Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Friend before ! not Now, Part 2

Hi Im, back.. Alright, i am now going to continue the unfinished story of my old friend. * old friend talaga *

Well,when I resigned on that said company, She stayed there and she is under a franchise owner .So meaning to say, since the said franchiser store is new, and she stayed in the company for how many months, pinagkatiwalaan siya ng owner ng franchiser to handle the store. or let we say. Head Staff.. isn't good for her??  Well it is. But in return, Lumaki ang ulo niya, and it started na she became boastful and arrogant..She got pregnant also by her Bf,at that time when she is also working at that said store.
Some of the people around us asked  me, why she still stay's at the said store, even she is pregnant, while me who worked there first, resigned and did not continue my job??? Such a big issue, isn't?Even my mom, asked me the same question. by that time, we are not seeing each other anymore, and also we are not talking anymore, like what we do before..
when I landed in my new job. I promised to myself that i will not do what i have done before,.like encouraging her to apply in our company even she is asking me where I am working at.. haller,for what reason?? not anymore..

now that she is married to her seaman's boyfriend. well her attitude turned can i say that?

before - kahit san lang siya kumain ok na..even a streetfood can do.
now- OMG. i can't eat there, its yuckie.. i don't eat anywhere.I dont eat streetfood.

ansaveeehhhhh..hello teh, sang palasyo ka ba nakatira??

before- kahit walang tatak ang damit ok na.
now - ano tatak ng damit mo. mine is, bragging the brand name.

siya na SOSHHHYAAAAAAAlllllll..

before - our neighbors, can approach her easily, she smiled at them
now - eyebrow raised, eeewww..

Ulet.. arteeeeeee..

Yun na.. I hope, hindi mag cross ang landas namin, because i don't want to see her arte face...
yun na...

Thank you for reading this nonsense sentiments of mine..hahhahha..



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