Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Treats for Kids

How's your Christmas everyone..

As of me.really fine..

Despite the fact that I being broke,
I still able to survive 
christmas day and still able to give 
some treats to the kids..

Usually kids on Christmas day. 
Went to houses from one another and asked for
a christmas treats.

"namamasko po " 

I do not want to be sounded " kuripot "  
and so I decided to buy candies for them..

Candies anyone????

I bought 5 variants of sweets for the kids..

to show my sincerity of giving I packed them..

and here's the finished products.


It's really fun to packed sweets for the kids.

I know they will surely enjoy their
sweets.. ( maybe some wouldn't )

Maybe for now

I can only give a few,but it's the thought that counts..

What do you think guys?

Merry Christmas and may you all have prosperous 
New year! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I am one of a Practical Mom.

Are you a pratical mom like me..

Well I know some of you are practical Mom

Mostly nowadays,prices are getting higher and higher..

 And because of that I wanted to show you
 guy's my finds,this christmas..

As you all know that I am in a very tight budget.

And since I just receive my salary,we headed to Puregold to 
 buy for our stocks at home.

 What I like about Puregold is,their Gift packs! 
 which you can buy in a reasonable price..

For me it is not bad at all.

Like for example this gift packs..

I bought this at 48php..
It sauce,vinegar and patis. 
Plus it has a free soy sauce in pouch and ketchup in pouch.

What do you think about it guy's?

And another one is this zonrox pack.
It includes 3variants of zonrox plus a total of 
5 dell fabric conditioner.amounting 50php.. 

Do you think it's reasonable?

We went home with 3bags. And I just paid 6hun..

Compared to Sm.for that 3bags I think.. I am going to pay 1k and more..

 And so now..

I am now balik loob  to Puregold,if 
I really wanted to save more..

How about you guy's.

Which grocery do you usually go to?

Unexpected package


It's just 2 days to go before Christmas.


I know everyone is happy and excited about it.
and So do I.

eventhough may pinag dadaanan me, I
still feel happy and blessed.
and of course I am still thankful

This afternoon, I received a call
from unknown number.

and it is asking about the confirmation
of my address.

I thought it is the BDJ pantene already


when it came on my doorstep,
I was surprised that
It is not a xend courier and
the package is quite


when I opened it, I was surprised
because it is a Box of milk.

Enfagrow A+ 

Well,Ivy just tasted it, and we just gave it 
to her playmate who's younger than her.

Thank you Yehey Digital corp
for this. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

have a blessed christmas

In behalf of our family

We  would like to greet everyone..


Merry Merry Christmas.. !!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Instant eye glasses

Hey there guy's.

What's up? Hmm maybe some of you are busy with
the last minute christmas shopping still..
 I am jealous lol.. 

Nowadays! I just tend to stay at home.

Why? Geeh the traffic around the METRO and even 
Edsa is really insane..It looks like
a big parking Lot. ^_~


As you all know,that when it comes to creativity and art. 
 I am sooo not into it.


 even a simple drawing I am having 
difficulty with it,. 

I swear.. 

But,maybe when it comes to giving an Idea,
well medyo maasahan pa ko.


This Afternoon, Ivy was bored and has nothing 
to do,it was raining outside so She can't even 
go out and play with her friends.

And , to ease her boredom

She did this.

Isn't She's artistic? And creative..  =)

okay, this eyeglasses is made of a carton. 
She uses the carton of the cupcakes. 
I don't know what do you call with that.. 

I am watching her while she is doing it,and honestly 
I do not know what to do with it, she told me na 
may gagawin siya sa piece of that carton.. 
So she cut it out,stare at it.. And I got surprised on her 
finished product..

It can be an instant 3D glasses,
I just dont have a colored cellophane..

What can I say!

 I am so proud of her.. 

and  apparently,being an artistic and creactive 
of her is not from me..

So what can you say about
her Instant eyewear.. ^^


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