Friday, July 12, 2013

I miss my childhood.

Every thursday nakakakita me ng mga throwback picture..

hmmm .. Well, wala me ma i throwback eh. .

So bilang wala at hindi ko mahagilap ang ibang picture ko na very old.

ewan ko kung nasaang sulok ba ng bahay namin ang mga picture ko..

kaya iba nalang e tthrowback ko.. lol


5 peso bill

2 peso coin
Nung panahon na yan,.. mura pa ang lahat ng bilihin sa bansang pinas.1.50 lang ang pamasahe.

white rabbit ( swet candy )

And last one na...

I sooo love this one...

Shaider and Annie na may white panty =)

There you go,,, hindi ko na maisip na yung iba.. magkakaalaman na kung sino dito ang 
mga ka age ko.. lol..

Have a ncie weekend ^_^

Thursday, July 11, 2013

May Liwanag ang Buhay ( Meralco )

Yay. Kamusta naman wala ko maisip na mailagay na title sa entry ko na ito,
 kaya ayan na lang, since , I would like to tell you guy's how am I paying my bills..
( naks) bills daw oh... Meralco bill lang pala..

Well, I am a kind of person na tamad pumila, sa pagbabayad ng meralco bill,
not just meralco syempre pati na rin other bills, such as Internet bill.

Why?  hassle kasi ang pumila ng mahaba right? lalo na pag tipong nagmamadali ka,
 nakow.. nakakaimbey  yan mga berks..!

In my case, I need to ride 1 jeepney to reach Meralco center,
plus the fact na I need to go there early, para maaga rin matapos..
Wow.. eh pano may pasok pa ko ng hapon,of  course
I need at least 2 more hours to sleep  eh ang aga ko na nga nagigising sa umaga,
dahil ako ang yaya/nanay right?

My life changed when I discovered online payment thru MERALCO EBILL.hooray..!!

Well, when you registered to it. you can see your bill ahead of time,
bago pa man dumating ang bill mo sa bahay, bayad mo na.. lol. See no hassle,, right???
hindi ka na madedelay pa ng payment at the same time, hindi ka na mahihirapan pa na pumila pila pa.

At dahil jan, Instant tutorial itey.. on how to do it.. Interested?

then get your bill now and let's get in on..

type in you browser the meralco ebill then you can see this page.

welcome page
 Click new User then you can see the I agree/disagree button .. click agree. then you can see this page

For the service Id no. refer to your latest bill .. You can see it at the lower left part of your bill. 
Saw it? good job.. 
next ; Encode your service Id no. then the bill date. and the amount. Then Click ENROLL, and If I am not
mistaken, it will ask logging in  name and pw. so kaya niyo na yun for sure.. =)

Where can you see your bills.. Once you enrolled.

Log in to your account, and click ( Service Identification no. ) SIN 

Once you click it, You can see this page. 

Once you click that Billing History.. You can see this.

There you can see the amount of your bill, and once you click the date your 
Bill will pop out. and VOILA. .. You can now pay it online..

easy right?? Good bye long QUEUE.hello hassle free payment of  your Meralco bill.
I pay mine, using my BPI online banking. 

That 's all folks..

7 11 Day

Today is 7 eleven day.

Happy 7 eleven day to 7/11. reduntancy itey..

They said that they have a buy one take one. syempre grab the opportunity buy 1
take one ei..

So I got .

Crossini ( bavarian filling)

yay.. kakaadik to for me.. I don't know but at first I was hesitant to try it, kasi baka hindi masarap 
but,, I was wrong,, na adik ako dito  promise, basta gawang rebisco, I am a  fan of rebisco product's anyway ( free plugging ) =) seriously.. I can really say that their line " Ang sarap ng filling mo " is really true. 

Crossini is manufactured by suncrest, and do you know that Suncrest is a company
sister of Rebisco.. ( credit's to my honey for this info, former rebisco staff )

Moving on back to 7-11 day, I bought

Buy 1 take 1 from 7-11
Weew.. This is my buy 1 take one.. I am a milk tea addict too. So I grab this one.
the original price is Php 25.00. pwede na.. =)

Okay, as you can see may LBC pack sa background, Well that is my prize that I
have won from KAT of excursionista . Thank you so much Kat..

so I'll better show it to you na rin here...

HeadWare: 7 Summits (Limited Edition) 

At dahil,, hindi ko alam kung pano ko siya gagamitin... Pinagpractisan ko siya on how to use it..




There you go guy's.. Instant selfie lang.. whahhaha...

have a great day ahead...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sudden Depression !


It's another rainy Wednesday mga muthers..
there's another bagyo na naman.. tsk.tsk.. Its more fun in the Philippines talaga.

Oh well.. Last night I felt  sudden depression.. as in yung Sudden talaga..
I really have that moment na now okay ako. but all of a sudden, bigla na lang 
ako ma ddepress and biglang iiyak, without any reason.. as in. yung tipong iyak 
na may hikbi talaga.. ( weird lang ) usually to pag nasa bahay ako. .

Do you also have that moment too or  is it just really me.. ? hmmm 

Well, pag ganun na may sudden depression ako, I just remain quiet and isang 
iyak na malupit lang ang ginagawa ko, at after that waley na ang drama. . ( parang baliw lang ano)

I remember tuloy one of my friend here before, she told me na ganun rin daw siya
whenever she feel sudden depression, iiyak na lang without any reason.. yay!
I don't know if any one of you can relate with this.. hmmm is there any?

Another thing na ginagawa ko, when I feel that sudden kabaliwan inaaliw ko 
ang sarili ko, I listen to  music or I play games..  An online games..or sometimes
I eat.. yay! kaya yung mga friend's ko na nakakabasa nito, samantalahin niyo na 
magpalibre pag depressed ako. hahahhah..
 pero once in a blue moon lang yung kakain ako pag depress ako..
usually yung paglalaro ng Online games talaga ang ginagawa ko para nalilihis  
yung attention ko, after that wala na si kabaliwan.. oh db..

Actually to tell you guy's.. nabawasan na yang kabaliwan ko na yan. slight na lang, not unlike
before, nakow.. as in maya't maya promise.. dumating ako sa point na
 nag research ako ng Anti - depressant medicine, and mega research talaga ko about it.. adik lang db..

At dahil jan nalaman ko na pag depresses pala, we should avoid drinking caffeine gosh..
alisin ko na lahat.. wag lang kape.. phleease..and Sweets.. bitter sweet lang ^_^

Meaning,, bawal ang madepressed.. dapat happy lagi. *wink*

Have a happy wednesday everyone..

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What to do when you lost your phone.!

As you all know, My phone was  stolen years ago. and I already posted it HERE..
Hays, sobrang sama talaga ng loob ko nung nangyari un, dahil hindi lang phone ko ang kinuha niya, pati bag ko sinira niya..  =(

At dahil nga sa bitter ako pina blocked ko sa NTC yung phone ko, just to make bawi. hahaha..
am I mean to do that? I don't think that  I am, Tama lang yun.. bawi bawi lang.

Do you know, that It was my first time na pumunta ng NTC, commute, in a hurry and No IDEA ako san talaga ang NTC.. yay.. tapang tapangan lang ang peg ko bahala na si BATMAN.

Well, sabi nga nila,pag gusto mo may paraan pag ayaw may dahilan..

So since gusto ko talaga dahil bitter talaga ko,  gumawa ako ng paraan para malaman ko kung saan ang NTC QC..ano ginagawa ng Internet sa Office,, so I searched their contact number and yun na..

Eto ang Partida ,, I went out our office ng 3pm, then I arrived at home around 4pm. Then I made a call at NTC to asked them till what time sila..

So if I am not mistaken or kung tama pa yung pagkakaalala ko till 5:30 pa ata yung sinabi sakin..
then ,  I asked what do I need. and Voila.. gorabells ako kara karaka sa NTC...
Lumilipad ako na para akong si Darna sa bilis ko maglakad, at sumiksik sa MRT...ayii!
Advantage ng isang cute na gaya ko . ( echoc) hindi katangkaran, kaya sumiksik kahit san..

What do you need to bring when you wanted your Phone blocked by the NTC.
* Box of your handyphone
* a receipt
 any of the two can do, but mas better kung dala nyo prove na kayo talaga ang owner.

So, back to kwento ng aking pagmamagaling, isip isip rin ng shortcut bilang I only have 1hr left..
1 hour.. ang bilis lang nun ah..imaginin nyo un..

So I took, MRT and get off at Quezon Avenue Station.. so ayun takbo galore,
then nag taxi na ko from MRT to NTC.. and pak. I was there at 5:15 pm havey.. ^-^

It was good, dahil the personnel at NTC lobby accommodated me, kahit last minute na ko dumating.
( praise god ) . not unlike sa other govn't agency.. maaga pa excited ng umuwi.. ( peace po )

So they gave me form, to fill out,  parang report na bakit mo gusto ipablocked yung phone and you can see the form and download it HERE

 I finished my transaction with them for about 10 mins only.. ( galing galing )

So pag uwi ko, hayss I was damn tired sa ginawa ko, yet I am happy dahil kahit pano
I feel relieved..

Well.. next time na bumili kayo ng new phone nyo,, keep the receipt and box.
lalo na sa mga sitwasyon na ganito.  =)

Monday, July 8, 2013


As I have posted HERE I miss my morning shifter family, well I guess,

 it's unfairmy evening shifter family. lol

Well, sabihin na natin na I miss the activities that we are doing in our company.
panong hindi,, It's fun kaya.

Most especially if we need to wear a costume.. at pag may costume party
may walang iba kundi... Kami yun... lol

Well, lemme show you some of our pics.

Movie ( kasal ,kasali, kasalo.. )

hanapin nyo ko...


Mini mini mi ni mo...hmm Where am I? bagay ba sakin?lol

Nakakita na rin ba kayo ng living dolls at abandoned Dolls..

Winner For creepy picture ( Abandoned Dolls )
The Dalmatians


The Winner TL for Dress Up Category My TL

Those are the Winning Piece of  Our team.. I miss them .. Most of them are now
resigned already... =(

I am Lucky 1.

Good day.. My dear readers. muthers. and others..

Well , I am happy today and no one can stop me of being happy,,

because there's a reason


1st. My honey texted me and we talked na.. yey..
2nd; I received an email from KAT that I won, in his Blog Anniversary give away.happy much,,
3rd. Our team is on the 2nd rank for the first quarter,, havey.. good job..

And speaking of give away..Isa ako sa mga adik na mahilig sumali sa give away hahha
pero, hindi naman me marunong.. ang kulit lang,, try try lang.. promise..

Well, guy's I will post my prize sooner , so better wait for it..

excited lang ako, kaya another instant entry lang itey..

Have a great day guy's..

My day!

Well, as you all know, Last Saturday was my birthday,, So what did i do?
hmmm.. well, I am not that excited, maybe because, I am getting old.. yay!
but,Ivy made my day so much fun.. Lol..

When we woke up on Saturday morning, nakabantay pala ang bagets sa aking bday.
so she asked me this;

Ivy; Ma. Birthday mo na?
Me; just smile
Ivy; Happy birthday ( with a kiss to my lips and she hugged me so tight )
ganyan siya lagi, or should I say  ganyan kami lagi during weekends..

Cuddle mode eh..

So what did I have? well in the afternoon, we just ate together, we had sinigang lang,. so nagreklamo ang bagets..

Ivy; Ma, ito lang handa mo?
My sister: ayun oh, nagrereklamo..
Me; Just smiling,,

amft,,, anak huh,, choosy ka.. wala talaga sana kong plan na lumabas or anything. sorry..
don't you know, that I am quite minimalist..well. My honey know's that. lol

hayss. but in the end.. wala. naglabas pa rin talaga ko ng money ko for my day..

So Ivy and I went out to buy some of her stuffs. like new socks,I bought her an umbrella and new slippers..
at since birthday ko at lumabas na rin lang naman kami , I bought cake  from goldilocks.and a dozen of doughnut, From Dunkin Donuts.

google photo;   dulce de leche  from Goldilocks.

Sorry, hindi actual pic. malabo kasi yung camera ng phone ko pag gabi na.. haysss.. poorita.
at the end of the day.. I had fun during my day..

And of course, Thank you again to those who greeted me,. I appreciate it ng


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