Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A good friend before, not now..

How are youing today? Well I got up too late usual, because i slept too late. hahaha

Well, like what I have told you in my First post, that i felt down, because I am quite feel envy with one of my friend.? haller tao lang ako.. of course naman na may moment na ganun. kayo rin ba?oh ako lang,.
Okay! okay! okay! . to tell you the truth guy's..We are close friend before, but now, not anymore. Alright, sabihin nalang natin na,i hate person whose too boastful and yun na. may idea na kayo bakit we are not close anymore..

I know it's not good to feel that way, but i can't help it though.
Well, it is a long story why our frienship ended up this way.Well I admit that i am quite bitter. ( hindi kasi me mahilig sa amplaya, hahaha.. )

Allright, let me start talking about our friendship, let us just call her J, initial of her name. J and I, are friends  since high school, we also studied in a same school during our college days.* forgive me guy's if i don't want to name drop the name of our school anymore.Back to my kwento, well during our 1st year college, we share secrets, doing some kalokohan, and so on.. as in pakner in crime.
Till the time, that i landed a job. I worked as sales staff of a famous candy store which can be seen at any SM malls.

Since I am such a good friend.. good talaga, i told her to apply in our company as well, so she did it, and Boom.. we have working in a same company..
well i thought it's a good decision to let her join in our company, but i was wrong..
Weeew.. okay, that's it for now guys, tatrabaho muna ko.. I'll make more kwento next time. and i will continue this story of my deary wicked friend.. ( kidding )

have a great Tuesday ahead.


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