Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Treats for Kids

How's your Christmas everyone..

As of me.really fine..

Despite the fact that I being broke,
I still able to survive 
christmas day and still able to give 
some treats to the kids..

Usually kids on Christmas day. 
Went to houses from one another and asked for
a christmas treats.

"namamasko po " 

I do not want to be sounded " kuripot "  
and so I decided to buy candies for them..

Candies anyone????

I bought 5 variants of sweets for the kids..

to show my sincerity of giving I packed them..

and here's the finished products.


It's really fun to packed sweets for the kids.

I know they will surely enjoy their
sweets.. ( maybe some wouldn't )

Maybe for now

I can only give a few,but it's the thought that counts..

What do you think guys?

Merry Christmas and may you all have prosperous 
New year! 


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