Monday, May 15, 2017

My New Holy Grail

As we age, ehem!! 

okay, now that I am in my 30ish + ,

I badly need to take care of my skin, most especially my face.

I am not the type of person na mahilig at madaming nilalagay 
sa face or morning and night routine and so I can now see fine lines,laugh lines
here and there and that isn't realy good ,plus 
nowadays I am dealing with acne and it is really annoying plus
it can really make my self confidence down. =(

Lately,I 'd bump into a Korean skin care group in Facebook,
and most reviews were  really encouraging and 

so I gave it a try..

First and foremost I am no veteran in terms of reviewing so 
do not judge me hahaha =) hindi pala ito review (wink)

so what are my current favorites?

Tadaaa..  =)

Laneige waterbank  ( trial kit ) consist of Eye gel cream,Moisture  cream, gel cream , Essence

Centella Ampoule 

My favorite Cucumber gel - It can be used as moisturizer and leave on to you hair, It really 
made my hair less dry when I used it , best to use before taking a shower and after.

BB Cream - Gowoori and Beauskin  foundation 
 I preferred the Beauskin better because it does adjust 
to your skintone which is really good for morena.

See the swatch that I have made below.

TOP SWATCH - Beauskin BB Foundation
BELOW -  Goowori BB Cream - this shade suits to maputi 

Okay so those are my current for now..

Better to invest to your skin, next is make up =) 


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