan talaga.! and parang sobra siyang galit, at ako ay nagmamakaawa sa aking butihing ina na patayin, but when I am about to shout in my dream, and almost make a noise  ( yung parang sound na naririnig natin sa binabangungot ganun )
I suddenly woke up, with the fast heartbeat, at ng aking lingunin ang aking mahal na honey,nakatalikod siya sa akin, at ang laki ng distance namin.. So ayun, niyakap ko siya, dahil I was really scared talaga, then kaya pala I also felt na nag nnumb yung left arm ko, kasi nadagnan pala ng body ko..

Haysss.. kakatakot talaga, kasi parang totoo talaga..and clear talaga sa mind ko.

I hope I will not have this kind of dream again anymore..So scarryyyy...!!!


This one is a quick post only.

To All those interested to work as CSR or CSO  in a one of  a Call Center at Meralco Ave. Ortigas Pasig City.

Please  let me know, so I can refer you.

The starting salary would be 18k , Will handle UK and US accounts

Appointment setting for US accounts.

Can Start ASAP...

To those interested,kindly leave your cellphone number and email address.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: I don't have any pay upon doing this, I am just returning a favor to my friend.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Manic Monday

Good evening mga mudrabells, readers. and others.
How are yah doing up to lately guy's? Well please forgive me for being to quiet because I have a busy weekends, and Monday. sighh .
Okay, irita lang me today, because I dont have any idea, Why we need to take a test,. are we that slow or don't even understand such those things,, It's a shhhhhh**t ( sorry ) forgive me about it. Stress madela lang kasi akesh.. Dami kasi iniisip, then dami pa dapat gawin. ek ek, blah blah chu chu. gaawwd.

Well.Positive view na nga lang ang tignan ko, Well I am earning  na po sa aking pinag kakaabalahan kahit pa cent cent lang,, ahahha maiipon rin..

Moving on. I got an ANMUM MATERNA

source; google pic

freebies 3 weeks ago, ahahhah cool isn't? but lemme clear it with you guy's I am not preggers, maybe planning and hoping ahahhaha. I've read it was good daw para sa mga gustong mag ka baby,hindi lang sa mga buntis. ahhaha. Well,I want to drink it na lang sana kaso sabi ng offismate ko, it wasn't taste good daw.!! hmmm. watchathink??

 I have 1 daughter naman na but She is now 8 years old.. Hmmm in 2 years time I will be having a 10 years old dalagita na. time really flies.. hays, siguro need na niya masundan para naman may baby na ulit.. ahahha but of course dapat think think think..and dapat ready ready rin right? ang hirap ng buhay ngayon, mahal na lahat.
 ultimo nga galunggong mahal na eh, gatas pa kaya ng baby. sigh..

So to those mommy who's asking or praying to have another baby, Chillax lang.. hindi kayo nag iisa.. andito pa ko. ahahha..

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Tulad ng nasabi ko sa inyo,We went to  Unionbank last friday to get an EON card,.I get one because I need it to transfer my money from paypal. It cost 350 for an annual fee.

So before pumunata ng bank, I need to apply muna thru online, para pagdating ng bank,diretso na,Hindi na mag ffill-up pa ng form.
So, I just had a few forms to sign on, then Voila, I got it na.

Syempre, you need to prepare your Id's as well,para less hassle
 I had my two xerox copy of my 3 valid ids.

 I presented  2 government and 1 company id.

I feel so happy now, because i have it already so mahahawakan ko na ang aking kaperahan na bunga ng aking paghihirap. ahehhehe..

Well, now I made general cleaning of my house, because it was quite messy na..ahehhe.ganun talaga busy sa work.. late na kasi nakakauwi lagi,then late na rin me nagigising,so ayun.. hindi na me masyado nakakapag linis over the weekdays,so bawi na lang ng weekends.

Ohh siya pano mga mudravells. have to gora muna, I'll try to post more tomorrow.. heheheh..


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