Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get Married or Not.

Happy Sunday everyone!

So How's your weekend?

well, Mine as usual, just spent 
at home!

I am such a homebody, I know!
but that is not the only reason why
i just spent it at home.

I am broke now. lol. ^_^


Last Friday night,
when I was listening on the radio,
I suddenly heard this DJ reading 
his listeners question.


Okay.. so here is the listeners

Mr.Dj.Magpapakasal po ba ako, sa Bf
ko, naguguluhan kasi ako.?

and here's the Dj's answer:

alam mo,talk to your boyfriend, sabihin mo kung ano
talaga ang nararamdaman mo, because if kung talagang
mahal ka naman ng Bf mo, He will accept your decision, just 
tell him na hindi ka pa handa. at hindi naman ibig sabihin nun
eh hindi ka na papakasal, it is just you are not yet

Now. My thoughts. 

Marriage is a holy sacrament, once you get in
to it, there will be no turning back at all.

One reason why I am still single,because 
I do not want to tied a knot
just because I got pregnant that time.

Ayoko yung feeling na napikot, because
in the end, I will just make my self much worst.
I do not want yung,pinakasalan lang
ako just because of the baby..

The point is, Getting married is not
a game, You have to think it a Million
and Gazillion times.
and You have to assure yourself na 
Mahal mo talaga yung taong
pakakasalan mo,hindi yung pinakasalan
mo lang dahil yun ang TAMA.
but It is definitely WRONG..

Marrying someone without love,will end up 
a worst marriage..


Think before you say Yes.. nor I do.. 

Well, Correct me If I'm wrong with my POV.. 


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