Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glad to be GLOBE

I am just an ordinary woman, Working as an ESL tutor.
The reason why, I am working so hard is to give my daughter's a good life.

As a single mom, I am in charged of house rent, electricity, water and other expenses at home.

My salary is not enough to support everything
so I need to think of what will be the best thing to do for me to earn an extra income.
What I did was, I borrowed my sister's laptop and used a globe tattoo stick for me to surf an internet.

I am happy because, I only needed a globe sim card and registered it to a MAXSURF promo
for as low as 100 pesos and Voila , I can now enjoy surfing the internet valid for 3 days.

With,the help of my globe tattoo stick, I can earn even when I am at home I can review calls, where I am a registered call reviewer.

Later on, I planned to get my own internet connection at home, instead of using a globe tattoo stick.

So I availed Tattoo@Home DSL .

It's fast and reliable . So far, I haven't experiencing any problem with my internet,
I can even enjoy blog hopping and blogging at the comfort of my own home.
and now, I can earn more.

That's why I am glad to be globe.


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