Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surprise gift and Prize

Time really flies so fast..

well well well. Christmas is just around
the corner.but I still dont 
have gift yet for my godsons and goddaughter.

But. I got a gift yesrterday already..

and Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle 
I was surprised when I saw her announcement 
of those commenter of the month of November.

I was just surprised, because i am not expecting that 
I belong to those who hava given a chance to receive a
gift from her.

So generous of her..

Okay.. I am not commenting on her 
blog because of the prize..
I am an avid commenter of her because, her 
blog is really intersting and you can learn more
from it too..


here are my loots from her..

and one more.. 

I am also one of the winner of her  give away
and I have won 


An Asian Secret Whitening Spa..


One of these days I will use that I will pamper myself.. lol

I will let you know about that..


Again.. Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle Rivera.


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