Thursday, April 3, 2014

Security meets Convenience: Yale Digital Lock Collection

I fell in love with Iron-man the first time I watched it.
not because of he is made of steel,but because of his high tech 
gadget,appliances etc, that can be seen in house.
so amazing to have a Smart like technology at home,isn't.
you do not need to worry about ,if you have forgotten 
to do something like, switching off lights, locking your doors, etc..

and Speaking of locking of doors.

I often misplaced my keys inside my bags, so I ended up keep on finding it, and wasted 
my 3 minutes just to find it.. but not just that.

Do you also experience nor can relate that, when you are in a hurry, then 
when you are trying to open your door lock, you have to tried
almost all of your keys to find which is which key's can open your door.?

It was quite annoying isn't!!

But,now Yale has found a solution.

but before that lemme show you first the brief intro about Yale.

Yesterday, they Unveiled their Smart locks to media personnels, and I felt so honor to be part of it, together with my other blogger friends Denise and Lady Rattus.

It was held at Shangrila Hotel Edsa Marquee hall.

Yale as one of the best-know brands in door lock industry ,offers you a variety of models of Digital door locks to choose from. 

Yale Digital locks brings you keyless convenience to unlock your door and still keep security at the core of it all. Choose from the latest in digital locking technology fingerprint,RFID card
or smart touchpad (PIN CODE ) to open your door.

These Digital locks also come with alarm systems for security against burglary,vandalism,and fire (selected models) 

YDM 4109

* fingerprint
* voice guide
* Smart tuchpad
* European Standard Mortise

What are the benefits of a Digital Locks brings you?

* No more rummaging through pockets or bag
-I for myself, usually happen this ,most especially when I am in a hurry,Wherein I have to search  for the keys in my bag, or sometimes I accidentaly drop it,then try to fit into a slot but realized that It was turned upside down . 
Digital Lock door allow you to access your home easily and in one step: Just scan your
finger on your digital lock sensor. 

* No more forgotten keys
- Digital Locks ensure this problem is eliminated ,you can always use your fingers to unlock
your door,either via scanning  your fingerprint or entering PIN code.

* No more losing keys
-  Rather than being angry with yourself or your children if a key gets lost or stolen, or if you have to fin a locksmith to change your entire door lock,digital door lock offer an effective solution to these situations.

* No more carrying a key
- We sometimes don't want to carry a key around when we are out for running and or walking with you/our dogs,Just access your door using your fingers, That convenience and security in one.

Yale " The World's Favorite Lock " is staying true to their slogan .They will always provide the most innovative products that offers the most convenient way of opening your doors while keeping security at its outmost priority.

Thank you Yale for inviting me over.! Congratulations on your success.

There you go guy's.. to know more about YALE Digital Door Locks:
visit :

Godiva Natural skin care pre-review

Being a Mom,doesn't mean you need not to
take care of your skin.. well, you should, nor should I say
You must..

I admit that I'm not fond of putting night creams and toner onto my face.
What I only use to remove my make up is an ordinary soap, and or 
a facial cleanser .. 

I know! I'm quite lazy to do a beauty regimen at night..
Not Until
Godiva natural skin care, sent me a set of their natural products..
thanks to Godiva skin and Mommy Bloggers Philippines  for giving 
me an opportunity to do this one of a kind project *wink *

Godiva natural Skin care uses only purified licorice extract
with the highest glabridin content, it can whiten by suppressing the formation of melanin 
the pigment that gives color to the skin.

Godiva Lico White Whitening Anti perspirant Deodorant 

 The mfg date and expiration date can be seen at the bottom of its packaging. ( very good )

* It has a high levels of whitening ingredients to lighten dark underarms faster
*  Apply it twice a day every after bath
*  let is dry before dressing up
*  It is fragrance free unlike any other. 

Whitening facial wash 

You can see it mfg and expiration date on its side.. again very good 

* A low foaming,soap free formula that moisturizes while gently and thoroughly cleanses
the skin,leaving it with a softer,smoother glow. 
* Helps brighten skin as it cleanses.
* Effective for all skin types. Apply small amount onto face with water.wash face in the morning
and night.

Whitening facial toner

Exipration date and Mfg date can be seen at its bottom part 

* The whiter way to even out your skin tone
* Ideal for normal to dry skin. Apply small amount onto cotton and apply to face
after you cleans.
* It is fragrance free.

Facial Cream

- It helps even out skin discolorations caused by age,scarring,pregnancy or over exposure
to the sun.
- It is 100% fragrance free and is safe for continued use for longer -lasting white skin. Apply 
to face after you cleans and tone.
- put a small amount, because putting too much can gives a greasy like feeling.

Whitening Soap

* A gentle,non drying cleanser for face or body enriched with Glabridin from Licorice
for brighter,fairer skin.
*Cleanses and whitens as it even out skin discolorations.

I like the scent of this one, because it is somewhat  doesn't  have " nakakasawa" scent 
like any other soaps that I have tested..

It is not that foamy if you apply it directly onto skin, As of me, I applied it directly
on my skin and have it massage,and leave it for about a minute and rinse off.

Whitening Lotion with SPF15

Please excuse my not so very nice hand 

* Non - Sticky formula that helps even out body skin discolorations caused by age,scarring and pregnancy.
* Provides Sun protection ( SPF 15) as it moisturizes to keep skin soft and smooth.
* Apply daily all over the body.

I like it because it doesn't leave a greasy feeling, it doesn't even have a 
" mainit" feeling once applied afterwards..
It really leaves you a smooth skin.

Most Mom's are hesitant to try other products, most especially those who are nursing
their babies.

Well the good thing is. It is safe to use,because Licorice is absolutely safe,It has been used for hundreds of years as food additive and flavouring. (I really think so, I am a fan of licorice candy anyway )  The BFAD has also approved Godiva products with licorice after local clinical trials showed no incidence of irritation,allergy or redness. 

So, it is pretty clear that Godiva is safe to use  for those who are pregnant 
and breastfeeding Moms..

Having a fairer skin doesn't need to be expensive, Godiva skin product 
offers very reasonable price,so start making yourself pretty and hot momma ^_^

Thank you again Godiva Natural Skin care for sending me these over.

to know more about them
Simple follow their 
FB page: Godiva Skin
twitter:   GodivaSkin
you can also visit their Website :

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Johnson's Baby active fresh shadow playground

When I was a child I remember, I am not quite fond of playing outside
But,it not doesn't mean that I do not know 
the traditional "pinoy games" that I used to play outside 
such as patintero , taguan ,luksong tinik,luksong baka, etc.
ohhh! I really love to reminisce my childhood..

Before I hate Ivy playing outside,mostly under the sun. 
because I hate when she becomes smelly because
of too much sweat..

But hey, don't you know that I can still do it with my daughter
now!! Well, it is really important that you play with your son/daughter even at 
least 1hour a day..

Playing with them can make your relationship/bonding  becoming
more stronger than usual..

Yesterday we attended to the  Johnson's baby Philippines,Unveils the first-ever 
shadow Playground in the world.. ( yes, in the world)

Johnson’s Baby Senior Brand Manager Kris Llanes.  shared us " We are excited to officially unveil our play innovation found in the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground – a first-of-its-kind play platform that allows moms to forge a stronger play partnership with their kids,” 

“Studies show that mothers have the natural inclination to stop their kids from playing under the sun and discourage them from activities that leave them sweaty and smelling offensive or amoy-araw.  We know that active playtime even under the sun is good for kids so we are doing two things:  giving kids access to a novel idea in outdoor play, and introducing the new Johnson Baby’s Active Fresh line developed to allow children more fun time under the sun,”

The said event was been hosted by childhood icon Bodjie Pascua

Kuya Bodjie instructed the kids and also the kids at hear that.
When he say's " Di lang laro ang laro " everybody will answer.. " yehey" with clapping hands.
guess what? It was really a hit to the kids..

Aside from him there's also a celebrity mom guested yesterday

and it is non other than..

Princess Sarah of local Tv, Camille Prats together with her son Nathan ..

here she shared:  Naalala ko nung bata ako na ang hilig ko maglaro sa init ng araw. Ang saya-saya gawin nun and at the same time, ang dami ko din natutunan sa paglalaro tulad ng cooperation and teamwork. I am just happy to share this kind of joy and learning experience with my son Nathan today,”
Now let's go to the playground. and beat the heat of the sun .

 Ribbon cutting ceremony of Johnson's baby shadow playground.

And tadaaahhh.. It is now officially open!! 

Confetti shower... Hoorayy!! 

But before we started to play we wera handed a Johnson's powder active fresh.
to put on our kids,so that they wont smells like amoy- araw, and guess what?
it works really great,  I fell in love with it.. I swear.. 

The new Active Fresh Technology has sweat-activated fragrance, releasing a pleasant long-lasting smell when it comes into contact with sweat. Moms no longer need to worry about their child sweating all day and malodor kicking in. Kids will smell and feel fresh even after playing all day under the sun.

What the Active Fresh Technology does:

 Masks malodor and leaves it odorless
*  Releases a long lasting fragrance
*  Special feature of Active Fresh Powder: It contains the first-ever sweat-activated fragrance capsules that burst upon contact with sweat!

Habang mas pinapawisan, mas bumabango!  

and I definitely agree with it..!!

Now..let's go with the games!!

The different games cast by the sun help teach children skills for their development:

     Flamingo teaches children balance. Mom and child will need to balance only one foot and hold on to each other for support. The pair that balances the longest will win.


 Maze teaches children strategy. Mom will stand at the center of the maze and her child will need to find his way to mom by avoiding the blocked paths. The first child to reach and hug mom wins!

        Flamingo teaches children balance. Mom and child will need to balance only one foot and hold on to each other for support. The pair that balances the longest will win.

  Snakes and Ladder teaches children teamwork. The child will stand on the "start box" while keeping his eyes closed. He will need to follow mom's voice as she instructs him to jump long or short. They will need to aim for the ladders and not the snakes! First pair to reach the end wins!

  Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Playground is located at the Market! Market! Playzone, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The playground is designed for kids 3-7 years old. It is open to the public within mall hours. It is advised that kids be under the supervision of their parents and/or guardians as they use the playground.

Thank you so much Johnson's baby Philippines and Nuffnang for inviting us.

ooopsss. I forgot.. I was supposed to be interview by johnson's staff however, I was eaten by my shyness so, goodbye instant fame.. chos~



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