Thursday, July 11, 2013

7 11 Day

Today is 7 eleven day.

Happy 7 eleven day to 7/11. reduntancy itey..

They said that they have a buy one take one. syempre grab the opportunity buy 1
take one ei..

So I got .

Crossini ( bavarian filling)

yay.. kakaadik to for me.. I don't know but at first I was hesitant to try it, kasi baka hindi masarap 
but,, I was wrong,, na adik ako dito  promise, basta gawang rebisco, I am a  fan of rebisco product's anyway ( free plugging ) =) seriously.. I can really say that their line " Ang sarap ng filling mo " is really true. 

Crossini is manufactured by suncrest, and do you know that Suncrest is a company
sister of Rebisco.. ( credit's to my honey for this info, former rebisco staff )

Moving on back to 7-11 day, I bought

Buy 1 take 1 from 7-11
Weew.. This is my buy 1 take one.. I am a milk tea addict too. So I grab this one.
the original price is Php 25.00. pwede na.. =)

Okay, as you can see may LBC pack sa background, Well that is my prize that I
have won from KAT of excursionista . Thank you so much Kat..

so I'll better show it to you na rin here...

HeadWare: 7 Summits (Limited Edition) 

At dahil,, hindi ko alam kung pano ko siya gagamitin... Pinagpractisan ko siya on how to use it..




There you go guy's.. Instant selfie lang.. whahhaha...

have a great day ahead...


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