Monday, July 8, 2013

My day!

Well, as you all know, Last Saturday was my birthday,, So what did i do?
hmmm.. well, I am not that excited, maybe because, I am getting old.. yay!
but,Ivy made my day so much fun.. Lol..

When we woke up on Saturday morning, nakabantay pala ang bagets sa aking bday.
so she asked me this;

Ivy; Ma. Birthday mo na?
Me; just smile
Ivy; Happy birthday ( with a kiss to my lips and she hugged me so tight )
ganyan siya lagi, or should I say  ganyan kami lagi during weekends..

Cuddle mode eh..

So what did I have? well in the afternoon, we just ate together, we had sinigang lang,. so nagreklamo ang bagets..

Ivy; Ma, ito lang handa mo?
My sister: ayun oh, nagrereklamo..
Me; Just smiling,,

amft,,, anak huh,, choosy ka.. wala talaga sana kong plan na lumabas or anything. sorry..
don't you know, that I am quite minimalist..well. My honey know's that. lol

hayss. but in the end.. wala. naglabas pa rin talaga ko ng money ko for my day..

So Ivy and I went out to buy some of her stuffs. like new socks,I bought her an umbrella and new slippers..
at since birthday ko at lumabas na rin lang naman kami , I bought cake  from goldilocks.and a dozen of doughnut, From Dunkin Donuts.

google photo;   dulce de leche  from Goldilocks.

Sorry, hindi actual pic. malabo kasi yung camera ng phone ko pag gabi na.. haysss.. poorita.
at the end of the day.. I had fun during my day..

And of course, Thank you again to those who greeted me,. I appreciate it ng


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