Saturday, December 14, 2013


Last few months I supposed to attend a 
WAHMDERFUL event,which held at 
SM Aura, but 

I missed to go ther due to 
my classes.

on the other hand. 
a week after the event.

I received a mail from
DSM or Quality for life.

It include my Vitaminds card.

What is Quality for Life?

Quality for Life represents the commitment of Royal DSM,
the leading European producer of vitamins and other 
nutritional ingredients,to providing  products consumers
like you with safe, world-class nutritional

What is a Quali Seal and what does it mean?

The distinctive "Quali" Logo on the labelof a food,beverage or 
supplement product you purchase ensure you that the vitamins
and other nutritional ingredients are of the 
highest quality materials and have been made using the strictest
productions standars.So you can rest assured 
that you and your loved one are in good hands.!

Perks of Being a Vitamind Member

1. You receive the latest information about health, nutrition ,
vitamins and Royal DSM research.

2. Can be invited to vitamins community events in the
Philippines. vitaminds card serves as an exclusive passes.

3. can be featured as the Vitaminds of the mOnth of The Quality
for Life Philippines Fb page,join online
contest,complet surveys to share thoughts and 
be rewarded.

Recently, I receive a 100 cellphone
load just by completing their survey.=)

Thank you Vitaminds..!

To know more about them 
you can visit their

Fb pages;


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