Friday, December 20, 2013

Kids House Chores

 I have lost my mom at an early age,
then I had a step-mom 
at the age of 7yrs old..

At an early age,I learned to do simple house chores such 
as washing dishes,sweeping the floor and 
even washing clothes..okay! 
Yung tipong nag lalaro lang.. Ganun..

Anyhoo.! At an early age, I learned to be quite 
independent.and so I wanted my daughter to 
learn few house chores too at her age now..

In fact she already knows a few, such as washing dishes, 
sweeping floors and the like.

And now, I wanted to list down some house chores, 
that we can teach our kids at home.. 

1. Fixing his/her bed.. At their young age, they can 
be responsible to fix their own bed, once they get up,
nor before they go to bed..

2. Washing dishes- I know this is quite fun for them,most especially 
those kids whom enjoys water and soap a lot in this way 
they can learn little by little.

3. Preparing the table - this is not tough work for them,so 
I think we can let them help us in this matter right?

4. Sweeping the floor- mostly childrens like to hold a broom, 
and play with let there be.. Don't worry it can not harm them.. Hihi..

5. Watering the garden - I know,this could be fun for them..

6. Feeding your pet- well, if you have a pet at home, 
this chores can help them to become responsible and all.

Well, these are just few tips, that I can give, when you have 
other thoughts care to share..


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