Friday, November 28, 2014

Glorietta Madness Sale 70% off - Nov 28-30 ,2014

Christmas is fast approaching and some of us 
are really busy searching for what gift to give 
to our previous loved ones.. 

but hey . hey..hey . 

Glorietta will be having their midnight sale.

check posters below.



Not just that.. Aside from the 70% Discounts, Glorietta will also be having FLASH Sales (1 hour) which will  give you 20% more discount.. Cool isn't. 

So What are you waiting for guy's

head over to Glorietta Malls now.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Baby and Family Expo 2014

I remember last year I went to baby family expo to picked up my
prize from The House of Cuppy Cakes that I have won from
Mommy Serene the woman behind Nurse's Diary.

It was truly a must visit big event of the year, because you can
learn new things from their various speakers.
and t'was really fun to stroll around and visit different booths.
you can check my experience HERE .

and for this year I also signed up online for me
to catch a FREE Entrance Ticket ..

Now , they will have another round happening on Dec 5  - 7 ,2014
to add up to your excitement here are the list of  their Programs


DAY 1 - Friday, December 5, 2014
Maternity 101: Things every woman should know before having her first baby Get valuable advice and tips on things from the know how’s of breastfeeding to proper handling of your first born baby. Speaker: Dr. Irene Quinio, Obstetrician and Gynecologist from The Medical City Time:  2:00 pm –2:30 pm
ABCs of Newborn Screening: Understanding the importance of early detection for newborn babies Discover and know the importance of early detection of for newborn babies from the expert
Speaker: Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla, Director of Newborn Screening Reference Center
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Working Mother: Tips & Advice for Balancing Career and Motherhood
Learn tips and advice from a successful working Mom on how to balance career and motherhood at the same time
Speaker: Merlee Jayme, Creative Director of DM9 JaymeSyfu
Time: 4:30 pm – 4:50 pm
Handling your newborn baby from head to toes: how to carry, bath, feed & interact
Know the best information and advice on proper handling of your newborn child
Speaker: Dr. Ma. Christina Tuason, Pediatrician from The Medical City
Time: 5:10 pm – 5:40 pm
Kids 911: What to do during emergencies
Tips and guidelines for parents on what to do to their kids when emergency happens
Speaker: Dan Uy, Training Director of Ambucore
Time: 5:50 pm – 6:10 pm
DAY 2 – Saturday, December 6, 2014 – 1st FAMILY SUMMIT
Save or Splurge: Financial Education for Families Learn different money management tips to maximize your financial resources in the home.
Speaker: Mark Joseph Fernandez, Top Financial Advisor, Insurance and Investment Expert
              Salve Duplito, Prolific and multi-awarded business and finance writer
Time: 1:00pm – 1:45pm
Happy and Healthy Family in the Modern Age
Learn healthy habits for the whole family - from cooking healthier foods to increasing physical activity and fun ways every family member can do to encourage family fitness.
Speaker: Dr. Florianne Valdes, Pediatrician from The Medical City
Time: 2:00pm – 2:45pm
Education as a Family Affair Rediscover the importance of education and the role of the family in achieving scholastic excellence.
Speaker: Dr. Edilberto Dizon, SPED Diagnostician-Counselor, and a retired Professor of Special Education
Time: 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
Secrets to an affair-proof marriage
Discover the secrets in preventing infidelity to help you create the kind of marriage you've always dreamed of.
Speaker: Nathaniel Chua, Counselor and Relationship Expert 
              Michael Carino, Counselor and Life Coach
Time: 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
DAY 3 – Sunday, December 7, 2014
Parentpreneur Talk: Made in the Philippines: From idea to business - creating innovative products for babies and children
Hear inspiring stories, tips and advice from different Mompreneurs who made it successful in the business world.
Speaker: Ms. Paola Loot of Mommy Treats
              Krie Reyes-Lopez from Messy Bessy
 Time: 2:10 pm – 2:30 pm
Get Your Body Back in Shape After Pregnancy
Get tips and advice from fitness expert on how to work your way back to your pre-pregnancy body or even better!
Speaker: Edward Mendez, Model-actor turned fitness consultant
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Everyone is Talking, Nobody is Listening: How to improve everyday communication among family members
Building family and relationship strengths through good communication among family members.
Speaker: Ali Gui, Registered Psychologist and Relational Life Coach.
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Importance of good communication between parents and yaya’s
Know the benefits and advantages of having good and open communication with your yaya’s at home
Speaker: Menchit Ordoveza, Facilitator of My Dearest Nanny Training
Time: 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm


And here are the list of their exhibitors:

Baby Mama Inc.  
Markap Wearshop 
Adorable Baby Cloth Diaper Trading 
Tomatoberry Kids 
Tupperware Brands Phils., Inc 
Johnson & Johnson 
Enchanted Kingdom 
Nurseryworks, Inc. 
Federated Distributors, Inc. 
The Medical City 
Goldilocks Bakeshop Inc. 
Precious Herbal Pillow 
Minton Multiresources Inc. 
Childrens Dental Center Co. Inc. 
Momsie Kitty SPA 
Designer Kids Enterprises 
Roppets Edutainment Production Inc 
Waffles & Soda Corp. 
Pampanga's Best 
Business Innovations Gateway Inc. 
Leondell Enterprise 
Prulife UK 
Megaworld Corp.  
Tupperware Brands Phils., Inc 
E-nnovations Technologies & Mktg. Corp 
Cheventh Trading 
Rachel Swissdeli Restaurant 
DD Int'l Trading Corp 
Ginalom Products Inc 
Intellismart Technology Inc 
CCM International Inc 
Comark International Corp 
Baby / Toddlers / Children 
Baby care products 
Hygiene and health 
Baby care products 
Baby carriages, bedding & furniture 
Electronic & acoustic toys 
Games for babies and children 
In & out-door toys 
Children, baby, and teenager apparels & accessories 
Children furniture 
Education & learning 
Arts and crafts 
Kids salons and spas 
Children's costumes 


Maternity care products
Maternity clothing, underwear, hosiery & accessories

Fertility clinics

Pediatrics specialists

Maternity services

Dad / Mom / Family 
Food and beverages 
Wellness and fitness 
Kitchen ware and appliances 
Nutrition and health care products 
Security providers 
Electronic products 
Technology products and services 
Cars and child safe automobile accessories 
Party organizer, hosts and suppliers 
Photography studios 
Hotels and resorts




Get Your FREE Entrance Ticket Online. REGISTER NOW!  HERE
Want your BRAND to be Part of the BIGGEST SME Event

Limited Slots Available! HERE

MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS INC. is a leading business community building company and a professional exhibition and convention organizer. MEDIACOM is organizing the annual Philippine Small & Medium Enterprise Business Expo, Entrepreneur & Franchise Expo, Baby & Family Expo Philippines, Property Expo Philippines and Philippine Fitness & Sports Summit. The company is currently servicing 80 industry sectors with 5 dynamic face-to-face exhibitions and professional conferences, supported by its targeted trade publications for a fast growing community of over 380,000 exhibitors, visitors, conference delegates, advertisers and subscribers from all over the world.

Follow them on : TWITTER
note: not a sponsored post

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink reinforces TIBAY through “Ang Alamat ng Matibay” Children’s Book

Ivy is one amongst a lot of children out there who became Bear Brand baby! I know the importance of milk most especially to the children under 9 years old. Okay, not just 9.. Even adults too.

In my case, I am a working mom and so, it is good that 
Nestle Bear Brand came out  their milk formula that 
good for adults and also for working ones.. ( ehem me want) 
 As part of its continuing efforts to help nourish generations of Filipino families to good health, BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink has added a new dimension to its TIBAY campaign with the launch of its 1st children’s book entitled Ang Alamat ng Matibay, which highlights the importance of tibay ng kalooban.

A simple and beautifully illustrated story that teaches children how tibay ng loob can help them overcome obstacles in order to achieve their goals, Ang Alamat ng Matibay revolves around the kind and loving Mina, a child beset with fears.  When her teddy bear, which she regards as her best friend, was stolen, the ever respectful Mina goes on a search mission in an enchanted world where she was forced to conquer all her fears and thus develop tibay ng loob.  As she embarks on her adventure, she not only finds her lost best friend, she also develops a friendship with the toy thief Anino.

This is part of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink’s long-running Tibay campaign, which espouses Tibay ng Katawan, Kalooban, at Isipan.  

“Today’s parents regard tibay ng loob as an important factor to help their kids succeed in life.  But honing tibay ng loob among children must start when they are still young in order to prepare them for the challenges that life brings,” explained Willy de Ocampo, NestlĂ© Philippines Team Lead for BEAR BRAND.

BEAR BRAND, in partnership with The Storytelling Project, Klasrum ng Pag-asa, Art Attack, and National Bookstore will donate 10,000 copies of the book to select public schools and partner organizations.  The book will also be available in selected branches of National Bookstore starting December 15, 2014

“We would like to promote tibay ng loob to as many Filipino school children as possible and our partner-organizations will help us reach out to them,” Jojo dela Cruz, NestlĂ© Philippines Business Executive Manager for Dairy, Health and Nutrition Solution, explained.  “By providing schools and communities with copies of the book, we hope to foster among school children the importance of strength of character and strength of will, values that they can bring with them as they journey through life.  We hope that through Ang Alamat ng Matibay, we can help mold the future leaders of our country.”

Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Gift Ideas from The Mind Museum !


Hi there Bellas and Fella’s. Christmas is just around the corner and I believe

We are all now having difficult to think off what to give to our love ones, most especially to those goddaughter/son of ours. Every Christmas this is one of my dilemma as well .


Why not give them something different  instead . and for that let Mind Museum help you guy’s to

Decide what to give this Christmas, and  Here are some list of useful and yet educational

worth giving for. 

Considering that we celebrate an extended holiday season--starting from the ber months to late January—you would think people would have enough time to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts that are well thought out. That's hardly ever the case, though.

Year after year, people rush to stores at the last minute, grabbing run-of-the-mill mugs, picture frames, toiletries, and what have you. Fun, right? Let's face it; getting an ordinary gift doesn't exactly usher in the spirit of the season. Why not wrap something remarkable? If your loved ones are that special, you'd think of giving them the stars—something they clearly deserve. You can't exactly give them that, but a close alternative is made possible by The Mind Museum—along with other unique gifts that not only add a twist to your usual holiday flavor, they also inspire learning and further celebrate the season of giving.

1. The Scientific Date: How about a date in an artsy but science-themed gallery, or stargazing in cozy couches in a custom-made planetarium?  Surprise your loved ones and the young ones with All Day Passes or gift certificates to The Mind Museum! With over 250 hands-on, minds-on exhibits and live experiment demonstrations that unveil the remarkable science behind living and non-living things, a date or two in The Mind Museum is definitely a unique and exciting way to spend time together this Yuletide season. (The Mind Museum tickets all day passes is sold for only Php750/php) 

2. Name the Stars after Your Loved Ones: Do you know that you can literally leave your mark in The Mind Museum by naming one of their virtual exhibits?  You can leave your names or your loved ones’ on digital exhibits found in the different galleries in the Museum, through a fixed donation that come with e-certificates.  Imagine the delight of seeing your family’s name imprinted on the virtual stars that make up a constellation, or name a specific kind of dinosaur that inhabits a virtual era in history. What’s more heart-warming is that all proceeds for this program go to supporting the institutions’ project of giving free museum visits to public school kids.

(Virtual exhibits’ price ranges from Php1,000 to Php5,000, depending on your choice of show. For more information, visit

3. The Key to Endless Discovery: A year-round, all-day admission to the first world-class science museum in the country—how does that sound? Interactive exhibits, a thoughtfully designed planetarium, meticulously laid-out 3D shows, and exciting science demonstrations await your lucky gift recipient. The Mind Museum’s Unlimited Science Pass also gives free admission to over 300 worldwide science museums, discounts on travelling exhibition tickets, birthday packages, and purchases inside The Mind Museum Store. And because the institution always interlinks its efforts with expanding the knowledge of today’s generation, this unli-pass directly supports free museum passes for underprivileged kids. (For a group of four or more, avail the Unlimited Science Pass for only Php2,250/pax. Visit for more information)

4. All for Science, All for Love: To celebrate the holidays in a different, more meaningful way, why not sponsor a trip for public school kids this Christmas? You can even ask your family or friends to join you in spearheading this project to further enrich the sense of wonder of these young ones. Don’t worry, The Mind Museum’s doors are open to plan and accomplish this advocacy of embracing and sharing the true spirit of the season. (To inquire about this project, please send your email to  

The Mind Museum is a gallery of endless activities and possibilities so, of course, we have more in The Mind Museum Store for you!

5. If these shirts could talk: Let your friends “wear their wit” with these design shirts that are exclusively available in The Mind Museum Store! These shirts come in different colors and are tastefully designed with vibrant graphics and statements that will truly make science a cool fashion statement of choice this holiday season. (Prices range from Php379.75 to Php499.75)

6. Of Puzzles, Papers, and Pencils: Instead of those tired old notebooks or planners, try giving the young ones (or even your family and friends) these funky Human Anatomy Notebook and Science Alphabet Notebook! They’re, indeed, a safe space for random thoughts, important lists, or mind babbles. Here’s a tip: pair these notebooks with Puzzle Color Pencils and let its colorful tips become their wand to create their DIY-diary. (Human Anatomy Notebook and Science Alphabet Notebook are sold for only Php379.75, while Puzzle Color Pencils set is sold for only Php649.75.)

7. Own the Universe: While these kids are taking baby steps towards their dreams, you can show them the momentary short-cut in seizing the universe, literally, through the Star Planetarium! Projecting 3D stars, planets, and constellations, this amazing contraption also includes 3D glasses for a more mesmerizing virtual representation of what’s above and beyond the world we’re living in. (The Star Planetarium set is sold for only Php2,579.75.)

8. Unearthing the Dinos: Be a paleontologist and travel back to the era of dinosaurs with the special edition of Dino Excavation Kit. Dig for the bones hidden in the gypsum block, assemble them and enjoy your very own miniature dinosaur skeleton replica. Top it off by learning more about the fossils you have just uncovered. (The entire Dino Excavation Kit is sold for Php2,699.75.)

9. Tricks and Treats: Put a little ease and fun in teaching kids using playing cards that are exclusively sold at The Mind Museum store. You can either get What’s GNU?—a 3-letter learning game deck or go for a game of speed and visual tricks with Hyperswipe! Grab these cards now, be the learning and game master at the same time, and let the enlivening game itself, too, serve as an added gift to these kids! (What’s GNU deck costs Php9,49.75 while the Hyperswipe set costs Php1,349.75.)

10. Build Your Own, Learn on Your Own: Teach your young ones the basics of gardening, without having to worry about landscaping your backyard, with these innovative plant miniatures! You can either let them grow the Sweet Leaf, which grows leaves that be used as a natural substitute for sugar; the Mini-Melons that will actually produce sweet mini cantaloupes in less than 2 months; or get really out-of-this-word with the Curious George Outer Space Adventure Garden that will even allow them to experiment right in their mini pots! (Sweet leaf and Mini-melons cost Pho829.75 each while the Curious George Outer Space Adventure Garden is sold for Php1,229.75.)

Happy Holidays!Cheerio


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