Friday, September 13, 2013



Today is Friday the 13th,and they said that its malas, and I don't
believe in it anyway..

Well guy's, today is My last day here in our office and on Monday,
I am going to be a WAHM.. ( whos excited ).

What do I feel now? of course I feel quite sad,, because I stayed here
for 5 years and 5 months..

I am going to miss my usual and daily routine,. I will surely miss
all of my friends, colleague, office, and mostly my working station.

I will my cr buddies,  dinner buddies..and all..

Goodbyes is not forever anyway, it shouldn't be painful too,
in fact we should think that goodbyes is a start of a new beginning..

A new beginning of my new life outside of my comfort zone..
remember guy's I told you here that, I need to take a risk too, because if I wouldn't
do it now,


when there is no more opportunity awaited outside..

I wouldn't allow it..

I hope after my journey here ,, I will find the peace of mind
that I am longing for.. ( teary eyed)

Goodbye VOIM and Thank you for the 5 years and 5 months it was such
a great stepping stone.

To my supervisors. Thank you for the intensive trainings that you've given..( as if mababasa nila )

To my student's, one of them made me cry.. one of them told me don't go.

I tried not to cry, but I cant resist not to.

Goodbye and Thank you all.. ^_^

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


What's up dearies?How was your day so far.
Oh, well mine is good, sleepy puyaters!


I am really pissed of those scammers..don't you?

Ohh, well. I have to tell you something guy's.
alam niyo ba na muntik na ko madali ng mga scammers online..

It happen way back 2009 I think..

Someone sent me an email, coming from a bank daw and unknown person,
stating about his/her keen .At that time, I wasn't familiar about those scams ( malay ko ba)
I was young pa that ime in short ( shungangey pa me..)

I believed easily, and told to my mom, that I need money for blah blah and
will give it back to her, after the blah blah transactions.. but, then It was good,
that nahimasmasan ako, and I suddenly searched if it is real or not.
then, after some research, I found out that, the said letter was just a SCAM..  WTH..

I do not know, why there were people doing that such thing, just to have money.,
What's worst is the said letter is from other country..
hayss.. tsk.tsk..

I just remembered that and had a gut's to share it to you guy's because ,
I always received the same letter again and again, and it kept on falling in my SPAM box.. ( kakainis na )

I wonder why, where they get my email nor our email address,,Our because I know,
I am not just the only one, received this kind of letter from those
 makakapal ang mukha na people..

well guy's I am going  to share you the said Letter and just read it,
Well, it is a big help anyway for those not familiar with it.. usually to those young people
na bago pa lang gumagawa ng Email accounts.

Again.. The letter that you are going to read is an Example of a SCAM  letter.


You see that.. such a shame right?

If it is a real letter, the salutation of it shouldn't be FRIEND.. ( friend your ass ) hindi kita friend.

anyway.. nowadays,, there really a lot of scammers out there, those lazy people whom wanted to
have money in an instant, from other peoples hard earned money.
Guy's be vigilant as always..

Huwag na huwag padadala sa matatamis na words., came from those

Once you received that kind letter, report it as PHISHING..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why I BLog?

Happy rainy Tuesday dear sisters..

Shocks, we really have a bipolar weather nowadays isn't?

Earlier this afternoon, the sunshine was so bright  like a diamond but now,
geesh,but now, It is raining again with thunder..hmmm..


It took me a month of contemplating if I am going to make my own blog.
there are a lot of questions in me, such as how can I keep it on track?
what am I going to say? is there anyone going to read it?
At firstm I rarely go out, I rarely eat out, in short I have a boring

Those are questions bothered me before, that is why , it really took time to make one..
But everything changed.

when I started signing up in a blogger and wrote my very first entry.
I am really unsure, if someone will read or not, in the first place
I made this as an outlet of mine, I want to use this to express myself.
and of course to earn money..;)

Now, I would like to say thank you to all of you who's reading my blog and giving love of it.
I owe you a lot. ^_^

Without you, this blog is not going to exist..

How about you guy's, Why do you blog?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hindi na ko MALAS.!

Good afternoon everyone..

How's your weekend so far? well mine is not good, and not bad. Just xoxo.. lol. 

Okay, not good, because I supposed to have a demo class last Saturday, 
however my laptop is not working well, It is having a sound problem. 
so in the end., I gave up.then, yesterday I have a terrible headache again,
 which leads me asleep almost the whole day..

Yesterday was grandparent's day, but then we weren't able to go out, 
due to bad weather, and again I am not feeling well.

 Ivy and I were planning to go out and do a window shopping 
at Megamall Sana yesterday.. Tsk. tsk =(

Moving on, remember guy's  I told you  HERE that I am not lucky,
Oh well, I have to break it now..!!

Last Friday,I made an entry HERE and thanking our dear Lord, for helping me not to be late..
And guess what mga sis..

That night,while browsing my Fb  in our office, It surprised me..

announcement of winner 

Yay! another winning.. OMG.. I won a GC worth 1k from a WADE shoes.
again, I am not expecting it, ang dami dami kayang sumali jan.. So another Thank you LORD for this one.

That night my friend adviced me na, since lagi naman daw me nananalo sa mga giveaways and other 
raffle, Why I don't try daw to join sa mga raffle promos na House and Lot and others and winning prizes..
hmmmm  what do you think mga sisters ? 

and because of my sunod sunod na winning.. 

I became a good influence or bad influence na ata, because two of my friends here
also joins sa mga sinasalihan ko sa FB. hahahhah.. in short I sometimes SPAM them
by tagging.. lol... ( at least may katuturan, pag nanalo naman HAPPINESS )
same as my sister last night...

She told me this.

Ate; Like and Share ka lang, tapos susunod kami sayo.
Me. huh, bakit anong meron?
Ate,  Syempre, gusto ko rin manalo, gusto ko yung shoes, bag, appliances.
Me: ganun. cge hahanap pa ko..

BOOM.. kita niyo na.. naging ma impluwensiya na ko, dahil sa sunod sunod na panalo ko.

bakit kaya hindi ako tumaya sa

pag ako yumaman, I will treat my Avid Readers here.. swear.. ^_^
sana wag kayo mag sawa sa continoues Support niyo sa akin #feelingsikat.

So guy's stay tuned when I claimed my GC okay...!

Happy Monday everyone  =) 



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