Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Answered Prayers

Howdy guy's?

I miss you all na.

Hows your day so far?Hows the start of the

Well, mine is good.!

Anyway guy's,

do you also ask for a sign to God,when you 
are asking for something
or if you need to do something..

because Me, yes.! 

In fact, I often does..! 

and to tell you honestly most of them 
have been answered!

and to prove it to you guy's.

remember the pink Bag that I have won.
well, you can see it here.

I asked for it, really.. 

I just told him, that the bag that I am using 
that time is not looking presentable already.
and It is the only one bag 
that time.

And so, that night when I get home and checked
PInk Magaline's  blog.. 

yay!  I have won that bag.. 

Answered prayer #1- check!

Moving on..

if you have noticed, there were times nor days
that I am not posting anything here.

Well, It is just it seems, I do not
know what to say..

and So, I asked again his guidance.

that If  talagang nilaan niya sakin
ang pag Bblog. then give me a sign.

actually, the sign that I am asking that time
is, if ma iinvite ako sa Blogapalooza.

and So do I.

answered prayer number 2- check!

Another one, actually not just
one. in fact 2.

I am really eyeing to put an ads in
my blog. ayiii!

and so I tried to applied my blog  in a one of a 
prestigious company. . 

I am loosing hope already about it,because
I have tried to applied my blog on that said
company numerous times.



Lately! I tried again.. 



they approved my blog.. and Hooray!


Answered prayer #3- check

and now! My nuffnang is starting to earn too,
yesterday when I checked it,there is 
a big Zero in my account..

and now! 

I saw at least two digits.


The point is.

Let us do not loose hope, just believe in HIM
and keep on praying! 

I have Jesus in my heart,and I do believe that
He is beside me no matter what!

There you go guy's!


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