Friday, August 16, 2013

What a surprised.!

It's Friday once again and I know, everyone is looking forward
for this weekend?

Why not? We can spend our day and time with our precious loved one's.

any plans for this weekend?

Well, Ivy is kept on bugging me to malling.. OMG.. With specific
place Megamall..  sigh...!

anyhoo. that is not the main topic here hookay..!

When I arrived here in our office and checked on my email.
there's one email, who caught my attention and of course if surprised me, and it made my day.

I am Soo happy, big time =)

and since I wanted to share you guy's why I am happy today..

Well here you go!


email notification

Hooray.. another winning in a giveaway? Ain't I lucky in a giveaway?

Well,actually I literally forgot that i joined there, promise.
but then, It is really for me and Ivy. hahahha..
Lemme show you.

animal print jumpsuit (photo grabbed from Mommy Tina's blog )

I would like to say Thank you Lord, for this another Blessing, that you gave me,
I am not expecting it.

and also I would like to say thank you to Mommy Tina Santiago-Rodriguez
 the author behind  Truly Rich Mom.

I can't wait to try it on, so better watch out guy's, because
as soon as I received that, Ivy and I will try it on, and will show it up
to you... ( kayo ang huhusga if babagay sakin ) LOL

Well, that's it for now.. and may you guy's enjoy your weekend..^_^

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The interview!

Aloha everyone..

how's Thursday..mine is good.

by the way,lemme say Thank you guy's to all who wished me  luck, 
for my interview, and I made a promised to you guy's
that I will keep you updated about my interview..

I was supposed to have an interview on Monday, however due to the very bad
weather, I wasn't able to go.. 
So I made a decision na now na lang pumunta..

Okay,At first I felt laz to go there,and I don't know why..
 like,it seems somethings stopping me..yung feeling na mas better pa mag - stay
na lang sa bahay..

But, then i need to go out pa rin because I need to get money,
so I decided na tumuloy na rin there..

what am I applying for there ba? Well, I applied in a Voffice as a Front desk Executive.

What is a Voffice?- Virtual office, it is kind of an office na their clients are those
buinessmans na nag rrent na lang ng space in a Voffice, to lessen their hassle in life
such as getting business permit, and other churva churva.. So , it really far different in 
a traditioanal office,because the businessmans, can just rent even only 1month or two..

What happened to my application? Well, sadly they are now freeze hiring because
the position that I am applying for is just currently filled in, because 
t'was an urgent Hiring pala.. 

anyhoo.. compare to other company, their HR still talked to me despite
the fact na they are now freeze hiring. 
kai db sa ibang company, if there is no hiring, wala na.. hindi ka na kakausapin..

ang cool nga kasi, while waiting and take note im just an applicant,but
their receptionist offered me a drink...

Ms Receptionit; Do you want something to drink? coffee, tea or water?
Me; Ahhh, No thank's..

at take note, san kayo nakakita ng applicant na walang dalang resume.. ako lang
ata yun.. hahahha,, but then, the HR said ok lang.,, siya pa 
nag print ng Resume ko... lol... ( bad me) 

moving on, the interview turned really fun and just chika konti..( ibinenta ng konti ang sarili )
since andun na man na daw me, and they are going to open another branch 
somewhere in Makati.
their HR told me, na if only tumuloy me nung Monday sureball na sana na 
ako ang nakuha., but then God's will na rin siguro, cos baka hindi  rin me naman 
ma ffill in un. cos i am still connected in a company.  

sayang, but it's fine,, maybe pang Makati branch me... choz... 

That's it pancit..sorry napahaba.. ^^

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bouquet of Awards!

Good aftie.. here I am again.

I would like to say thank you to  Kitty Kat Miyaw of The Home- Based Diva for
nominating me in this kind of award.

Let's start

The rules;

1. Display the award on your blog:

2.  Announce with a post.  Make sure to post and link back to me as a thank you for the nomination.

                         Thank you  Kitty Kat. ( meow ) ^_^  so good of you..

3.  Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

Shayne of Queen of all you see - a blogger about cosmetics and good finds.
phranczeskapharell of Just tasting - A foodie blogger reviewer ;-)
ROSE of not just silly thoughts - a call center agent blogger from cebu.;)
TIN  of tin's thoughts - A lawyer , who wrote about her interest as well.

4. Drop them a comment after you have linked them in the post.

5. Post 7 Interesting Things About Yourself:

*  An online tutor for 5 years.
*  I am a milk tea addict too.
*  Sweet mom and gf.
*  A sweet friend. ( walang papalag repa)
*  humble
*  half kuripot, half generous. ^^
*  I don't often watch TV.

That's it pancit.. and Thank you again sis Meow for this Award..

Virtual hug.. 



Embarassing Moment..

Happy Wednesday..

Whooo. kamusta and midweek natin jan? Ohh well,mine is pretty cool.

why not? nakavacation mode na ang utak ko,. hahhaa. wala lang akesh pasok
tomorrow, because it's Korean Holiday. Whohooo..!

Okay, Lemme proceed na to my embarassing moment,
hahaha. laglagan na to, bahala na si superman at si batman..
tutal, may former colleagues rin naman me na nakakaalam nito..

It happened, years ago na, I think 2 years ago, if im not mistaken..
sa balwarte ng Bulacan. wheew. clue; park.

Honey  and I was set to meet up sa said park..
and as I recall, there was an event that time..

So, since si honey koh  ang nilalang na laging late pag nag mmeet kami, I waited him for almost
20 mins. (tagal no )

So, pagdating niya,he gave me a kiss in my lips, a smack..  again  SMACK.,
dapat capital letter yan for futher judgement..

eh sakto, wala pang 5mins after he smack me? abaaa.. may lumapit ba naman samin
na park guard..

Guard:  Mam/ Sir, bawal po yang ginagawa niyo?
Us;  Huh?
Guard;  May batas po tayo rito na bawal ang maglampungan sa public
Me;  ( nag iniit na ang ulo ) Lampungan, excuse me, kadarating lang niya,
and Hello, lampungan ba ung smack?tsaka we are here para mag usap lang noh.
Guard; Kahit na mam.. pahingi po ng id niyo.
ME; I gave my id, (well just to prove na im in a legal age na.)

Sandaling umalis si guard, at pagbalik ay.. may kasama na head guard and
pointed me and yabang ko daw, blah blah blah,.,.

Sorry ka pinagtatanggol ko lang sarili ko , dahil tama ako . halllerr...

Whooo. tapang tapangan na me,, histerikal akesh.. OMG.. mababagansya me ng dahil sa isang
smack lang sa isang public lang Oh nooo..!!

head guard; Mas, sumama nalang po kayo sa  Precint office namin.
Me: bakit kami sasama, eh wala naman kami ginagawang masama?
dont you know what a smack is? ( high tone voice )
head guard; basta mam/sir sumama na lang kayo, dun na tayo mag usap.

So we headed to their precint office.. and when we are there na.

CHIEF: OH,!! kayo anong problema niyo?
Me; Eh sir, kadarating lang ng kasama ko, he just smack me lang sa lips, Smack lang, Smack. natural
lang naman siguro un, lampungan na agad.We are there para lang pag usapan ung tungkol sa
anak namin..
Chief; Oh! eh may anak na pala kayo eh, eh anong ginagawa niyo
rito,, umalis na kayo.,.
Me; Okay, salamat.. then I turned my look to the mayabang guard.with a tiger look.

and nakakahiya, pag labas namin ng precint, there was a show, and it was being televised
so, kakaloka lang kung nahagip me ng camera at nakita sa Tv noh..bwahahhah..

It was just one of my major embarassing moment in my life...

Haysss. at pag naiisip ko yun now,,. natatawa na lang ako..

Kelan pa kaya naging bawal ang Smack kiss sa public.. aigoooo...

by the way, hindi lang kami ang sinama nila sa precint, there were a student's couple
as well, which is sila ang mas nag lalambuchingan.. hahahhah...

I wonder ano kaya nangyari sa kanila after. ??

Hays.. lesson learned.. Wag masyado PDA.. lol ^_^

Monday, August 12, 2013

Good news!

Happy Rainy Monday everyone!

How's the long weekends of your bagets?? nakows. Mine is really happy.

Earlier, she had a chit chat with her aunt's and uncle..
thru Fb video chatting.

Okay.. I haven't told you that they are really reeally close..

because mga bata pa sila,  my younger  sister is only 7 turning 8 years old..(ka age lang ni Ivy )

I swear.I still have younger siblings.and I love themm.. swear, hindi lang halata..

Moving on , I have told you here that we took a basic grammar test here
in our office and , honestly when we are talking about grammar, it is not
easy?is it?

Well,the good news is  I PASSED the test, and it is really a big relieved.
I got a compliment from our trainer that I have a big improvement compared to our
previous test..Which is really big.. hooray!!

Okay,Moving on, I told you guy's last Friday that i have an interview today.

Actually, I wasn't able to come, because of our weather..I just asked them a re- schedule of it.

I just don't like to face my interviewer with a basang sisiw look.and I don't
know how to reach the said building, so I might get Lost.. ( wala ko pang Cab )

Okay. yun muna for now. I just wanted to share you all my happiness. ^_^

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Class Suspended.

Good evening dear reader's.

How's long weekend? buti pa kayo long weekend.. ( inggit mode)

kamusta ang makapigil hiningang panonood ng FIBA.??
Well, they made 2nd place naman, and they did their best naman. so
ok lang yan..but siyempre mas ok kung GOLD pa rin...

Aside from that news.. there's another one and it.

oh well, mas lalo naman na mas masaya ang mga bagets..


Waley pasok na naman. ansavehhh ng long weekend
ng mga student's..Ohh para lang to sa mga most affected aread huh..
or better yet... Listen ang watch news pa rin for the updates and list
of places na waley pasok... okie!

kamusta naman ang pagbayo sa inyong mga bahay bahay ni labuyo...
hang lakas diba.. so ingat ingat mga sister's..

Keep safe and don't forget to bring your umbrella, jacket and boots..



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