Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not FUNNY Meme...

I don't know how to start this entry, but then
I will try to manage my init ng ulo..

It is just a quick post promise...

Lemme share you lang my feeling about this meme..

grab from fb

I found these meme not funny at all.. Sorry to those who made this meme..
Why? hindi naman kasi dapat  pinagtatawanan at ginagawang katatawanan ang mga ganitong

First; kuya Paolo,cant defense him self about this.
2nd. If ako yung family ni kuya Paolo masasaktan me.

Down syndrome is not a joke,It will never be ..and we shouldn't make fun of them.

when I watched him at kmjs I was so touched.. I realized that
I am  lucky enough for having a healthy daughter.

Ivy also watched that kmjs segment with kuya Paolo's Mcdo commercial in
the making.. and she asked me this.

Ivy; Mama, Why siya ganyan? ( innocent voice)
Me; because he is special.
Ivy; Why?
Me; ( hirap mag explain sa isang 8 years old ) hmmmm.. okay bheb.
ganito na lang huh.. Do not laugh when you see someone like him, do not
make fun of them okay.. because it is not funny.. They are special from God..
Ivy; Ok..

end of conversation...

naghihimutok lang me, kasi I taught Ivy not to make fun of  them,( those with DS)
tapos may makikita me na ganitong meme sa fb..tsk.tsk...shame of those meme maker.

ohhh well... sana yung gumagawa ng meme, hindi magkaron ng anak na may DS.

How  about you mommies any though'ts about this.
do you also feel the same way as i do,or it is just me?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My heart is beating so fast.!!

Hey.. Hey. hey..

First, I wanted to greet our dear Muslim's out there an Ei'd Mubarak.( end of Ramadan )

Buti pa yung iba, long Holiday,, may pasok pa ang inyong lingkod,
 but then happy naman dahil, of course
Double pay ( double nga ba )?????

Moving forward.. I got a call earlier, just an invite for a job interview
on Monday...

Gosh,, mga mare, sissies,ka berks. Kinakabahan ako ng bongga.
( pusoy kumakabog kabog, tumatalbog talbog ) uii. kinanta.!

I know, that I am familiar with the job, but then Yay.!

It is really been a long time, since I was interviewed..ganun pala noh! nakakapanibago

Well, I have to calm myself down, I have to focus and my
goal is ma accept..

well, it is really about time to move to another one, wherein I can apply
what I really studied..

I just saw that ads anyway in a GT ,and  it is all about VOffice..
I browsed what  Voffice about and i was surprised that
 it is just the same with my
previous job.. Ohhh yeah.. !! ( now ko lang nalaman na Voffice pala tawag dun ) lol

I badly need your support, and prayer's well I hope, I can make it. AJA.

ang pakikibaka sa panibagong buhay sa labas ng comfort zone ay parang
sugal.,., pwedeng manalo o matalo. ( ansaveehh )

I love this phrase now too.

" I'll spread my wings, and learn how to Fly " - it is from one of my
favorite song. breakaway..

Enjoy your Long Weekend Guy's..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ivy said NO.!

It's Wednesday once again.. whoohoo..!
An exam day as well sa mga public school in Manda, I am not
sure sa other place..

Oh, well, Ivy went home early today. hooray.!
usually kasi, when I leave our house to go to work
wala pa siya, so sobrang hindi na kami halos nagkikita,
but now is different.. Happy lang. :-)

Allright, some of you are aware naman na, that I have a plan to resign.,
hindi na bago yun.. hehehe.. :p
but, Ivy just knew it earlier..

Then, I made biro to her, if she will allow me to work overseas .

So here it is..

Me; Anak,payag ka ba if I will work abroad? like daddy ( my father )
Ivy; NO! dito ka lang sa malapit..
Me. Why?
Ivy: wala me kayakap.wala magaalaga sakin.
Me; Si tita cel ( my sis )
Ivy; NO! ayoko..
Me; ayaw mo, at least pag andun me, I can buy everything you want. like toys,clothes
Ivy; NO! pano pag nagkasakit me, pag nagkasakit ka dun? Iiyak ako..
Me; Sighhh.. END of conversation..

sabi nga na NO! eh. ang kulit ko rin eh noh.. mamilit ba..;)

and we ended up.. hugging each other and kissed.. ( kilig mode )

I am planning pa na naman na mag apply sana abroad.. Kaya lang may kumukontra..anyway it is just a plan lang naman, but then.. Big  NO NO na ang sagot..

I realized na mahirap pala talaga mag paalam pag malaki na ang kiddo..
ang again, this is another opportunity that I missed doing before..
I did not take a risk before...So now.. waleyyy na ..

That's it muna for now.. Have a great day ahead.. ^_^

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Final Decision..

Earlier, Our HR talked to me.. Okay a heart to heart talk.

I am not surprised about it anyway.

She just asked me what's my plans are. How am I?

Ok! I have to put my self down here,  I am not too magaling  in teaching..
it's not my forte.It is not what i studied about..But there's a way to improve
and show to other that you have a guts in this industry even you are not onto it.

 for the past 5 years, I know and I can say that I improved a lot
compare to my very first time on floor.
I can say that i learned a lot here. I excel and
I proved myself that I can do it..

But then after that 5 years of striving hard, it seems that there's missing,
It seems that I suddenly became unhappy, Suddenly I became lost..
I think i have to find my self. ( Billly crawford ) lol...
Seriously.. ganun talaga nararamdaman ko.

What I learned in our talk was 5 years is over..
5 years is considered milestone and experienced and I think
5 years is enough to stay in my so called comfort zone, it's time
to move find yourself or grab the opportunity awaited outside of it.
you don't need to be afraid of taking risk.. kelan ka pa mag ttake ng risk,,
pag wala ng opportunity na naghihintay sayo?

 Am I making any sense?hmmm

Thank you guy's for wasting your time, reading this non sense entry of mine.. ^_^

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Chika!

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend.?

Mine is good though,Well like what I have said HERE I did general cleaning

We planned to go to church sana, but napagod talaga ng bongga so
pahinga mode  after.

After I cleaned my home sweet home, I realized na sobra na pala kong naging
busy sa paghahanap ng  supposed to be new home sweet home namin
but in the end, It was cancel pala.

Well, I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore for now. ( next time ) ulit..Lol!

Then, I watched The Buzz, and I heard about Chito Miranda and Neri Naig's sex video.

Well, my opinion about it is, they are adult enough to do those stuff, besides they both in love
with each other.. isn't normal to do that? Maybe, they just took that video just a remembrance
and to let them see where they need to improve ( chos ) or maybe just to give them more
pleasure,, ayiii.. Well, whatever their reasons are. RESPECT na lang. Tao rin naman sila,
they are not perfect  too. ( halata bang may pag ka chito fanatic, konti lang ) hahahah..
at lilipas rin yan.. Like Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan's video..
again,, It is just my own opinion okay..dun sa nagkalat ng video., baka nag diriwang na yun
now, dahil baka pinagkakakitaan na niya..Yun nga lang, bad for the couple.
lesson learn. avoid na lang ang pag take ng video while doing the deed.Oki..
lalo sa  panahon now, grabeh ang bilis na ng transition ng teknolohiya. ( ansavehh )

Okay, So move on muna sa usaping hanap ng bahay at Video's na yan..
new work for homebased naman muna ang target kong hanapin .

actually I am eyeing of being a VA ( virtual assistant )
but I don't have any idea about it.. geee!

anyone can give me an idea phhhlease..!!

plus  need ko mag review if ever na mag take me ng CSC which is I already
contemplated about. Hmmmm..

Well, I have a quite madugong Monday ( not literally  hookay )
we took  basic grammar test, and Gosh... come to think of it na lumipas ang
weekend at hindi ako nag aral man lang..  tsk.tsk.. stock knowledge na lang.
bahala na si Batman at Superman, isama na rin  si Spiderman at Darna.

Goodluck na lang kung makapasa or not. hmmm but one thing is for sure..
hindi naman ako mabobokya.. weeeee...!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

House hunt update..

Hey.hey.. hey.

Happy Sunday everyone..

I hope you guy's enjoyed your weekend....

As for me well, I did  general cleaning.I threw some unnecessary kalat.
or yung mga things na wala na talaga pakinabang..

well, if you guy's thinking if it is my preparation of moving out..
hmmm WRONG...

because, my supposed to be moving out is Cancel..

yes, the owner of this house that i am renting now and I talked yesterday,
well I followed her up, about sa status ng stay ko here..
And she told me na do not bother myself muna about it,because hindi pa final SOLD
ang unit.ohh well... praise God..

 I confess as well because I made a promise na magsisimba today.. Sorry..
napagod ako sa pag gegeneral cleaning ko,

so I fell asleep ..tsk.tsk..oh well promise next week..
hmm I may not be active going to church, but I do pray naman everyday..

I was supposed to blog more.. but Ivy is kept on bugging me to lay down
na beside her... hmmm oki..

Goodnight everyone..


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