Thursday, November 28, 2013

BYS cosmetics


Maybe you guy's are familiar with 
BYS cosmetics right?

The BYS brand represents one of the most 
exciting ranges of cosmetics in the world 
today with consumer loyalty growing rapidly.
BYS also is one of the fastest growing 
brands of cosmetics both Australia and globally.

BYS is continuing to expand into many 
countries around the globe.

one more thing. 

BYS cosmetics 
are not tested on animals =)

I asked if their foundation will last for long hour 
and they said yes..!

I hate a liquid foundation that if you are wearing it for
long hour eh humuhulas.. kairita yun right?

anyhoo.. Thank you BYS for giving me this loot.

what's inside?


I can try nail art at home,if I want to..but hays do
not have time now and I am not artistic (lol) 

Once I get enough time to do so.
I will show it to you guys..

To know more about BYS cosmetics click the phot above. =)


That's it for now .^_^

Rochelle's Blog Give away

Good Morning everyone..

Ms. Rochelle Rivera is currently hosting
a Blog Giveaway.

what is her giveaway?

      Mischka Derma Secret Ideal Gift Sets for Christmas Giveaway 

There will be 3 Lucky Winner will have a chance to win Mischka
Derma Secret Secret Ideal Gift Sets for christmas.




How to JOIN?



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LEFT or RIGHT Brained?


How is your midweek so far guy's?
I am quite stress and tired so,
let us have a quick and quite fun 
game.. Lol..!!

meaning QUICK post lang rin itey !

I took this test,and It is cool
so now I know that I am
a LEFT Brained..

here is my result!!!

so how about you are you a LEFT or RIGHT brained?

to know the answer. 

You too can take this BRAINTEST 

There you go,, I told yah, just quick post lang.!

Wheatgrass CAN

Are you guy's fond of eating Veggies?

congratulations if you are!


if you aren't then tsk.tsk.tsk..

kelangan ng katawan ng tao ang VEGGIES..



Okay,! I confess I am not a Veggie lover nor 
a vegetarian ( masarap kaya ang karne) =)
and I know, other Mom's out there
is also having a hard time to
let their Kids eat veggies..

I am exempted to that
because, Ivy knows how 
to eat Veggies.. ( kangkong,kalabasa,kamatis lahat ng KA)

well!  Nanay !Tatay!Lolo!Lola!Tito!Tita!
isama na rin si Ninong at Ninang.. ( mamamasko po )
tapusin ang paghihirap sa pagpapakain ng Veggies
sa mga bagets because you do not have to worry 
about them if they don't eat their GREENS on their

All you need is

wheatgrasscan at home..

Interesting right?

actually I think I need to buy as well for Father..

Now, where did I learn it? I attended blogapalooza and they
are one of the business partner at the said event.
and I able to take home One sachet of it
in honey flavor.

what nga ba ang wheatgrass?green green grass of home ( uyy kinanta)

let's find it out

Wheatgrass is the YOUNG GRASS sprouted from wheat grains, which has been allowed to grow for 7 to 8 days. 

Wheatgrass is juiced or powdered and taken because of its huge amount and high level content of nutrients which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, phytochemicals and more than 100 types of enzymes. Wheat grains are eaten or added to food (like bread, biscuits, cookies, cakes) to increase its fiber content.

Wagiiiiii.. ang benefits =)

Now why easy pha-max? 
because It Cleanses, Alkalizes and Nourishes,, That is why it 
is called Wheatgrass C.A.N  ( ang galing,hindi ko naisip yun,akala ko literal na CAN)

and if you are particular with taste,then you can 
mix it with other juices. you can see their Recipe there.

and now,punta tayo sa mahiwagang
PALIGSAHAN..(promo) woot ^_^

buy and win promo
Promo ends on Dec. 31. After the holiday spending, 3 lucky winners get extra shopping money and spend, spend spend without breaking your  own bank(s)

Think of the benefits that It can give,than the amount that you are going to 

remember:  " Health is Wealth "  

hehealthy ka na, makakapag shopping ka pa.. =)

So BUY na..Now na! =)

allright.. There you go guy's... StAY pretty,handsome and Healthy =)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mind Museum

who among you guy's  interested in Science?

well as of me , yes I am.. ang cool kaya!

I was so happy to found out that The Mind Museum
was also part of the big event for Bloggers and Businesses 
Blogapalooza  held on SM Aura last

I am also happy that, I was able to attend to it,
and have met different businesses.
and of course Mind Museum 
is one of them.

Ohh!! The Mind Museum, I haven't been there
and I am relly looking forward 
to visit there and learn, how does 
the science really works..!! 

Going back to blogapalooza.

When I visited their booth, ( which is unfortunately
I became overwhelmed so Imissed to take 
a picture.. tskk.. 

Well on their booth they have this 
bowl, where there are different questions
of course about science.. they let me pick
one of it and try to answer.

Hmm. I forgot what exactly the question was
but the only thing that I remember is

" it is a part of a gumamela flower, and it can make sound " 
something like that.! sorry naman,,English eh, hirap e memorize ^_^
and so, I tried to answer it as best as I can.. (chos)
hinulaan ko lang, and the answer is 


and I answered correctly..!!! hooray! tsamba

and for  that correct answer they gave me this one =)

ang cute noh!!!

Okay. I have chosen that because 
baka pag ginamit ko yan, I become genius too =)

And by the way guy's.

CS Pinoy bother with Science_EBlast.jpg

On Nov 30,2013  (Saturday),at 4:00PM at the Canopy Plaza there will an open discussion with guest scientists, including those from Phivolcs, Pagasa & The Manila Observatory on this month's Cafe Scientifique:

and their TOPIC is all about " Why should Pinoys Bother with Science?"

hmm . why nga ba? well .let us know why guy's? let us join with their 
open discussion.. 

and take Note : The said event is FREE and Open to the Public
check the poster above:!!

So... See you there huh!!

for more info about Mind Museum
Visit their website ;

You can reach them here;

JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
909 –MIND (6463) |

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gurkka cont.

Last time I introduced you already 
this Wine and Spirit Online store namely Here.
and I promised that 
I am going to tell you on how can you avail 
their Freebie.

Now how?

To those first time users 
you need to REGISTER here.
and you've registered you need
to Log in to your
Gurkka acount and choose the item
that you want to purchase.note
that The bigger purchase value
then you will also get the higher
value of FREEBIES to be given away
and to know more about that
you can check this FAQ.

One thing, You might also enjoy reading their
TRIVIA.. It is soo cool ^_^ .

I am not  that good in terms of wine, the only
thing that I know is, wine is made of grapes  =)  
other than that, I know nothing na. so their 
trivia helps a lot to those who wanted to know more about
wines and spirits.. ^^

and because of that 

here are my top wanted to taste 
and here they are.

photo credits from:

Sosyal right?

Actually, 1bottle of wine pwede ng pang
gift sa mga Ninong and Ninang this Christmas.right ???

so there you go guy's.. ^_^

register now, and tara lets toast =)

Minimalist me 2

Good day guy's.

I know everybody is happy because Manny Pacquiao
have won once again!

Hooray for that and Congratulations to him.


This post is about minimalist me..

the last post about minimalist me that I posted is THIS
and now,this is another one.

I do not often buy things that is not really needed.

and so 

Look at this:

Oh wel, That is a remote control of my TV.
See may tali to hold on it. but Once I removed that tie, it will
look like on the 2nd picture..

But,, do not under estimate it guy's. It is still working.
alam niyo ba na ilang beses ng nahulog, lumipad, nalaglag
at nadaganan, at naapakan yan ng isang malaking tao.

Hey!! It is still working..

and if you are thinking that I bought it in an expensive price.
No! No! No!

I bought that for only php.100.00! =)

haveyyyy right.. sulit na sulit..right?

And another one.

That remote is with me for  4 years already.. Whohooo.!!!
may sentimental value yan!!!

So now, what do you think, palitan ko na ba?


There you go, just a quick post lang ..

Have a nice weekend =)


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