Monday, July 8, 2013

I am Lucky 1.

Good day.. My dear readers. muthers. and others..

Well , I am happy today and no one can stop me of being happy,,

because there's a reason


1st. My honey texted me and we talked na.. yey..
2nd; I received an email from KAT that I won, in his Blog Anniversary give away.happy much,,
3rd. Our team is on the 2nd rank for the first quarter,, havey.. good job..

And speaking of give away..Isa ako sa mga adik na mahilig sumali sa give away hahha
pero, hindi naman me marunong.. ang kulit lang,, try try lang.. promise..

Well, guy's I will post my prize sooner , so better wait for it..

excited lang ako, kaya another instant entry lang itey..

Have a great day guy's..


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