Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I am one of a Practical Mom.

Are you a pratical mom like me..

Well I know some of you are practical Mom

Mostly nowadays,prices are getting higher and higher..

 And because of that I wanted to show you
 guy's my finds,this christmas..

As you all know that I am in a very tight budget.

And since I just receive my salary,we headed to Puregold to 
 buy for our stocks at home.

 What I like about Puregold is,their Gift packs! 
 which you can buy in a reasonable price..

For me it is not bad at all.

Like for example this gift packs..

I bought this at 48php..
It sauce,vinegar and patis. 
Plus it has a free soy sauce in pouch and ketchup in pouch.

What do you think about it guy's?

And another one is this zonrox pack.
It includes 3variants of zonrox plus a total of 
5 dell fabric conditioner.amounting 50php.. 

Do you think it's reasonable?

We went home with 3bags. And I just paid 6hun..

Compared to Sm.for that 3bags I think.. I am going to pay 1k and more..

 And so now..

I am now balik loob  to Puregold,if 
I really wanted to save more..

How about you guy's.

Which grocery do you usually go to?


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