Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby and Family Expo 2013 and The Cuppy Cakes prize

Hello there!

I know I have few backlogs again,
sorry for that. I am just busy as a bee.=)

Eventhough how much I wanted to blog
my mom duties and job are eating my time.

Hmmm I think I really need a time
table to manage my time so well..


Last Sunday I went to Baby and Family Expo 2013
alone.. yeah.. ALONE..

Okay, my entry in a Life as a Supermom did 
not win, but then again
I am still happy because I had a guts to share a piece
of story of my life

I just wonder why I did not receive any 
consolation prize, because according to it, there will
be a loot bag for consolation prizes..



here it is ..

by they way guy's.

 I have won a cupcake from 
the blog of  Nurses Diary.

First Thank you Serene, I still able to visit
the baby expo because I have to pick up 
my cupcakes personally.
because if not, I wouldn't bother myself to 
go there..

Those are their products..  

and now..

Thank you too The House of  Cuppy keyks for my 
1 box of sweets.. ^_^

I sooo love it.. the sweetness is just enough..
Ivy loved it so much either.. and 
kept on asking me for more..

Well I wish,that I could give her more.. lol

Anyhoo.. I also got a lot of  freebies
there, because I even stayed there for half and hour

anyhoo.. I had fun, because I went home
with some goodies with me.. =)


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