Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday !!

Hey , hey , hey..

Thank God it's friday ..

Pinakikihintay ko talaga ang araw na ito. whhaha, naman kasi, I was really lack
of sleep during weekdays, so bawi bawi rin ng tulog pag may time..
but, alam niyo naman ang routine ng inyong lingkod
pag weekends. househelp ang peg. tsk.tsk.
alam niyo naman  mahal na ang magkaron
ng househelp sa panahon ngayon.. hahhaha

anyhoo. aside from sleep , dapat may bonding pa rin with honey and Ivy.
so I am thinking to go out with them.

Finger's crossed, Lord please sana may sumobra sa salary ko..

even  sometimes , I need to relax, to unwind ( makapag red horse nga ) lol

Moving on.alam niyo ba na lately nawiwili akey manood ng Showtime..
I don't know, but it seems that I found it more entertaining than Eat bulaga nowadays...hmm
what do you think guy's? or maybe it's just me.

Okay, I confess before I really don't want to watch, Showtime parang before
it's boring, compared to Eat bulaga..

Now, Showtime tend to entertain me more, I laugh out loud everytime they
threw up their jokes and the like. well I enjoyed their istorya  portion  whohoo.

While Eat Bulaga, there were times, that I found it quite boring, or maybe because
I dont have time to watch it anymore..watever,,

Well it is just my observation okay, No offense to those avid viewer of Eat Bulaga.
I was also an avid viewer of them before, but I want something new nowadays..

There you go guy's

have a great day ahead..!!


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