Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FEW TIPS when going out With your TODDLER

Last few weeks,when we went to THE MINDS MUSEUM 
Ivy and I waited for my sister at 
Metro Gaisano aka Market,Market in Taguig City

We all know, that Metro Gaisano
Taguig is one of the most crowded mall
in the Metro.

wherethere you were inside 
the mall or outside. 


while we were waiting outside

There was a cute  baby girl.which I think around 2 yrs. old 
went to a walking animals, alone..

 Ive been watching at her and also thinking, 
where's her mother was.. 

at the back of my mind, maybe her Mother is 
just around the area and watching her too,
while seating at the walking animals..


Suddenly,Ivy told me 
wla na iniwan na siya ng nanay niya.. 
Looking at another woman,
carrying a baby boy.. 

 But,no! It wasn't her mom.

 Then,there were this another woman,
 with a worried face
about to ask a crew of a walking animals,,.

woman: Kuya! kuya! may nakita ka bang?

pag tingin niya sa left side niya,
She saw the baby girl, that 
She was looking for.

 And yeah.. 

The baby girl is lost.. 

I confirmed it, because I saw her Mother asking those 
in queue of commuters.
 Then the woman,whos carrying a baby girl called her..

 I saw how her mother cried when she saw her baby girl..

Swear,,parang pati ako naiyak.

I was thinking that time, pano kung ako yun.ano kaya gagawin ko? 

Oh, well my family did that to me before 2 years ago.
they pranked me that Ivy is lost,when they were at the Mall.

 and I swear,I did not like that feeling because I got really 
worried,and cried. And I went to that said mall right 
away to see them..

When I saw Ivy that time, I hugged her tight, and kissed her.. 
I got worried,even it is just a prank.. 

Because pano kng naging totoo yun right?? 

And so, I came to do this post to give other mommies,
most especially those  first time moms.. 
On what are the 

Things to remember when going out with your toddler.

1. Have your child a harness. okay! I know this sound's like weird, 
maybe you or your partner/husband would think na your kids 
will looks like a pet,but! It is another way of avoiding 
them to get lost,when you were out.


2. Have an improvised wristband,including your name and a 
contact number,,this way,once a child suddenly got out of your sight,
the people whom could seen them would have an idea,whos going to call..


3.  If they can talk already,,let them memorize your name and contact number.. 
And if possible your home address too.

those are few only..

If you have knows some.. feel free to share! 

let us all be vigilant mostly now.
that Christmas is coming, there are a lot of 
people anywhere you go..!


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