Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Rich Prime Global Inc.

Good day everyone..

Mostly Ninong and Ninangs out there
like me.. lol

well, Christimas is just around the corner

and so this post will surely can help 
to lessen your burden if you are 
currently looking for a nice and quality
gift that you will give 
to your Inaanaks..

Well RICH PRIME GLOBAL inc. have it all for 

What is Richprime Global inc?

" RICHPRIME GLOBAL INC. is the leading distributor of branded children's products in the Philippines. It maintains the dominant position across different segments from toys, infant, fashion, footwear and licensing through its extensive sourcing, distribution and marketing capabilities. We believe in providing quality products with good value to enrich the lives of Filipino families and children." 

what do they have?

They have  branded products such as Barbie, Dora, Hot Wheels, Cars, Fisher Price, Disney, Bakugan and many more. You can also find cool, funky and comfortable shoes for girls and boys alike.

They also have Kids Craze Warehouse sale

So.. What are you waiting for?
go and grab some toys for your Kids and 
Godsons and Goddaughter =)

Advance Merry Christmas.. ^_^

To know more about them

you can check their 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Figaro Coffee Company

As you all know that I am a coffee lover nor
an addicted to it that much.!

And so my heart jumped into happiness when 
I saw this one of a famous coffee shop 
Figaro Coffee .

" Figaro is different from other cafes since it is not just a coffee Outlet but a coffee Company. This means that each Outlet serves a world of excellently brewed specialty coffee and everything that goes perfectly well with it."

Yummy Pastries ^_^

let's go back to coffee, who can say No! with their coffee?
I can't say no to it either.. !! 

In figaro, There are a  lot of products to choose from..
They also have Breakfast meal,salads,pizza,milk teas and a whole
lot more =)

what else?

they are also open with franchising business 
and you can see it here on how to become one of them here.

so coool. isn't..

Well.. Thank you Figaro Coffee Company for being 
part of Blogapalooza 2013.

to know more about them;

you can visit their 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Mind Museum Experience 2

This is just a continuation of our 
Mind Musem Experience last Saturday.

Yes! the bagets really had a blast. and
I became dead tired after, until
next day..

Okay.. Guy's If you are planning to visit 
them, then please wear your very comfortable

That is my fault, because I am wearing
my wedge that time.. So..
parusa until kinabukasan..

#sakit ng paa at binti at katawan..

I swear so better wear comfortable

moving on.. 

let me tour you around once again..


and  now Lets go to the UNIVERSE!!

Now lets proceed to LIFE

ohh yeah.. kinda dizzy here. swear most especially if you are in the
middle part..



She got intrigued with the life under our skin ^_^

THE pa cute Mammal.  lol

And here is AEDI the Robot that Will Welcome you!

Okay there you go guy's, actually there are a lof of pictures 
pa.. lol #alamniyonapagmaymaceranasiako lol ^_^

Thank you so Much again The Mind Museum we really had a blast =)

For the ticket Prices you can them out HERE!!

Blogapalooza 2013: Ambient digital

Ambient Digital is one of the partners attended 
Blogapalooza 2013 event.

when I visited their booth,they 
had me signed-up,and there is the 
bowl where you are going to 
pick a piece of paper where
there is a name of a prize that you can get.!

and I won this Blue Water Bottle..
Okay.. chose this color.

Ambient Digital Philippines  provides a 
way for advertisers to coordinate online advertising
 campaigns across hundreds of sites in a cost efficient manner.

They optimize how advertiser money is invested,
maximizing the value of their clients media 
investment and providing incremental revenuew 
to their partner websites..

and here are some of their projects that they have done
over the years.

photo source: ambient digital ( click it )

Cool right??? 

such a  prestigious company they have..!

Thank you Ambient Digital for 
being part of  The Blagapalooza 2013

to know more about them

You can visit their

Unit 800-D, 20th Drive Corporate Center, 
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634,
 NCR Philippines
+63 02 478 8442

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Superwoman In ME!

Hello there Bellas..

What's up?

after a tiring day yesterday.. well

It did not stop me to go 
travel still to Bulacan after,
 My Mind Museum adventure..

why? TIME IS GOLD..  ( lol )  
LQ mode..

Ohh Well! , I can say that I am wonderwoman.. Hero peg !


Well.,since I already said that Time is Gold, you
should think all the things that you do to make 
you loved one's feel special, do not make all 
things complicated.. ( ayiii )


Since I am a working at home, I teach at home, a domesticated Mother
a blogger, and a Girlfriend.. 


I think the TIMEX watch that suits my personality is 

The TIMEX adventure series..


My life has full of challenges .. 

such as

* being a teacher is never an easy most especially dealing
with other nationality students..  
* being domesticated Mother is 
another quite challenging too,most especially in my case
I am a single mom, so everything is challenging such as 
answering questions of my unica hija with the continous
Why questions.
* being a blogger, This one is also challenging for me.why?
Because at first, I am not really a writer,this is the first time of me
to write about anything under the sun. ^_^
* I am girlfriend of a quite jealous type of Man.. so there were times
that LQ is around sigh!!! ( is it my fault to be pretty ) Kidding..

Timex Logo

Our Mind Museum Experience

Okay, well Last Saturday I and Other Blogger 
friends,received an invite to 
 listen to a discussion with the PHIVOLCSPAG ASA dost  and 
Manila observatory

I admit, I haven't listen to them that long because
first I am late, I went there nag sstart na, and may kasama 
pa akong bagets, I brought Ivy with me and my Sister.
special thank you too Shawn of Firenfrost.. alam mo na yun teh ^_^

And since I wasnt able to listen to their discussion
I still manage to take some picture of it a bit.

when We arrived they are talking about eartquakes kung
may ways ba to detect it, but apparently there is NONE. it 
is not unlike typhoon, na they can monitor it ahead of it...

and here they are 

note; Photos are taken by me..

uhmm Natahlie were are you here???

This held at Canopy Plaza just outside The Mind Museum.. ^_^

and Look guy's... This also catch our attention...!

FREE Hugs anyone???

maybe you ask if we tried that.. uhmmmm.. uhmm.. well my sister wanted to, but
she is torn between.. shy and museum.. lol

Anyhoo... lets go na sa The Mind Museum..!!

but ..! But! But! 

I would Like to say Thank you THE MIND MUSEUM for the free passes that
you have given us..


Entrance Lobby 

Hindi halatang, hindi siya happy noh! lol

Welcome to our Dear EARTH



There you go for now..

still have something to do pa..

to be continued..


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