Thursday, May 9, 2013


parang kelan lang Monday, now Its thursday and Weekend again.. wooow..long weekend is coming.

Since I'm alone.. I'll just stay in front of my netbook. and read blogs. I'll blog and maghahanap ng another income..

Moving on, I can say that time really flies, because just 5 years ago, i only have 3 years old, daughter, But now, Gosh she is 8 years old, and turns grade 3 this coming school year.

Speaking of school year!  have you had bought the school supplies already?  and other things that your childrens need. Well I haven't yet.. Hays!! eto na naman ang panahon na mabubutas na naman ang aking bulsa. kaya kelangan ko talaga kumita ng kaperahan. *poorita mirasol*

Allright,since I've already told you that i have a daughter. I would like to introduce her.

Me and Ivorie
ivorie solo

Sorry kung mejo last year pa yung picture,, hahaha.. wala kasi kong camera..whahahaa again * poorita mirasol *

That's it guys, Ill post more next time.


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