Friday, July 5, 2013


Hellow.. kapamilya,!kapuso ! kapatid,! lahat na ng may K.

Hows the day?

Obvious ba na masaya me.. Well, hindi halata ata masyado, mababa pa ang
energy.. taasan ko ng konti.. ( joke )

Well, like I told you guy's my honey is not with out today,, may pinagdadaanan kasi
kami.. ( syempre serious matter iyon ) it is not about our relationship,,
Our relationship is really fine and getting stronger pa..
in fact, nagkausap na kami kanina , after how many days of waiting.. =)
hirap ng walang phone.. nasira kasi phone niya.. eh hindi na bumili
pa ng bago, bilang magkasama naman kami sa bahay..

moving on.. tomorrow is my big day. ( wow parang manganganak, ikakasal ) echos
Siyempre, ipagsisigawan ko dito na It's my Birthday..

I was so surprised nga din this afternoon dahil kasunuran ko lang ng Birthday si Claire.
happy Birthay in advance mare.. ( nakikimare talaga ko ) lol..

Anyway,, what's my plan, same same.. wala pa rin gaya ng sinabi ko sa nauna ko ng
post. ahhaha..

at dahil Bday ko. dapat may wishlist ako.. ahhaha..
assuming lang na may magbibigay,, malay mo may makabasa pala ng kaibigan, at
kamag anak ko nito ..

Wishlist ko;
  •   bag.. My god. maawa kayo. 2yrs ko ng gamit ang bag ko. hahha
  •   a set of pen,. yay! ung maganda ipang sulat. lol
  •   prepaid load.
  •   Coffee.. maraming Coffee. hahha
  •  Shoes size.. hmmm txt niyo na lang ako. ahhahha
  •  Folding Umbrella ( peacock can do ) choosy..
So far, yun na muna.. hahah pero siyempre assuming lang ako niyan no.. for sure
naman na wala ako matatanggap jan ni isa... Swear..

Happy Friday Everyone...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mock Class..

Howdy madlang people. . ( showtime lang ang peg )

Well, I had a good day today na mejo kabado na hindi ko alam kung ano
ang aking nararamdaman..ohhmygiee...

Let me start sa masaya me.. Well, masaya me because after how many days na
paghihintay ng txt ng aking my dear honey pj, he texted me na this afternoon.
Ohh, he went home kasi sa Bulacan, so Ivy and Me ang tao sa house,
but  this afternoon, my sister arrived together with her, husband ..
so sila muna ang bantay ng batang Ivy. ^_^

I am kinakabhan for some reason, or let we say na lang na private,
bear with me please if I can't divulge it here huh !!

Then I had a mock class earlier, What can I say? uhmm
kabado ahahah.. I know, I am working here na for 5 years but of course,
handling demo/mock classes is different., parang you have to be very good dahil
you know everything na.. ka pressure kaya =)
but then I was in the middle of the mock class ng biglang, BOOM
may gumamit ng aking ibang ID. ohhmeen,, kung kelan pa naman ganado na ko ei.
Anyway, My mock class turned fun and interesting,,
pagbigyan nyo na ko.. Birthday month ko.. lol

Weew... Speaking of My birthday ,it's 2 days to go.. Ohh my god,.

What's my plan? honestly, nothing really..Stay at home and will sleep the whole day. =)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

" SinGlE, Yet hApPy ": My birthday + Firmoo give away

" SinGlE, Yet hApPy ": My birthday + Firmoo give away

Ivy and I are sissies..

Magandang, magandang , maganda... AKO ( echos )

Syempre sa inyong lahat..

kamusta naman kayo now? earlier this morning, Our weather
was so gloomy..

In fact, mejo tinamad nga me pumasok.. hahahha. pero Absentism is a big
NO-NO for now.. saka na.. lol.

Anyway, maybe you guy's are wondering about my Post title.

Well, yes! Ivy and I are sister.. but not literally..

Only in a piece of paper, or Birth certificate..

She is not using her father's family name, instead uses mine..

So we have the same Middle initial and family name.. (sister lang ang peg)

Well, when i gave birth,  legal na ang pag gamit ng family name ng guy even you two are not
yet married, but how can i dot that if MIA nga si  mokong right?hmmm

Due to to my curiosity, nag try ako mag research sa net if it is allright, if hindi ba
siya magkakaron ng problem about it..when the time comes na need na niya kumuha
ng ibang important document's.

because according to the Law, She shouldn't have a middle initial ( paktay ako niyan )

need ko na ata paayos un, dahil sa matindi ako mag research about it,
and I also seek an advice na from a lawyer  dapat daw talaga ipaayos and ipaalis ang kanyang middle initial or else, she will be having a difficulty upon getting some important document's in the near future..

hayy ang dugo pa naman mag paayos ng name sa NSO.. kelangan ng tibay ng loob, tiyagang pumila etc. etc... but good thing as per my mom said..

Free daw mag paayos ng name now sa NSO.. hmm.. I'd better
check it out, but the question is..

When ako makakapunta? pag puti ng uwak..hmmm may chance.
where ang NSO- wala ako Idea ahhahha
How? pano ko magsisimula. nakakaloka..

Well, if ever na maayos ko I will give you an update about it.

Ivy and I are not sister in the paper anymore.. lol

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FB account

We all have our Fb account..? who's here don't have.. alien? kidding..
 Apparently,may pumasok bigla sa isip ko to stalk my Old friend that
blog about here and here. Well, what did I feel when I happened to
read some of her comment box..

Honestly, I felt envy at her.. sorry about this guy's tao lang ako.
I also felt pitty to myself. and I don't know why..
Maybe it's because she is now have a good life, will soon have her own
house, while me, what? same as it is.. =(
I got depressed after that, So i stopped stalking.

On the other hand. I felt happy because, I've realized that I still have a lot
of friend's around me, even though we are not seeing each otehr because of our busy schedule.
they are still there..

Like  my lesbian HS friend, is making an emo.. hahaha.. well,
 She just posted describe her as a friend. blah blah..
So i commented to her post..hmmm..

I miss them now..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend madness

Last weekend I had a sad time, great time and sad time again..
let us start with the sad time's

Well, last Friday, My sister went to my house to get her
netbook, so i gave it to her, because she is going to pawn it.. ( i doubt of course )

So , that night I texted her if she pawned it already, but hhahaa. she wasn't able to , So I made a deal with her, I' ll be the one get it nalang, I felt sad because, I can not blog that night,
but nakabuti pa pala na wala.. because Pj and I able to watch movie that night together... We watched saving private Ryan..
such a bloody movie.. euuw.. but, hahha we manage to finished the movie.. good job.. lol.

The next day, Saturday, we went out to buy some stuffs for the house.
and to get some cash... ( sahod eh )

Here is the Happy time, because my sister arrived and binigay na uli ang netbook.. woow..hindi na ko mabobored at home, may netbook na ulit..

Why did I say that? Because honey went home to Bulacan that Saturday night =(
to ease the hurt feeling, seeing him going out of our house,
I turned on the netbook.. and he said..

Pj; Ano yan, e bblog mo pag uwi ko? ( with the smile on his face)
Me; UU.. ( with a frown on my face )

amft,,,  so that night, it turned out boring, and I slept early na rin because bagyong Gorio is nagmamaktol =)

So, that's my not so productive weekend.. =(

My birthday + Firmoo give away

updated; NOW CLOSED

Hello. hello.. hello everyone..

God is really good! My Birthday is near already uhmmm 6 days to

And since it is gonna be my birthday month,I will be having a give away.

are you guy's ready? well so do I!

but,before I proceed to the mechanics,I just wanted to share a brief info about
The sponsor of my give away..

Here you go.

Firmoo sunglasses

Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Furthermore, Firmoo has launched their  First Pair Free for new customers to test our products and service for free by paying shipping only.

Sound's cool.

The prize;

1. Six (6) valid contestants will get a $20 E-vouchers each used on any frame at Classic Series (

2. If it reached 50 valid contestants or over, there'll be one grand prize winner who can get a totally free a pair of choice at Classic Series (, shipping included!

All the contestants have to be in the range of our delivery. Visit to get the countries we ship to and details of the postage.

Meaning everyone is welcome to join. Whereever you are.


1. You need to visit FIRMOO site and choose what pair of glasses/sunglasses you would like to win from here and post the link on a comment box below.
2. like their fb page at Firmoo online optical shop
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4. Share this give away to your friends. family and relatives, by posting this link to your fb.
and don't forget to tag me.
4. Follow me at  google+ .. again plus not connect
5. Finally leave your comment in this post with the following info

email address;
Link of  chosen Classic Series glasses you would like to win;

I will accept, comments till July 8,2013 12;00midnight.

Kindly follow simple steps for your entries to be valid..

I would like opportunity to say Thank you to firmoo, for sponsoring my give away..

To those who commented here; I will just you guy's your  vocher code. Thank you for joining .


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