Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Frustrated teacher !

Spell frustrated.. J.O.C.R.I.S

YES. you have read it right..I feel so frustrated!!! nowadays..kasi ba naman ako na magkaron ng student na halos (0) zero  ENGLISh knowledge. OMG..
nakakahimatay! nakakaubos ng hangin sa baga..
yes! It's not easy to teach. nakakaloka, nakakapraning, nakaka Bobo..
lemme give you a brief idea why i have said those things.

Me; Hi there , how are you today?
Student; how are you today. ( mimicked me)
Me; ( deep sighed ) Yes, I am good!How about you? how are you?
Student; How are you? ( mimicked)

OMG!! I need OXYGEN now na.. goohlay..pero wala pa yan..lemme continue!!

Me; teacher is happy. are you happy?
Student; teacher is happy?
Me; ( deep sigheed ) short pause.. happy today?happy?
Student; Yes.

Ohh men.. Finally ,, i got the answer that i want to hear.. AMEN..

But then, after a few minutes, eto na ang siste.

  he felt so sleepy and tired.. due to a whole day studying..Ending
teach have to do the stretching class, and exercise.. tsk.tsk.tsk..

Being a teacher, most especially an online one like me is not easy to do so!, Why? you need patience,, as in a big drum of PATIENCE..(ill buy pasensya at pateros lol ) most especially if your student's is not participative and attentive at all.You really need a sense of HUMOR!!! ( mag pa ka VG nga sa classes ko.I only have sense but im poor in term of humor.. chos.. ) hahhaha..

Speaking of that, I did it once hahahaha.. here it is.

Me; okay! tell me about your family.
Student:  family?
Me;  yes, family
Student: MY family?
Me; No! My family.
Student: YOUr family..
me; No! your family

ahahhaha jusko.. nakakabaliw,, anong alam niya sa pamilya ko db.. tsk.tsk.tsk.. kung hindi ka nga naman masiraan ng ulo.

Well, I am really doing my best so that they can learn, of course i want them to get what they paid for ano!! need ko nga lang ng isang drum na kape para mabuhay ang dugo, atay, lapay at balun balunan ko while im having class.. ahhahha

that's it for now..  there more kwento about them. next time..


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