Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Halloween..


Trick or treating is eveywhere again, during this season..

and the most interesting part is,seeing Kids and Kids at hear wearing their
different costumes.. right?

well, I was browsing my Fb this morning, I saw my pictures
wearing my different halloween costumes when I am still in VOIM..

And.. I wanted to show it to you ..
and you might also get an Ideas with it..


Actually I don't know,whom I am here..



With Team WONJU
Look for the owner of that white Maskara.. 

The Dalmatians - Team  INCHEON


broken doll (lol)

Isn't fun to dress up during Halloween.. For me it is.. 

Happy Halloween everyone ^_^

Friday, October 25, 2013

Unfriended FB friends

Hi there guy's.

what would you feel if one of your Fb friends un-friended you?

well, for me it is not a big deal.. hahahaha..

Okay, well in my case., sorry for being bad, I un-friended one
of my FB friends, because

  • I find some of  their post annoying.
  • I find the post papansin..
  • I find the post puro mukha na lang niya araw araw. na hindi naman nagbabago ang angle.
  • I find the post NEGA.. 

I admit my FB account is flooded due to
the giveaways update that I am joining with, but I think it is cool because
you too can benefit with to the post na puro mukha na
walang pagbabago.

I had this Fb friend too, na She joined in  a promo, as well as his hubby.
when his hubby won,, then Weeks after the announcement ,hindi
pa natatawagan nag POST sa fb ,showing na parang
nagmamadali.. can't she just wait? or send a private message instead..
dapat sa wall talaga..? kaloka..

Then, she has also a post na doesn't she have a congrats daw bah?
hay...hahhaha, frustrated manalo si ate..

then eto pa. talagang nag comment sa sinalihan wall to wall, na piliin naman
daw name niya.. As if naman na random yung pag pick ng winners..

then another thing was she posted something on her wall, then
someone replied..answered her kilala ko yan ah..
ayun dun nakipag away si ate sa wall.. #nakakalokang wagas..
Ulit.. Ateh.. may MESSAGE button ang FB..

Now, guy' I too bad, that I un friended her..
See, I hate nega.I want too see positive in my wall , not the nega ones.
LOL,, affected ako. haha hindi ako yun ah.. Hindi ako nakikipag
away sa fb ng wall to wall..


speaking of Positive !

Mommies. I might be attending the WAHMderful Event in Sunday..
I won a passes courtesy of  Vitaminds Circle..


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Better Luck Next time..

Hey.. hey.. hey..

How do you guy's feel, pag yung feeling niyo talong talong kayo
because, you did not follow your instinct...

Well.. I really felt so sorry talaga..


Last Monday morning Pj texted me to check a lotto result.
becase he said,when he went out their house, someone is
asking him a balato, because he had won in a lotto raw..

So, I rushed in my computer , with my sleepy eyes. and check the result.
alam niyo yung feeling na while unti unti niyo nababasa yung number sa result..

Well, napapa Oh,, S**t  ako mga sis.
Till I reached the 6th and FINAL digit..and Geesh..
napasigaw nalang ako ng SAYANG , at biglang nawala ang antok ko..

Yes, mga sis. PJ almost had won a 36M plus lotto sana last Monday.Landslide..
PERO, Hindi siya nakataya.. Whaaaaaaaaaaa..

Anong kinalaman sa instinct ko naman.

eto yun..

Saturday night, I prayed, I asked him to give me at least
6 digit number, syempre for lotto yun..

Then,Sunday morning,while I am washing our dishes, bigla ko lang
naisip na parang I wanted na tumaya sa Lotto, but I do not know
what number I am going to bet on.I do not have alaga na number kasi.
and I have thought of Pj, because He has..
but, apparently I did not ask him, nor told him
na tumaya..

Which is ang hindi ko alam, that Sunday lang siya nag failed na tumaya.. OMG..
If only pala I followed my instinct, eh d sana

We are now a Millionaire, and nag papa party na ko sa inyo..
Goohlay.. hindi ba nakakahinayang yun...tumataginting na
36M plus sana, solong solo. because no one won that night..


Lesson Learn.. ALWAYS follow your instict, most especially us Women..

Sorry , hindi lang me maka get over.,mandadamay lang.. kidding

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream Giveaway of Ms.Rochelle

Hi there.

here is another giveaway of  Rochelle Rivera.

I know, some of your can relate when we are talking about
Stretch of me.. I do have stretch marks too..
nakakawala ng poise, at ng confidence minsan right?

but the good news is.

it can be treated with the help of..


and to know more about it.. you can check it

and of course you have a chance to win GLY DERM Stretch mark cream. ^_^ 
just follow the instruction in a rafflecopter HERE.

so what are you waiting for guy's JOIN na.. =)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ivy's mosquito repellant

Remember guy's I told you HERE that Ivy, knows already
where she can get Dengue,and leptospirosis.

After that day, she kept on telling me to bring her an OFF lotion.
yes, specific name pa talaga. wherein.I also decided to get her one,
because she told me na malamok raw sa school and she was been biten by those
mosquitos.Well. maigi na rin ang sigurado..

so when we went to grocery store, I bought her an insect repellant.
Off lotion pala is pricey noh..
so I bought her this one instead.

Sorry for the pixelated picture, It was just taken from my cellphone.

What I like about this.

  • it is not sticky, once you applied onto it.
  • it is also cool on skin.
  • The smeel will last for a long hour of time
  •  I don't know, if it is just me but I hate it's strong scents.but as per my sister's Ok naman daw yung scents niya, mabango naman daw.. lol .. Okay. maybe I hate strong scents 
For 100 ml, it will last for a month.or depends on how you use it...
I will give this product 4 over 5. ahihihi.. 

Well, that's it for now guy's.. Iwas dengue, mahirap mag kasakit..
mas mura ang 100 plus than hospital bills.. ^_^

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mischka Derma Secret Calamansi Honey Soap and Gluta Bleach Soap Giveaway ♥

The gorgeous Mommy Rochelle Kawasaki- Rivera is
hosting a giveaway on her blog.
and I would like invite you too guy's to join on it too.


Calamansi w /Honey Soap

 Gluta Beach Soap

One Lucky Winner will win Mischka Derma Secret Calamansi Honey Soap and Gluta Bleach Soap..

For you to join.. 

Check her blog and join  HERE  Good luck everyone ^_^

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mondate with Sisters and Ivy.

Last Monday was declared to  no working day
due to Iglesia ni Cristo's event.


it did not stop us to went out that night
and we had our dinner to be done outside. ( feeling sosyal )

before that Lemme show you our kalokohan..

At the MRT
Me, Ivy and My sister Venus.

we get off to Magallanes Station and  we headed to.

The sister's and Niece. ( Me, Ivy, Venus, Maricel)

This is their heartwarming soup of the day

pan chicken 3 pcs..

what I like about this was, the chicken is really tasty and their gravy is kinda sweet.
Okay, Ivy liked it a lot.She finishe 1 pc. leg part and wing part.. hahaha..

hot roast chicken. with bread, taco and macaroni salad.

I soo love the taco.. Its really well as the macaroni.the hot roast
hmm hindi ko masyado natikman my sister finished it

We tried this chocolate chips, served this peanut butter ..

dito na kami nagkatalo talo..allright. It isn't just an ordinary pancake right?
and gosh.. ang laki pala nito..

and ending.. since tig 1 pc each kaming mga adult..So.. naumay kami.. hahahha

The tinitigang pancake hanggang maubos..

okay.. I tried to finish mine.. alone.. But my older sister didn't. that one 
is hers. So I helped her to finish it all.. shhh I love sweets right? 

After she finished everything on her plate tulaley.. whahaha sarap kasama sa kainan
yan.. lol

Sabi ko chow lang chow eh.. minsan lang yan..

And how about this little girl? hahahha

may selfie pa yan..

She's the one who took that picture..

All in all, we had fun together.. 



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