Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tribute to my late friend !

Today is Independence day so everyone's at home, relaxing, bonding together.

Anyhoo, this post is a tribute of mine to my late friend.

We have met each other month of Sep 2009. We only met in a yahoo messenger. weee

at that time is currently working at the middle east. to be exact Saudi.

We became good friends even thru online only, we often talk each other,
and everytime I am in trouble such as, when I am broke,
I just seek his help, and he will send me money right away..tipong isang sabi ko lang.
of course walang malisya yun huh.. He did not ask me anything to pay him back,
even though I ask him how am I going to pay back.

January 2010, when he gave me my Lg cookie the one that I have posted here!
he gave me as an advance birthday present, Imagine January pa lang, eh July pa ang birthday ko.

Month of  March, he is planning na magbalikbayan  to visit his family,he is soo excited!
In fact has a plan to do for his family and bonding with his Son.
He is also planning to invest in a business, para daw he will stay na here sa Pinas for good.

but,Month of  April, It was a month of  Ivy's birthday, when I am trying to call him
hindi ko na makontak yung phone niya, It  is just ringing, and no one's answering
which is so unusual, because everytime na mag miscall ako sa kanya, he calls
me right away, but after 3 days of trying na makontak siya, someone sent
me a message sa FB account ko.
That guy asking me if I know him and what is my connection with him.
I wondered that time, why he is asking me, so I replied back na,
I am his Friend.

the next day, the guy replied me back a bad news..

Nephew : Si tito po kasi patay na. !!

 I was so surprised reading those words, I was so shocked.
I cried and cried and cried. I lost one of my good friend, he is such
a good friend to me. =(

ganun pala yung feeling mga muther's pag yung isang taong  malapit
sayo nawala. ang sakit sakit pala.

If ever na nababasa mo to now kuya A.

I would like to say thank you for everything, Thank you
for being such a good friend to me, thank you for being there
everytime that I needed someone's advice.

To all of you guy's.

Don't hesitate to say Thank you to all of your friend's.
because we don't know, untill when our life is.


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