Friday, September 6, 2013

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Thank you LORD.

Happy Friday ..

It's weekend once again...hooray!

do you have plans na ba for this weekend..?


It was raining cats and dog this afternoon.. ( naramdaman niyo ba)
at I am almost late na sa office, weew..

In short, I am a buzzer beater. I logged in 1minute before the time.
(thanks to my advance time in my phone ) It saved me..

Okay, late na kasi nakaalis ng bahay, because of that rain.
as usual, wait wait rin pag may time na tumila ang ulan..

But No! mala habagat ang lakas niya.. with matching lakas ng hangin.
So, after 20minutes of delayed than my usual time na alis ng house.

I braved the rain na, and you know what? It seems, that God is helping me and
whispering me what to do..

Why did I say that?

Gosh,, wala me masakyan, I waited a tricycle for almost 5minutes more..
gosh 1:30pm na!

I usually take 2tricy, then walkathon na from Crossing to PSE..
but, today. I only had 1 tricy na diretso, thank god lang at yung nakasabay me
sa tricy, Crossing siya, so sabi ko cge diretso na rin me..we spent 30 each..!
did I make the right decision? YES, I did.. why?
walang tricy sa Terminal ng tricy going to Crossing.. Good Job.

So from Crossing, I ran na then rode FX..

Weeew,, It was good, because its not TRAFFIC sa One San Mig ave.. hooray!
himala yun mga sister. because pag ganung time, traffic lagi dun..
time check.. in my handy it says 1:58 pm..(pusoy kumakabog kabog, tumatalbog talbog)

It is also nice one, kasi  the elevator is also nakisama, which is unusual..
hongtagal kaya ng elevator here. there is one door na open,going up,
and wala masyado sakay..time check 2:03pm

When I get down the elevator,I ran like flash na.. keber kung may mabangga me.

Log in time 1:59pm.. Hooray!pasok sa banga...Praise God.,Thank you,I love you Lord
ng big time..

So, ikaw weather hindi mo ko matitinag. hahahha.. =)

There you go..


Thursday, September 5, 2013

"For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party"

Good afternoon everyone..

Its Thursday  once again.hooray and of course ,
hello weekend again.. Time really flies so fast.. siggh.. paulit ulit ko na lang sinasabi to ah.
I am starting my countdown already, because I only have 7 working days na lang here in our office ( mix emotions)

Well, well, well, this entry is not about me..

It is all for Mommy Denise,, It's her birthday month so
she she throwing a Birthday Cyber Party ( bongga ) cyber party....

Mommy Denise ikaw na..

Mommy Denise of Bebengisms is now 29 years old.. ( wow ka age pala kita )
She is a Born again Christian,she sings well huh.. and She sings for God, with her
whole heart.. ( nadala me sa kanta at pati ako napa kanta) good Choice of song.
ganda naman talaga eh..

Allright..since we are the same age, and since i missed to post 29 things about me during
my birthday..well here is the time to do it..


Here are the facts about me:

1. Im a single Mom..everyone knows about it already.
2. Im an online teacher for 5 years, but soon to be WAHM (hopefully)
3. In a relationship
4. I'm scared of frog.(d ko keri yan)
5. I was born as a blue baby
6. I am a soft hearted woman.
7. I cry easily.
8. I am not tall ( mahal ako ng lupa eh)
9. I am Cancerian
10. I sometimes shout ( only if galit na galit na )
11. I know how to keep my temper.
12. I am kind
13. I am sweet
14. I am cute ( charot)
15. I am a devoted Catholic.
16. I am sometimes loner ( mostly pag brokenhearted)
17. I am shy type of woman.
18. I am living separately from my family for 4years now.
19. I am quite childish.
20. I sometimes selfish. ( depende sa sitwasyon )
21. I enjoy blogging now.
22. I am not fond of watching TV or any Movie ( i don't know why? )
23. I prefer to listen to music than watching. ( nasagot na ang tanong na why?)
24. I only have 4 inaanaks. ( yes,! tipid ang pasko)
25. I dont know how to swim.
26. I am frustrated to be a millionaire.
27. I want to learn how to drive.=)
28. I am bunso sa first family.
29. I am strong woman, with God's help.

Wow, natapos ko ang 29 things about me.. Hooray..!!

and because of that napiga ang utak ko.. lol..

That's it.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Happy Wednesday sister's..

Whoo. time flies.. really fast..

Freezee.. Freezee.. Freezee muna pls..

I know, I still have 8 working days to go, before I bid my final goodbye here
our company, but gosh!

Why, i have a feeling of a bit sadness..
It is my choice and own decision,but why?

Okay, maybe because i am going to miss a lot of things in here. such as colleagues.
my computer..a circle of friends that I have here.

and because of that I wanted to throw my reminiscing. ayiiiee..

First I will surely miss my very first Morning Family.

 * WARNING Picture overload *

2008 First Christmas Party

Dec.2009 2nd Christmas party

Dec 2010 3rd Christmas Party 

Our 2009 and 2010 Christmas party had a same Venue, only @ The country spice at PSE Bldg.

Year 2010, when I won in a raffle, and I got an induction cooker.. 

DEC 2011 Christmas party

This party held at KFC Megamall.. and we got the Birthday party package.. hihihi.. 
a team picture, when we won in a game, in order to win in this game, kelangan mo ng isang 
napakatinding kapal ng mukha.. nasukat ang kakapalan ng mukha ko jan, ng when I borrowed a 
shoe lace to one of the customer inside KFC.. oh huh! gamitin ang ganda ( echos) 
sorry, i forgot the name of the game, but t'was indeed Fun. 

Dec 2012 Christmas party

Our Dec 2012 Christmas party just held inside our office, to cost cut .But yet, it was one of the nicest one.
Every had fun, and sobrang ang haba ng oras ng party. party. lol.

and to ease your boredom because of seeing these pictures.Lemme share you
guy's my one and only kahihiyan , that I have ever done in my life..and only in our company lang,
for the sake of Ice cream,, ahhahhaha..

It is just an activity in our group. katuwaan lang, yet may prize .

Ice cream...

That's it for now..


Monday, September 2, 2013

I dreamt of my Mom.

This story happened last year,,
and It is still clearly in my mind.

When Pj and I are about to break up, due to my stupidity and flaws..

I cried like there is no tomorrow, I remember that I also did a
hunger strike.( lol)

Then I just stayed in our room, slept almost whole day,
I am not talking to anyone aside from Ivy, who used to give me
water always..hahaha.( sweetlittlegirl)

when the night come's. I prayed to God, and called my real Mom's presence.

I ask her to help me, for what I am going through, help me to
ease the pain and so on and so on. and again with a cried like
a child ( with hikbi) Swear..

Then, I suddenly fall asleep because of crayola galore.

When I am in my deep sleep,. I dreamt that I am crying pa rin.
( hanggang panaginip cry pa rin )

I don't know, where I am exactly that time, but all I know is,
I feel sad still even in my dream.

Then, It came to my surprised when someone called me
coming from far wearing white..

and she said.

her: Anak ikaw na ba yan?
Me; Ma?
Her; Ang laki mo na, ang ganda ganda mo na.
Me; Ma, nahihirapan na ko, please tulungan mo naman ako.
Her; Kaya mo yan, kung ano man ang pinagdadaanan mo ngayon, kaya mo yan..

and She hugged me so tight and Kissed me..

I was crying still in my dream, and it wokes wakes me up..
I am crying na pala talaga, I still have tears in my eyes when I woke up..

What can I say? Thank you Ma,even you are not here with us,
you are still there to guide me, you are still there watching me.
I know, I was just 3 years old when you passed away and I do not
have any memories of yours.But then, during that night, when I asked
your presence you came even in my dream just to comfort me...


Sunday, September 1, 2013

bata pano ka ginawa?

Happy Sunday everyone..

How's your weekend guy's? 

mine is not that good, I have a very  terrible headache.. so 
I almost asleep whole
I have monthly visitor pa ...

Anyway..early this morning, while Ivy is having her oatmeal for breaky..
oatmeal+milk+banana in it.. 1 bowl simot sarap..
then she drank 1full of glass of Milk... yay!

Then, while She is eating , she asked me random questions,.

Ivy: Ma, pano ginawa ang oatmeal?
Me; ummmm.i don't know.
Ivy: pano nga? 
Me; i don't know nga po.

finally she moved on,, 

then a minute of silence.. 


Ivy; Ma? bakit ka nabuntis?
Me; HUH??? (nanlaki ang mata ko) uhmmm 
Ivy? pano ka nabuntis?
Me; i don't know.. 
Ivy; hindi mo alam, kung pano ?
Me: malalaman mo rin pag laki  mo..

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa... saklolo.. ano ba ang dapat na sagot sa tanong..

It is hard to answer that question coming from an 8year old girl..

Children nowadays are really a lot of curiosity..

Ivy is so madaldal at home, and she is bombarding me with her random
questions and it was non stop . continous question of why? why? and how?

hmmmm.. If you were Me. how will you answer her question above?



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